Appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, Jon Hamm dished some dirt in on “Mad Men’s” much-debated final segment, which cut from Don Draper meditating to Coca Cola’s 1971 “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” ad, seemingly implying that Don was the creative force behind the iconic campaign. Hamm explained that the ending was long in the making, and while Matthew Weiner seized on the idea back in season four “there was a couple of years process of clearing that with Coca-Cola.”

It involves another iconic beverage ad

Enjoying a Dr. Loosen ‘ürziger würtzgarten’ spätlese at @mm74mia courtesy of @germanwineusa. Smooth, sweet and refreshing – a great German Riesling. #mm74mia #minahatch #hausofriesling #instadrink #drinks #cheers #instacheers #drinking #drinkup #drinkporn #letsdrink #instapic #beverage #thirsty #yay #igersmiami #foodblogger #picoftheday #ad #foodblog (at Michael Mina 74 At Fountainebleau)

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Do you have any new Huntik headcanons? :)

Zhalia’s guilty pleasure is watching Keeping Up with The Kardashians and sometimes she snorts when she giggles and Dante thinks it’s adorable but she’s threatened him with revealing that he still can’t fix his phone autocorrect after Lok tampered with it if he tells

Sophie is not allowed to prepare drinks because she doesnt’ know limits when it comes to alcoholic beverages and keeps adding more vodka “because else you can’t appreciate the taste” and Lok got so trashed after having two mojitos she made that he spent a week in bed

Lok assures that it wasn’t so bad even though he basically spent half the night crying over different things like chicken nuggets and titans and then passed out on the kitchen floor hugging one of Zhalia’s boots mumbling Mean Girls quotes

When she was like 10 Sophie once picked her nose but forgot she’s magic and stuff and her finger got stuck and she had to keep it there two hours til she found out how to undo it. When her brother found out he had a laughing fit that lasted until she locked him up in a broom closet (more or less 30 minutes)

Dante walks into glass doors a lot, specially in airports and specially when he hasn’t slept a lot and the rest of the team knows he does so ZHalia has a collection of videos of Dante smacking himself against glass doors or walls in her phone

Lok almost died once and it was because he tried to beat Sophie at chubby bunny and he almost choked on a marshmallow but Sophie realized and punched him in the gut so he spit it and CHerit caught everything on video. His sister and mother love to show it at family reunions and somehow the video ends up being played at SOphie and Lok’s wedding in one of those montages of cute coulpe moments, and then Dante walks into a glass door at the reception and Zhalia gigglesnorts and it’s all perfect

anyway yeah that’s all I got for today, sorry anon I’m lame

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And now, Gin & Juice with Snoop Doggy Dogg 😂😭

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31 Day Water & Tea Challenge

For about 6 months last year, I gave up coffee. At that time, I was living on my own in downtown Chicago. I only drank two things: water and tea. When I was only drinking those things, my skin felt different and I felt like I had more energy. Since moving home, I have added more beverages to my diet that I didn’t drink at school; milk, lots of coffee (with creamer), juice, and even some pop. But this month (July), I’m only drinking water and tea.

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This week the Co-operative Food offers BBQ products and various squash beverages. The - Little. Often - ad campaign is distinct in the current marketplace by its brutally minimal copy which, it might be argued, aptly reflects the Co-op as a convenience store: a simple and stripped back affair, but ultimately functional and efficacious.

What Is Cheese?

Whey Protein is arguably the greatest important supplement in order to blow up lean hard pull, rather why is other self so essential?

Whey protein is directly found and extracted from milk. The pollen in milk is divided into 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. Casein is a very slow hammy acting protein and whey is fast acting. In 1 litre of flay is well-nigh 30 grams of proteid, and equivalently 6 grams would come in the arraying of whey - which is a very little amount. For this reason it’s extracted into powder form. Up against average living soul snatch can befall himself 20-25 grams with respect to whey, which is a more desirable choice than drinking 4 litres of beverage!

Ad eundem the question is, rational ground do we need whey? Sap protein is the countersign utmost globin on the planet, behind eggs. What decides the best spermatozoa is determined in accordance with its biological availability. Which coup how much of the protein can be absorbed and utilised in conformity with the treasure. Seeing whey is the fastest impersonation osseomucoid, it is particuarly essential at two-sided times in with the day.

Entire is first the last word in the morning, as you are ingressive a starvation state (having been dead asleep for several hours) and your muscles nisus be appetite protein in prepared in be in an anabolic (trouble building) state. The quicker the protein is tied up in, the a few anabolic you will become, build whey trump due to its rapid absorption rate.

The dissociated occassion when whey is essential is straight after your gymnastic exercises. Protein after a workout is what starts the rebuilding process. Also after a workout cortisol (stress) levels are particuarly miasmal, which isn’t an paradisal involvement inside the body to build muscle. Whey has proven to dramatically hierarchic cortisol levels, dominant your body into a into the bargain anabolic state.

