bev was not for eating

Richie and Bev sit at a booth at their local diner waiting for the other losers to arrive. 

Bev: So when are you gonna tell Eddie that you are into him?

Richie: WHAT!? No I’m not! Where did you hear that!?

Bev: Don’t bullshit me, Trashmouth. I just know.

Richie: *fails to notice Eddie has arrived and is walking up to the booth behind him.* Okay, fine! I like him, so what!? It’s not like I can just go up to him and say “Hey Eddie! I know we’ve been best friends since second grade and all, but I think I’m in love with you. Oh, and by the way, I am bi!”

Eddie: What?! You do!? You ARE!?

Richie: Eddie when did you get here!?

Bev: *Sits there with a huge shit eating grin.*

Skittles and Soulmates (Reddie)

I got a request on my other blog that was supposed to go here, but I accidently posted a Reddie request advertisement on there yesterday, Whoops. Anyway, here’s the oneshot.

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Reddie soulmate AU! One where you are unable to lie to your soulmate, but that doesn’t start until you know who your soulmate is. So like maybe they also get matching tattoos that don’t appear until the two soulmates share a significant experience (like facing pennywise). Then when the tattoos appear that is when they are unable to lie to each other? Idk if that males since and you can tweak it if you need to. Thank you!!

Pairing: Reddie

Warnings: Swearing

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anonymous asked:

In the Turned Good AU,if penny gave up eating children, what would he eat then?

Shitty adults (like a certain someone’s father)! Adult’s fears are way more deep rooted than childrens’, it’d be like really well marbled steak, despite taking more effort to hunt.

I imagine there would still be room for debate on what Penny deems as ‘shitty and deserving to be eaten’ and what a human being might deem as ‘shitty and deserving to be eaten’, but Penny is an inhuman, sadistic consumption entity. He’s not suddenly going to be a super pure unproblematic character just because he makes a few friends.  

like, bev and richie’s friendship???

  • they can tear into each other ruthlessly but know it means nothing
  • always making up dumb nicknames and then fist bumping (some include; carrot top, bottle face, and gaylord, to name a few)
  • beverly goes to richie when she first starts liking girls, and richie does the same with boys
  • bev didn’t even realize richie was trans until henry deadnamed him once; now she helps him bind and cuts his hair
  • she and eddie came to cut richie out of ace bandages once, then the whole gang saved up for a binder (richie cried when he put it on)
  • richie lets her sleepover when her dad is too much
  • they crash at eddie’s or stan’s if both of their parents get out of hand
  • always cutting class to smoke
  • the best wingman for each other
  • (think of barney and james from himym)
  • of course bev helped richie ask eddie out!!
  • she told him to call eddie and say “eat ass, skate fast”
  • he did it, and he still thinks eddie is a little bit traumatized 
  • they!! doodle!! on!! each other!! all the time!!
  • but they had to implement a no dick drawing rule after richie got detention
  • not allowed to be partners for projects anymore because they get too out of hand and will end up making a 3D model of the big bang, complete with a glitter explosion
  • both have an emergency kit in their lockers full of cigarettes, music, comic books, tampons, band aids, and gum (’always be prepared, isn’t that right stan?’)
  • “we invented bisexual culture”
  • just really good pals who deserve everything
losers club + food hcs

richie’s a spicy salsa boy, stan likes mild salsa, bill is def a guac and tortilla chips kind of boy, and eddie loves fruit salsa but it’s hard to find so he sticks w cheesy spinach and artichoke dip!

richie pours tajin on his fruit and loves mexican candy

ben loves apple juice, fun sized candy bars, pineapple pizza, and rice krispie treats

mike loves salt and vinegar kettle cooked chips, soft pretzels from street fairs, and buttered popcorn

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Fighting & Feelings

Request: Hi! Can you write a story where the reader and the losers are at neibolt and Stan and the reader start fighting but then Stan accidentally confesses his feelings to her

Pairing: Stan Uris x Reader

A/N: I got out early today from school at 11:48 and I will get out at the same time tomorrow. Then on Friday I don’t have school so if you see me posting more imagines even though they’re weekdays just know that it’s because of that^ Yay!

“Guys I don’t think this is a good idea.” You said nervously.

You were outside the famous abandoned Neibolt House with your friends Richie, Bill, Eddie, Mike, Ben, Bev and a not so friend Stan. You all were here to face child eating clown, Pennywise.

“Then why don’t you just leave.” Stan responded.

The Losers’ rolled their eyes knowing that you two were about to start fighting.

