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Bevel Etiquette 001 - Jerry St. Aubin 

How would you describe your personal style?

[ Jerry ] I would classify my style as vintage Americana, with a tad bit of street if that makes any sense. I really loved the way older gentleman of the 1950s, 1960s looked but also carried themselves. For example you could be in the lower income bracket, or not have a job at all but they wore their suits like they were worth a million bucks, and to me confidence is always important!

Bevel Etiquette // Chris Bermudez 005

This week in Bevel Etiquette we highlight another Chris, but we venture back to the east coast. We head to the cold city of New York City to highlight who I like to call the ultimate creative hustler: our friend, Chris Bermudez. Chris is the man with no particular title, but can do it all.

We became friends over the fact that we’re both from the same area in the Bronx, and we’re colleagues in the same industry. Chris’ look has always revolved around his great beard. While others are shaving off their beards for Movember, Chris continues on his pursuit of maintaining his.

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Bevel Etiquette // Chris James 004 [Movember Edition]

This week we venture out to the West Coast, to highlight and feature Chris James, a client relationship manager at WePow in San Francisco.  We’ll be taking a look at his progression through Movember and the importance of the mustache toting month.

I write this feature with a bit of admiration and envy because of my own lack of a full beard or opportunity to participate in Movember.  One day, I’ll be able to participate in this Movember movement… that is, whenever my genes catch up to me. Until then we can take a look at Chris’ and his month long commitment.

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