Review of Denny’s

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with flanking restrooms on our port and starboard, one male, one female, but the two both stinking up the entrance-way equally. A short, burly man behind the counter, presumably the manager, shouted to us that he’d be with us right away, but seconds later we were dragged off by a high schooler who demanded the answer to the age-old question: table or booth.

As my girlfriends and I slid into our seats, the seventeen year old hit us with the second age-old question: what can I start you guys off with to drink. 

“We’ll just have waters,” I said, taking the frugal option.

“And you, miss?” he said, looking to one of my girlfriends. 

“Water,” she answered, nodding.

My other girlfriend quickly and obviously replied the same. It was like this kid had no idea that we had already chosen the frugal option.

We had just begun to recover from the beverage barrage when a lady had appeared out of thin air to announce that she had a name and that she was our waitress.  Perfect, now we were all familiar with each other!  We still needed some time to look over the menu, though, so we asked for some time to do so.

The menu was, by far, a four out of ten. The combination breakfast-lunch spread was distracting and churned both my brain and stomach.  I simply could not fathom choosing between the two meals in addition to choosing what I wanted.  Like a fancy children’s book, there was a pop-up breakfast item in the menu’s crease, both preventing it from opening fully and also making it difficult to see the entries behind it.  As I scanned the menu for anything that didn’t have spice, syrup, sauerkraut, or salami, I stumbled upon the Lumberjack Slam, which was presumably less Grand than its cousin.  Being anti-tree, I finally had my decision made.

After a puff of smoke and flash of lights, our waitress again appeared and asked for our orders. After that ceremony was complete, I decided to go wash my hands. I returned to the entrance-way and headed in.  It wasn’t until after I had finished washing my hands that I noticed that, somehow, in this first-world United States of America Denny’s, their paper towel disposal had, by some terrible ordeal, become inoperable, for they had decided to simply place a roll of paper towels lying down on the soaked counter for all to use. Exhausted already and remembering that it was Sunday, the day of rest, I decided that the bottom corners of my shirt would have to do as a drying agent, and ventured back to my booth.

For the next seventeen minutes before our food came we were approached by four different people a total of nine times, each carrying coffee pots.  Upon seeing that we had water (the frugal option), they each disappointingly slinked off to the other tables, a frown on their face.

“The frugal option is the best option,” I assured my girlfriends, sensing they felt pity for the small battalion of coffee fillers we had forced to turn away.

Our food had arrived. The sausage tasted just like I expected it to. The pancakes tasted like bland cake.  They were fluffy, yes, but did they taste fluffy? No, they did not.  It wasn’t long before we had asked for three take-home containers, skirted past the restroom choke-point, and drifted back outside to the blistering Midwest heat.


Mafumafu @ Ryougoku Food Menu (071416)

Mafumafu: “For this time’s Ryougoku, we’ve unexpectedly thought of the food menu together! It’s the first time?! It was amazing(๑>؂<๑)۶
All of them might be delicious. Might be.
Choosing from our own special characteristics and favorite foods, there will be a lot of interesting food like Valentine’s chocolate soda and frankfurts. Please try tasting it.

Mafutako (Mafutopus)”


Mafumafu: “I threw in soy milk, tomato juice, yunkeru (T/N: fatigue relief drink), lipovitan D (T/N: energy drink), nutrient drink, royal jelly, healthy tea, & vitamin C together. I was binge-drinking all these strong-looking beverages!
And nau, I’m recovering with Soraru-san at the hot springs!

The Ryougoku Sumo Hall concert tomorrow, please give us your regards! (๑•ૅㅁ•๑)”

Last Note: “Soraru-san & Mafumafu-kun’s frankfurts, I guess they were boiled in the hot springs today……”

Mafumafu: “Last Note-san" 

Earlier, I stopped by the side of the street, ‘cause I saw these cute kids selling their lemonade. I ended up giving them twenty bucks for just two cups of the twenty-five cent beverage, and I have to say that it was pretty delicious – very sweet, and a little sour. I told them that they should start their own business, and one of the little boys leaned towards me and with a serious look on his face he said – ‘You think we aren’t trying? It’s hard out there for some fine kids like us.’ That was the cutest thing that I’ve ever heard.

#670. Never challenge Midna (Twili or otherwise) to a drinking contest, and certainly never agree to use “Twili brewed beverages” for said purposes (they’re far more potent than the Hylian equivalents). Midna can and will drink anyone under the table. Cia and Volga learned this the hard way, and Midna wound up in possession of the Triforce of Power and Volga’s spear for a full week before handing them back when gloating got boring.

anonymous asked:

So, Professor, a 'ship' is basically shorthand for 'relationship', and shipping is the act of enjoying a relationship between two individuals. So when someone says they ship you and Yveltal, they're saying they'd like to see a relationship between you. The 'x' is just a convention, a way to write it out, like 'Xerneas x Yveltal', or, another way, 'Xerneas/Yveltal'. . . . Also, seriously? You and Yveltal are old as balls and you've never considered doing the doo-wop-diddly together?

He nodded as it was explained to him. “Oh… Alright, I see what they meant now…”

And then the last part came up and he immediately regretted pausing to take a sip of his coffee. 

He choked mid-swallow and went into a coughing fit, too busy desperately trying to get the caffeinated beverage out of his lungs to properly answer.

gearakostrueadventures  asked:

Whats a better idea for a new minecraft food: chocolate milk which fills hunger and heals splash potion effects -or- fruit juices that heal you up and offer small perks.

MOD: I was gonna do an actual ask for this but eh. I would say Chocolate Milk since there is no fruit aside from Melons? So we’d get melon juice. But I wish they would put more beverages since it’d be an interesting concept but only future updates shall tell.

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Based on the picture of E and A does it seem like they're still happy with each other? I would hate to think some of the drama that can come from the fandom would make them weary of each other. It does seem like their smiles aren't full like usual.

It’s dark, the pic is grainy, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong, not that I can see. Also, just logically, do you think ADC would take pics with the cast – any of them – if she was worried about drama or if there was drama between them? You know, with her knowing they’d make it to the Internet? I just think there were some adult beverages present and they partook. 

anonymous asked:

Why are you pissed?

A party is in my house, they are drinking and being asses, they made me waste my money in beverage for me and the KIDS, like they all are adults and they should thought of their children first

No one bought anything for the kids to drink, and they had been waiting for hours for their parents to bring something for them

My parents don’t let me drink in their presence, I’m used to drink alone, so I had to suck it up with the kids, the party started at 5 pm and right now it’s 11 pm, and none of the adults had bought shit

So I had to go to the store, WITH MY MONEY, and buy drinks for me and the kids, ITS BEEN 6 HOURS