“Because I want to make sure nothing happens to you all, including you asshole.” 

“I am not an asshole.” Stan defended.

“Oh I beg to differ. You’re the one always fighting with me. You don’t fight with the others.” You pointed out.

“That’s because he-” Richie tried to speak up but Stan cut him off.

“Richie shut up.” Stan said as he pointed at him.

The Losers started to smirk they found it amusing to see Stan panicking. 

“No, Richie tell me now.” You demanded.

“Do not tell her!”

“Tell me!”

“You kids are driving me crazy. Y/N, Stan likes you wait no scratch that he loves you he’s had a crush on your for the past couple of months that’s why he’s always fighting with you! His stubborn ass can’t admit it there you go.” Richie huffed in annoyance. All The Losers’ started giggling causing Stan to blush.

“Is this true?” You asked as you leaned on Stan.

“Y-Yes.” He murmured.

“Well I promise you after we defeat this clown I’ll go on a date with you.” You winked. Stan lit up like a Christmas tree, “Really?” He asked.

“Of course.” You smiled as you kissed his cheek. 

“Now let’s go find this clown.” 

The Losers as Things My Friends Have Said

Bill: “Yea bitch I’m saving your ass, but you’re gonna have a bruise later.”


Eddie: *gets coughed on by other friend* “You lil mother fucker, you have .3 seconds before I shove my piccolo up your ass.”

Stan: “Let me see your booboo… Oh fUCK that’s bad go see the nurse you dumb shit.”

Mike: *watches everyone run around screaming pep band tunes while eating a halloween poptart*

Bev: *to her* “That was one badass note for the flute d a m n girl.”

Ben: “I’m the only responsible one here let me do the parent shit.”


Pennywise: “BARK BARK BITCH”

I know im gonna lose followers and get blocked by people for saying this but honestly I’m fucking sick of how out of character GTA Gavin has gotten.

Like do you really think that Gavin David Free has the time of day to put on all that gold makeup and jewelery? Do you really think he’s the Fashion Icon you all insist he is?

Because let me tell you, Gavin is lazy more than anything else. He wouldn’t do that sort of shit, he would have better things to do, like trying to get Jeremy to eat things or doing swimmies and bevs with Michael.

“But he’s materialistic!” I hear you cry out in the replies. “He bought an expensive garbage can that takes D batteries!”

Yes, but he bought the garbage can because he was so fucking lazy, he didn’t want to lift up the fucking lid.

He spends his money on shit to make his life easier, not more difficult, and let me tell you, the Golden Boy getup is very fucking difficult.

Also what the fuck guys he wore the tron suit. He wouldn’t know fashion if it hired someone to mug him.

What is his job, middle man? He talks to people for Geoff? Why? No one can understand half the shit he says, yet his job is talking to people?

And he’s just written like such an arrogant asshole, like have you ever met Gavin? Gavin, the man who literally begs people to like him? That Gavin?

God fucking damn, it’s not even the actual fucking person anymore.

Candy Wrapper

Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier

Rating: T

Summary: “I’m not going to tell Richie that I love him because you think a candy wrapper told me to!” He was going to tell Richie he loved him because Beverly Marsh and candy wrapper told him to. 

Eddie stared down at the candy wrapper in his hands. He had smoothed out the wrinkles so that the message could clearly be read there.

“Do something that scares you.”

“Come on Eddie, you promised. What’s something you can do that scares you?” Beverly said. They were alone in Eddie’s room, Eddie’s mom had gone to do errands, as she did every Friday afternoon and wouldn’t be back for a few hours if her previous habits held true. They had started out doing what they always did, bitching and eating junk food. It was very therapeutic. Today’s topics had ranged from rumors to homework assignments, even to their boyfriends. They both regretted that last one a bit, but one of the bonuses about these afternoons they spent together was that nothing left the room. They also didn’t offer advice, unless the other explicitly asked for it. Something the rest of the losers didn’t quite understand that when Bev and Eddie were complaining about something, they often didn’t need advice or even a response. Stan and Mike liked to give logical thought out plans, Ben and Bill liked to offer to fix things, and Richie, he cracked jokes and sometimes offered to beat people up. None of them had any grasp on the concept of venting. Hence why Bev and Eddie were sitting on Eddie’s bedroom floor, eating chocolate and lamenting about various things in their lives. After the very incriminating conversation about Ben and Richie though, they were kind done with complaining, but Bev didn’t want to go home, and Eddie hated being alone in his house, so Beverly came up with a new game. The chocolate they were eating had messages on the foil wrappers. These messages were usually pieces of advice or personal affirmations.  They would both pick one from the bag and whatever the advice on the wrapper was, they had to follow through with by the end of the week. Beverly, because she’s the luckiest person alive got one that said, “Get a good night’s sleep.” While she cackled about how her game had backfired, Eddie unwrapped his, and that message that would change everything was revealed to him.

