bev mo!

Oceanside Ale Works Dude Double IPA (Picked up at Bev-Mo). A 2 of 4. Mostly bready malt qualities in the nose and not a ton of hop notes besides some faint candy-like orange qualities. Despite plenty of body bitterness, this is pretty muddled and definitely heavy on the malt. The body has a bit of an oily character to it, and finishes dry and clean. The booze stays relatively hidden, but all around, this simply doesn’t feature the hops like you’d expect from an Imperial IPA.

I am cycling through wedding worst-case scenarios:

WHAT IF OUR VENUE SERVICE PEOPLE FAIL TO SHOW UP? Then our guests pitch in to help us move chairs and it’s fine

WHAT IF OUR VENUE CANCELS LAST MINUTE? Then we get whatever warehouse we can on peerspace, or the biggest backyard we can find, wherever a food truck can roll up, and we tell everyone to spread the word and put up a sign and hope for the best

WHAT IF OUR FOOD TRUCK CANCELS LAST MINUTE? Then some pizza place is gonna have a big night, and it’ll be fine


WHAT IF OUR PHOTOGRAPHER CANCELS? We live in a major city and know so many creative types - surely we could find someone with a camera, and if we want fancy portraits we can do a reshoot later, and we’d accept that our photos were different than expected but we’d still be married and that’s the point

WHAT IF OUR OFFICIANT HAS TO CANCEL? Well, a cousin has officiant-powers, so what if she’s coming late. Or we can pay someone else’s online officiant fee. Or we say nice words and then hit up a courthouse when we have a chance. It would be fine.

etc etc etc, one way or another we’ll end up married, and that’s the point, so everything will be fine one way or another.

Lagunitas’ 2017 Waldo’s Special Ale (Picked up at Bev-Mo). A 4 of 4. Stupidly big – plenty of tropical/citrus fruit bitterness, powerful sweetness, and booze to go around. Very well-balanced for its size (11.5%), and has some wonderful herbal and candy-fruit hop qualities throughout. Sticky, yet never manages to be cloying given the aggressive bitterness and the lurking booze, which rears its head as this warms.