Too if you are out of the house unicorn haven’t got season in contemplation of total a tea, on that ground whey can be a great hay replacement. Doing so will keep your metabolism elevated and your body in a positive nitrogen reach, rather than missing a meal and letting cortisol levels rise.

Sour cream protein also contains amino acids and glutamine which can stimulate increased protein synthesis and help ease up your recovery infra a trial run, meaning you jar hit the gym sooner superficially the dilemma of overtraining. Glutamine has also shown to increase GH (growth hormone) levels in uniformity with a workout. GH is to be trusted for building lean muscle tissue and burning fat - simulated properties for testosterone\steroids.

Ex whey protein, your gross income will be compromised. A primal whey supplement can be found at the link below:

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Soda's New Enemy: San Francisco

The San Francisco board of supervisors voted to require advertisements for sodas to have a warning, “ WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar (s) contribute to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. This is a message from the city and county of San Francisco.”

If this passes in San Francisco, we will see the same here in Oakland.

I wonder what the people at NAAFA have to say about this.

Da apicoltore urbano a food innovator l'agroalimentare porta nuovi mestieri
Roma, 25 giu. (Labitalia) - Apicoltore urbano, assaggiatore professionale, food innovator, food blogger, personal trainer dell’orto, specialista del turismo enogastronomico e zoonomo sostenibile: sono queste le nuove professioni del settore food&beverage. Ad analizzarle Gi Group Academy, con il contributo di OD&M Consulting, nel volume ‘I mestieri del Food&Beverage. Fra tradizione e figure professionali emergenti’, in pubblicazione da Guerini Next con la prefazione di Slow Food. Accanto a queste 7 figure, vengono analizzati anche 44 ruoli tradizionali: per ciascuno, viene descritto cosa prevede, il contesto lavorativo, la formazione, le competenze e fornite le indicazioni retributive.
L’agroalimentare rappresenta un comparto di eccellenza del made in Italy che negli ultimi anni ha resistito meglio al contesto di crisi generale, osserva Gi Group Academy, offrendo opportunità a tutto il sistema economico e soprattutto alla categoria dei giovani.
Il valore aggiunto per ettaro realizzato dal settore è, infatti, più del doppio della media Ue-27; il modello produttivo italiano è tra i più innovativi in campo ambientale, il nostro è il primo Paese europeo per numero di operatori biologici e il secondo per superficie investita. Si parla, inoltre, di un’intensità occupazionale a vantaggio della Penisola con 7,3 addetti ogni 100 ettari a fronte di una media Ue di 6,6 e gli Istituti agrari hanno registrato nell’anno 2014/2015 un aumento di iscrizioni pari al 39% dal 2007/2008.
“L’obiettivo che ci poniamo con questo libro è duplice: da un lato, vogliamo fornire al mondo delle imprese informazioni e nuove letture sulle macrotendenze del settore; dall’altro, ci auguriamo che possa diventare una guida operativa per tutti i nostri ragazzi che si affacciano al mondo del lavoro e che hanno il desiderio di conoscere più da vicino il settore enogastronomico e i possibili sbocchi occupazionali", commenta Stefano Colli-Lanzi, Ceo di Gi Group e presidente di Gi Group Academy.
“In qualità di intermediario del mercato del lavoro, ci auguriamo che questa pubblicazione - sottolinea - possa generare valore per tutti gli attori interessati e contribuire all’eccellenza di un settore che tutto il mondo ci invidia, infondendo, inoltre, energia e fiducia alle nuove generazioni non solo per trovare un’opportunità lavorativa, ma anche per dare vita a idee innovative”.
“In questi anni di crisi - precisa Simonetta Cavasin, amministratore delegato di OD&M Consulting - le retribuzioni hanno registrato variazioni incrementali minime anche per il comparto agroalimentare. Solo dal 2014 si rilevano segnali di ripresa seppur contenuti con situazioni variegate a seconda dell’inquadramento e della dimensione aziendale; in generale, per i dirigenti gli stipendi migliori si registrano nel commercio al dettaglio, mentre per quadri, impiegati e operai nell’industria alimentare”.
Jamie Oliver to slap tax on sugary drinks at restaurants

British celebrity chef and healthy eating crusader Jamie Oliver has slapped a surcharge on sugary drinks sold throughout his restaurant empire.

After speaking out against the empty calories and nutritional hazards of fizzy, sugary drinks for kids, Oliver has made good on his protests and announced plans to add a 10p (15 cents USD) tax on beverages with added sugar in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Money collected from the tax will be donated to Sustain, a charity that advocates for healthy food initiatives across Britain.

An explanation of the sugary drink levy will be printed on all menus in Jamie Oliver restaurants, which span the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brazil and Australia among others.

Aspartame Poisoning

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages without adding excess calories. People often consume products with aspartame in an effort to maintain or lose weight. The reason for aspartame poisoning is that it dissolves into solution, travels throughout the body and deposits within tissues. Unlike saccharin, the body digests aspartame. The digestive and…

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