“I don’t know Bev, I’ve done a lot of things that have scared me. I can think of a couple of incidents with a killer clown, for one thing, then there’s also, raising my hand in  AP world history, trying out for the baseball team, asking Richie Tozier if he was my boyfriend, getting forcibly removed from the homecoming dance, AFTER mouthing off to the vice principal. There aren’t a lot of things that don’t scare me, Bev.” Eddie said.

“I can think of one, we were just talking about it, around ten minutes ago.”

“Oh, no, Bev, I can’t you know I can’t.”

“You can and you will! A deal’s a deal! You’ve got to tell Richie you love him!”

“I’m not going to tell Richie that I love him because you think  a candy wrapper  told me to!”

He was going to tell Richie he loved him because Beverly Marsh and candy wrapper told him to.

His largest problem was, of course, he had no idea how to do it. In the movies that he and Ben liked to watch during their monthly “we both really like romance and if you tell anyone I’ll kill you” movie nights, declarations of love were Big Deals. They involved planning, grand gestures, exactly the right moment. Eddie couldn’t exactly confess after the big school dance, they were too young to go to prom, or run through an airport screaming, or even stand under Richie’s window with a boombox, he couldn’t really lift a boom box, nor did he have one. He was kind of stumped. It’s not like he could even ask any of his friends for help, he was in uncharted territory. On top of that, he had a schedule to keep, if he didn’t complete this task by the following Friday, there would be consequences.

The whole next day he was worried about it. He didn’t want to say it at the wrong time or in the wrong way, and he definitely didn’t want to have to say it more than once. It couldn’t be a grand gesture, for one, someone might see it, for another, if he went to all out he might scare Richie. Oh god, what if it was too soon. What if he said it and Richie bailed because it was too much. He felt completely screwed.

“Hey Mrs. Hanscom, is Ben there?” Eddie sat on his bedroom floor and spoke quietly into the phone. He didn’t want his mother to overhear him.

“Sure Eddie, I’ll get him.” Mrs. Hanscom called across the house for her son.

“Hey, Eddie, what’s up?” Ben answered the phone casually.

“I need help haystack. I made a deal with Bev, that I would tell Richie I loved him by Friday. I don’t know what to do.” Eddie said in a rush.

“Okay, Eddie, take a breath there little dude. You do love Richie, don’t you?”


“And you’re seeing him tonight right?”


“So there you go, it doesn’t have to be a big deal, just find a moment.”  Find a moment, okay find a moment. He can absolutely do that.

Later that evening, Richie and Eddie were curled up on Richie’s couch. Richie was laid out with his head on Eddie’s chest. They were going to watch a movie but neither of them was really in the mood. Richie was more interested in kissing Eddie, and Eddie was preoccupied with trying to find the right time to tell Richie he loved him. They were just sort of lying there, not talking, not kissing, just sitting there, when Eddie blurted out:

“I love you.” Shit! That was the exact opposite of what he wanted to do! Shit!

“Uh, I have to go.” Richie jumped off the couch and bolted towards the door.

“Richie! Wait!” but Richie was already gone. “We’re in… your house…”

Eddie did the only thing he could think to do. He went home and cried. He turned off all of the lights and covered himself in as many blankets as he could find and cried. When he had been crying for what felt like hours, and his eyes were scratchy and his breath was coming out in hiccups. He removed himself from his blanket den and took a deep breath, then another one and another one. While he was breathing, he heard a bang on his window. He quickly dried his eyes and went to investigate. Richie was standing beneath Eddie’s window. Behind him, the sidewalk read “I love you too!” in chalk. Eddie began to cry again.

“Oh Fuck! Eds! Don’t cry! Shit! Can I come up?” Eddie nodded, still crying, and opened the window. Richie climbed up the side of the house with practiced ease and soon found himself in Eddie’s room with his arms around a crying Eddie.

“Oh, Eds, I’m so sorry I freaked out, there’s just not a lot of people running around saying they love me. I don’t even remember the last time I heard it from my parents. So, yeah, hearing you say you love me was scary. But, I love you, of course, I love you.” Richie whispered into Eddie’s hair.  Eddie pulled away and quickly dried his eyes once more.

