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How to Make Princess Mononoke's Mask

Hello friends!  Today I’m going to show you how to make Princess Mononoke’s full mask.

So to make this mask you will need:

  • One bowl (yes, a bowl.  Like a soup or serving bowl.  I found a reddish bowl that was about 9 inches on sale for under a dollar at my local Target.  I just made sure that it was sized so that if worn it would just overlap the bottom of my chin (as seen in the picture of Mononoke above.))
  • 3-5 Slurpee lids (I say 3-5 lids because while you only need three, it’s always good to have extras in case something happens to any of them. Any type of beverage lid that is round and has a hole on top will work for this (such as starbucks lids, slurpee lids, or some milkshake lids)  I asked the snack counter (once again at Target) for some lids and they were happy to oblige.)
  • Spraypaint in Red and Almond (The Red spraypaint is only really necessary if your bowl is not already the desired color. For the eyes, any sort of light brownish color will work.  I got almond-colored paint because it was the closest color the craft store had)
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • 1-2 12"x18" Sheets of White Craft Foam (it’s inexpensive, so I usually buy an extra sheet in case something happens or I screw up the first)

Step one is to spraypaint the bowl and slurpee lids.  

After you have spraypainted both the lids and the bowl, you’re going to want to trim off the excess edges of the lids.  I used a small pair of scissors and trimmed all they way around the lid in a sort of spiral.  I also found it helpful to make small vertical cuts in some of the trickier parts to make it easier to cut pieces off. 

Once all of the outer edges are trimmed off, use some small scissors (regular scissors will work but small scissors are easier) and carefully trim off the inner lip of the hole in the middle to make it wider. 

Next take your bowl and your lids and start positioning the lids where you want them to be on the mask.

Once you have them in their desired positions, you’re going to want to trim around the parts of the lid that intersect with the curves of the bowl.  This is important because if you don’t trim it, the lids will be oval-shaped when glued down.  Once your lids are all trimmed, trace out where you positioned them on the mask (I suggest labeling them so you don’t lose track of which goes where).  Then bust out the black paint and go over the insides of your traced circles, leaving just about a centimeter of space from the outer edges. 

(Note:  The positions of these painted circles are not in the correct places. (I messed up and had to redo it after this step))  After the paint is dry, You’re going to want to glue the lids down.  To do this, hold the lid in the position you want it to be in, then take your hot glue gun and put the nozzle into the opening and sort of drizzle the hot glue around the edges where the lid meets the bowl.

This makes it so that none of the glue is visible from the outside, giving the eyes a much cleaner look.  So after you glue all three eyes down, your mask should look something like this:

(Ignore the lack of black paint inside the eyes…  Like I said, I screwed up the eyes and had to redo them)  So now you’re going to want to make the white lines that go above and below the eyes.

To make these, you’ll need the sheet of craft foam. I cut out two shapes (about ¾" to an inch long depending on the size of your mask) following this basic pattern:

Primarily going by sight to make sure that the curvature and size would fit between the lids.  After you’ve cut the pieces out, hot glue them down in small sections, and when you reach the edges, fold the foam over the rim of the bowl and glue them down.  As the final touches, paint four small triangles at the corners of the eyes and mod podge over the entire mask. (You can do multiple coats if you wish.) In the end, the mask should look like this: