Az nem gáz, ha egy pasi a hányásában hempereg, de az elég cinkes ha egy lány simán bever egy felest. Azt elítélik, ha boldogan meséled a barátnődnek, hogy egy sráccal lefeküdtetek, de az vagány, ha egy csávó ujjong, hogy egy este alatt 6 nőt megdöngetett. Ha nő vagy, a szádon ki ne csússzon véletlenül se egy csúnya szó, káromkodás. Basszameg a kurva életbe már. Ha lány vagy elvárják a hajad legyen mindig szép. Na meg persze, hogy #eyebrowsonfleek. Igazi kurva vagy, ha szinglikét több pasival fantáziálsz. És, ha a barátodat leváltod, mert jobbat találsz. De ugyan már a pasi válogathat, egyszerre 20 nőt megszoptathat. Nem lesz tőle kevesebb. Mi van veletek emberek? Csak a farok különbözteti meg a férfi és női egyedet. Ilyen sokat számít, hogy ki teszi be és ki veszi be? Takarodjon a nő, ha nem nyeli le, és ugorjon egy csettintésre. Gratulálok, tényleg. Feminizmus vége.

On April 18, 2016, students arriving for a 5 am fitness class in the Creekside Church in Midlothian, Texas, found their instructor dead inside. Terri “Missy” Bevers (45), a married woman and mother of three kids, had arrived around 40 minutes earlier to set up the class, which she was very passionate about.

While reviewing surveillance footage, authorities came up with something quite disturbing. Around 4 am, a person dressed in police tactical gear can be seen entering the church and roaming around the hallways, casually opening doors as if it was a routine round. The person is completely covered, so it’s impossible to tell if it’s a man or a woman, and is carrying some sort of weapon that police believe was used to gain access to the church and kill Missy, since she was found with puncture wounds in her body and face. The killer has a distinctive walk, almost a gait, so police released part of the video (that you can see here) in hopes that someone would recognize it.

Also released was the surveillance footage of a “vehicle of interest”, that can be seen shortly before the killer enters the church. It’s a Nissan Altima that enters the parking lot of a gun store located across from the church, and stays parked there for around 3 minutes before leaving again.

Despite these clues, over a year has passed and Missy’s murder remains unsolved. Police has complained about online sleuths making their job more difficult by spreading theories and harassing Missy’s family, particularly her father in law who was thought by some to have a gait similar to the person in the video. But he was in California at the time of the murder. Missy’s husband, Brandon Bevers, was also away fishing and he’s said that he believes the killer is a woman that knew Missy.

It’s unclear whether Missy was a premeditated target or just happened to ran into the killer, but considering there was nothing taken from the church, the possibility that her murderer knew her and was waiting for her has been taken seriously.

Name: Bronze Tea 
Age: (physically) several millennia, (mentally) three and a half 
“Species”: Android
Height: 5′6″
Gender: Transfeminine nonbinary (they/them strongly preferred) 

Bronze was created as an experimental android, their purpose being to be independent and develop as a human would. This was practically unheard of in their society, where androids were, by and large, faceless constructs meant to fill mundane labor jobs, with the exception of some custom-ordered ones. 

However, before they were activated, some cataclysm befell society, resulting in the utter destruction of the world as they were meant to know it. They would continue to exist in stasis, buried deep underground in the facility they had been created in, through the rise and fall of two more ages. 

They were finally activated by accident, and they stumbled out into the mountains, into an unfamiliar world full of magic and the unknown. Not knowing the language and quite confused, they latched onto a passing traveler, Smith, a young thief on the run from their past. They quickly became friends, and have been travelling together ever since. 

Bronze has dedicated themself to replicating spells and magic that they see around them in a scientific, nonmagical manner, using chemistry and nanites. It took them quite some time to adjust, and they still aren’t quite used to it even after three or so years, but they’re learning. 

Emotional Amnesia is when you cannot remember your moods and feel as if the current state you are in is a constant and feels the most extreme as possible. For example, if you feel sad it will feel as if it’s the saddest you’ve bever been and you cannot remember a time when you were happy. This is a mostly common symptom with cluster B personality disorders such as BPD due to it being tied with Black and White ideology. Journaling can help greatly with Emotional Amnesia and can really keep you on track with therapy when they ask how you’ve been.