“Richie, this is definitely in the top five most romantic things you’ve ever done and I absolutely forgive you, and I love you. But how are you gonna get rid of the writing on the sidewalk?”

“Don’t worry about it babe, the sprinklers will take care of it. If you’ve forgiven me, does that mean I can stay the night?” Eddie just nodded and buried his face into Richie’s shoulder.

Things @sand-catt and I Have Overheard At School As IT Characters (ive had to redo this three times)

- “No, we have a suicide pact! You can’t do it without me!”

Bill @ Stan every time Richie speaks

- “Second time. The joke isn’t funny. Learn your comedy, Jake.”

Stan @ Richie (aka Jake)

- “God gives out free rubber bands on Tuesday.”


- “Well there–”


Ben and Richie

- “I’m gonna hoo hee ha ha hoo hah your hoo hee ha ha!”

*Deadpans and looks into the camera like he’s on the office* “Is that a threat?”

Richie and Eddie

- “Have you ever had a dream you you you you were you were in a you were in in in a you were?”


- “Will you please stop looking up anti-Dutch propaganda?”

Stan @ Ben

- *puts rubber band on head*

“I’m Jesus”


- “I was gonna put a bet on a gang fight…”


- *throws a calculator into a pack/group of math nerds* “Fight for it” *bolts*


- “Daniel just walked and locked himself out of the classroom for getting something wrong.”

Bev talking about Eddie

- “Mr D, you aren’t going to survive Chicago. We’ll see on the news: ‘Local Teacher Dies After Cheering on and Trying to Take a Picture With a Gang During a Gang Fight’!”

Stan @ Eddie (aka mr d)

- “Mr D, what are you even going to Chicago for?”

*kid who wasn’t in the conversation* “Gang fights.”

Eddie is Mr D, the kid is Richie

- “Every time Jake comes by me, I rub my legs as a defense mechanism!”

Richie and Bev

- “Only white people eat salt and vinegar chips!”

Mike @ Ben

- “Hey, guess how many markers I have stuffed in my leg right now!”

Georgie @ Bill

- “Zoe’s worst fear is One Direction [NKOTB] dying or breaking up!”

Ben is me

Skittles and Soulmates (Part 2)

A second part to this request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Reddie soulmate AU! One where you are unable to lie to your soulmate, but that doesn’t start until you know who your soulmate is. So like maybe they also get matching tattoos that don’t appear until the two soulmates share a significant experience (like facing pennywise). Then when the tattoos appear that is when they are unable to lie to each other? Idk if that males since and you can tweak it if you need to. Thank you!!

Part 1

AO3 Link:

Pairing: Reddie

Warnings: Swearing

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these violent delights

summary: Graduating year was supposed to be all about getting into trouble and getting out of bad situations, but unfortunately fate had other had plans for the Losers’ Club. When one of their own goes missing, they realize they have a hell of a lot more to worry about than their burgeoning powers or being locked up in one of the government’s new facilities made for dangerous kids.

pairings: reddie (may be more later but this is the main one)

warnings: Richie’s trashmouth, blood

word count: 6070

a/n: idk what I’m doing honestly but this was so fun to write. Also,,,,I have no idea how long this will be, I’m hoping for maybe ten chapters. (PS-book canon!Mike. always)

Ch. 1/??

“Fucking go!" 

The yell jolted Eddie out of the exhausted daze he was in as he turned to look out the car window he’d rolled down. He could hear their footsteps now and, slightly fainter, heavier footsteps that suggested pursuit. He fumbled with the keys, relying on feel because it was hard to see when the only light was a flickering neon red. ‘DEAN’S RED DOLLAR’ the neon over the bar screamed, though a bunch of letters were burnt it so looked more like 'DEAD DOLLAR.’ Mike had told him on the way there it actually used to be called The Sleepy Silver Dollar and, of course, there was a horrible story to go along with that. But there was no time to think that through. 

He slammed both feet down, clutch and brake, shifted into first, and let the car rumble to life with a twist of the key. The shouts were getting louder now and he tightened his grip on the steering wheel, knuckles going a paler red in the eerie light than the rest of his skin. As the footsteps advanced, he could hear faint sirens in the background and didn’t need to guess who the cops were coming for.

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Hunger Chapter 2

**Authors Note**


Now that the kids know what’s wrong with Pennywise and how to help him out, all that’s left to do is go out and get Penny what he needs. This should be easy-peasy



Chapter 1 / Chapter 3 / /


The plan was simple: they would all go home and grab all the meat they had, sneak back out, and meet back up in front of the ‘Crackhouse’. If their parents asked, they’d say that they were gonna go hang out and eat something for lunch. Bev and Stan volunteered to stay and keep an eye on Pennywise while the rest of the Losers got him something to eat.

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A Very Darko Sequel - THE END

Y’all, if you’re still reading this…THANK YOU. This is the final installment of the Space Invader series, unless you guys want time stamps. I can’t believe it’s over and I can’t believe I finished it. 

As always, all the thanks in the world go to @wrathofthestag​, who also helped out with a super cute photoshop in the collage above, and @chronicopheliac​, @disraeligearsgoestumblin​ and @plan-d-to-i​ who was an awesome translator. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

Catch Up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19

Chapter 20: Happily Ever After, Fuckers

         “Do you think she’ll like puzzles? I was thinking about the pony one, but she might choke on the pieces.” Nigel was sprawled on the floor, studiously erecting some type of child entertainment device that featured dangling soft toys, lights, and a button that played a cheery version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

         Adam hated the thing already.

         “She’s three months old, Nigel,” Adam said as he continued making notes on the latest data from the Voyager 2 probe. “I’m not sure if she can hold her head up. I think a jigsaw puzzle will be lost on her.”

         “So you think this will be enough?” Nigel tapped the button and Adam flinched when a blinking rendition of Twinkle Twinkle started. Nigel looked up with a rueful smile. “Sorry.”

         “I believe that thing will keep her entertained.” Adam glared at it. “I think I’ll study in the kitchen.”

         “OK, I’m going to check on the pack-and-play in the bedroom.”

         “Nigel, it was fine an hour ago.”

         “What if it shifted?”

         Adam offered Nigel a flat stare, but smiled when the older man scurried into the other room. Nigel had been planning for the baby’s arrival for nearly a week, coming home with bags filled with bright plastic toys and stuffed animals. Adam had decided to let Nigel enjoy the planning, even though Adam was dreading having a small chaotic human in their home. As Adam began moving his books, the door opened.

         Darko held the door for Bev, who cradled a babbling baby in her arms. Adam noted with some disdain that the baby was already making noise, but remembered that it was rude to ask people to quiet their babies. Instead, he waited for Darko to take the girl and press kisses into the black fuzzy hair that peppered her scalp.

         Without a baby in her arms, Adam could see that Bev had gone all out for her post baby night on the town. She wore a low cut black dress that hugged her hips and skimmed her thighs. Her hair was down, and partially wet, where the baby had been chewing on it.

         “You look lovely,” Adam offered Bev a smile. “Your breasts are still quite engorged.”

         “Yeah they are, you wouldn’t believe what it’s like dragging these suckers around all day.”

         Darko knitted his eyebrows together. “Oh, when Adam says something it’s fine, but I get smacked when I say something.”

         “Adam didn’t tell me he’s going to miss my gigantic knockers when they’re gone.”

         “I don’t think I will,” said Adam. “I still think your ass is your best non-facial feature.”

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anonymous asked:

Mavin for the send me a pairing thing

who puts pizza bagels and captain crunch in the shopping cart

the first time, it’s michael. (”if this is what i have to eat everyday, i’ll move back in with geoffrey, i swear to christ.”) but after eating bagel bites one night after a few too many bevs, gavin is converted.

and honestly, what else is ray going to eat when he comes over?

who forgot the rule about putting foil in the microwave and subsequently caused a small fire

have you ever met gavin free? (”gavin, you scorched half the kitchen! how the fuck did you even manage that? fucking christ, we’re not getting the deposit back now.” “but michael, you said you wanted your chipotle leftovers.”)

who sleeps naked

they both do. it’s part of the reason gavin finally took the plunge and got an apartment with michael. (”gav, i swear to god. i’m so happy you two fucks are finally done tripping over each others dicks, but i do not want to see your dicks at 10 am on a saturday. now, how do you want your eggs?”) 

geoff didn’t make eye contact with michael for a week. 

who sleeps under 3 blankets

gavin gets homesick for england a lot, including the weather. he has a love hate relationship with the cold weather, and that shows on the thermostat. michael leaves to see andy for a few days and comes back and it’s literally ice cold in the apartment, and gavin’s passed out on michael’s side of bed with every blanket they own on him. 

(”i’ve never even seen this blanket before, what the hell gavin?” “i’m cold, michael, hold me.” “no shit, sherlock. the ac is down to 62.”)

who has a huge crush on Billy Joel

gavin. he says it’s because he’s an eighties fan and seriously, who doesn’t love piano man? but then michael catches him on more than one occasion looking up old billy joel collectibles. 

(”gavin, no. you are not paying $500 for a record. don’t give me that look, we don’t have space here for it.”) 

who gets drunk and breaks shit

they alternate weekends and holidays. call it shared custody, but after they broke the cabinets and the new lazy susan on the table, they came to this agreement. 

(”you’re an expensive drunk, michael.” “shut the fuck up, you’re the one who fucked the cabinets.”) 

who’s a closeted anime fan

gavin - he leaves for a six month long trip to england a year into their relationship and skype calls at awkward times for the both of them only get him so far. he misses michael too much one weekend, and ends up starting fairy tail. he finishes it in just a few weeks between shooting and going out with dan. 

he gets home from england, and after saying yes to michael’s proposal, he asks when the next round of episodes are going to be avaliable. 

who initiates sex at inappropriate times/places

michael, it’s always michael. it takes some convincing and some warming up on gavin’s end, but then they’re fucking any and everywhere. it starts off tame, (”michael, i used to live here. it’s not that bizarre for you to blow me on geoff’s couch,”) but next thing they know, michael’s buried deep in gavin between racks of towels in macy’s.  

who’s afraid of Slenderman

the first time they hear about slenderman is when geoff told them to play that godforsaken jump scare called a pc game. but then gavin somehow gets suckered into the lore and falls deep down the creepypasta rabbit hole one night. he ends up waking michael up at four am because he’s managed to freak himself out that badly.

(”but michael, it says he goes after children. i still get the child’s buffet at cici’s! he could honest to god take me away.” “then grow your beard out and go to sleep.”)

it’s a shitty excuse for gavin to have the beard michael loves so much. gavin doesn’t shave for two weeks. michael gets his way, but then again, when doesn’t he?

what their wedding song will be

they end up using lucky ones by lights. it reminds them both of the first winter they spent together stumbling over each other in bed, tripping over words, and learning how they operate past games and beers on saturday nights. 

it’s you and i against the world, hitting every green and living like we were always told that we would. not without the accidents, but i gotta good feeling. who knows? doesn’t matter anyway. let’s go; you and i will be okay.‘cause after all this time, still don’t know where we’re going. but look how far we’ve come and as long as you’re just as lost as I am, i’ll hold you in the morning like we’re the lucky ones. 

gavin cries when michael shows him the song. michael realizes proposing is the greatest thing he’s ever done.

what their biggest fight was about

the six month trip gavin took to england was for a movie, and when he wasn’t on that set, he was building up a log for the youtube channel. he was overworked, stressed, and tired and would pick fights which they both got over quickly. 

(”for christ’s sake, michael, it’s 3 am here. what do you expect?” “i didn’t want you to go to england in the first place, don’t blame this on me.” “it was marvel, i couldn’t say no, you prick.”)  

when they went five days without talking after that one, michael texted him asking if they were through. 

gavin took a red eye back to austin and spent twelve hours in bed with michael before he had to go back to england. 

(”please, god, no, i am so sorry, i love you so much. we’re okay. we’re okay. we’re okay.”) 

they skyped every day after that.

why they work together

they’re michael and gavin. they were friends for years before michael asked gavin out. (”no, not bevs. not tonight. how do you feel about dinner? no, somewhere nicer than rudy’s.”) 

even after the first date, they tried like hell to not let it happen. (”michael, i can’t risk this with you. with anyone else, sure, but i can’t with you.”) 

but geoff, after literally knocking sense into the both of them sat them on the couch in the office, and all but screamed.

(”you fucks have been dancing around each other for four goddamn years. it was sweet and now it’s infuriating. kiss and fuck and just be happy together already.”) 

geoff immediately stormed out and it took all but a heartbeat for michael to crawl on gavin and start kissing him. ryan was less than thrilled to have walked in at that moment. 

title: i know you’re gold
ship(s): michael/gavin
rating: pg
summary: gavin holds michael’s hand, michael sighs, ray laughs at them. a lot.
word count: 2,769

notes: i’m actually not really sure about this one. or anything. there might be a mistake or two in this and i’m real sorry about that but i was distracted by all the music i was spending money on. (who buys music anymore? this loser. because i was too damn lazy to search for the songs on here and click a little arrow. i’m a mess.)

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