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The Losers Club + Stranger Things

With all these posts about It (2017) and Stranger Things season two on the way, I keep getting Mike and Mike mixed up lmao not that the Stranger Things kids need a killer clown in their life, but you gotta admit it’d be one heck of a party

Beverly and Eleven bond and Bev becomes like a big sis to her, comforting her and showing her that affection does exist, having dealt with a/buse tw herself. She often insists on painting Eleven’s nails. Mike W. thinks it’s pretty (good.)

Mike Wheeler and Richie Tozier. HOOOOOOO boy. Mike thinks this kid is a GOD. Richie gives Mike tons of new tips to help him move up in the trickster ranks, which he then of course tries out on Nancy.

Mike Hanlon and Lucas bond over their struggles with racism in the times/communities they’re living in, and, both of them being the rational thinking type, often team up to help the others think of tactical ways of defeating the Demogorgon. They’re a dynamic duo to say the least

So um Will Byers and Eddie being best friends???? These two precious boys and their protective mothers ooooh my goodness
They would both definitely side on Loogie being based on mass, whereas Richie and Mike W. INSIST on distance.

Dustin having a huge crush on Bev. Just saying.

Steve and Jonathan beating the living crap out of Henry Bowers. They look after the Losers just as they would their own siblings.

Beverly giving El tips on how to approach a boy you like, causing Eleven to turn a bright shade of red. This does not go unnoticed by Mike W.

Ben and Dustin: Overseers of all things snack related when it comes to D&D sleepovers. Ben is the Dungeon Master. Even Mike W is impressed with his skill level.

Mike W. and Ben talking books!! Both are very interested in mystery novels

Bill being a mother hen to everyone in the group. Especially when Will goes missing. He knows how badly it hurts to lose a brother, so not only does he comfort Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven, but he’s a big support to Jonathan as well. He and Jonathan spend lots of time together skipping rocks and exchanging life stories. Jonathan gives Bill lots of big brotherly advice, like he would often do with Will.

Stan and Eleven. Yes. Stan would take her bird watching, and introduce her to new worlds she’s never even scratched the surface of. Eleven is a great comfort to Stan, and listens to him all the time and makes sure he knows he’s heard. If anyone tries to mess with Stan, they have to go through her.

IT/Stranger Things Big Siblings Crossover

continuation of this post

  • will as eddie’s honorary big bro helping him feel more comfortable with his sexuality because oof homophobic parent? yeah he’s been there and he’s gonna be just as good a big brother to eddie as johnathan was to him when he needed it.
  • “will do you know what it’s like to have a crush on your best friend?” “boy do i”
  • max and el both take bev under their wing! max and bev bond over being badass redheads and el is both fawning over having a little sister and impressed with how fucking strong bev is. they all talk about wanting to kick their abusive (step)dads’ asses.
  • max teaches bev to skateboard and ben makes heart eyes at his zoomer crush.
  • stan takes a liking to lucas right away as the rational ones of their respective friend groups. they’re so smart and snarky it’s fantastic.
  • anyone: we’re gonna go do [reckless thing]! stan and lucas simultaneously: hell no we are not.
  • dustin LOVES richie theyre both such sailor mouths and dustin is so impressed by how FUNNY this kid is even if the others aren’t as amused
  • mike (hanlon) and ben both love dustin! mike wants to hear all about dart and dustin visits the farm and pets all the animals and asks about their names and mike is happy to tell him!
  • dustin and ben bond over not being noticed by their crushes and dustin gives him solid brotherly advice not to beat himself up over it because he has plenty of time to find The One. (he’s been taking big brother lessons from steve)
  • ben and mike’s book club meetings and trips to the library become “curiosity voyages”
  • bill basically follows mike around. he wants to hear all his stories about the demogorgon and how he never gave up on saving will or finding el. he thinks mike is a total hero and an inspiration
  • mike trying to keep richie out of trouble is nearly impossible. he feels like his needs to put the kid on a leash or something and dustin encouraging his antics isn’t helping.
  • mike just calls nancy like “oh my god was i like this when i was 13 i’m so sorry”

Okay but, supernatural au

- Each member of the losers club is a supernatural being

- Bev is a witch and Ben is a warlock

- Stan is half ghost

- Bill is a vampire

- Richie and Mike are werewolves

- and Eddie is just a human because why not

- Ben and Bev bond over spell books and trading their favorite spells with each other

- Bill lets the others know that the whole vampires can only drink blood thing is bullshit and he can live off of any fluids

- but the whole mirror, garlic, and shapesifting thing isn’t

- he has to ask Stan for help on how he looks because he can’t fucking see himself

- Stan would 100% probably make jokes about him being dead inside

- If this was a later time period they would make Danny Phantom jokes about him all the time

- Richie has tried to stick his hand in him to see if it would go right through

- Mike is really good with the animals at his farm because he can understand them

- he loves going out into the forest late at night and climbing the trees all the way to the top and just sits there to read

- Richie would be really freaked out at first (cause he’s terrified of werewolves) but because he’s one he’s able to overcome it

- he tells Eddie that his scent is amazing and Eddie secretly gushes about it all the time

- if he’s with one of the losers and they need to get somewhere fast he’ll just pick them up and run because werewolf speed AND werewolf strength

- he does this especially with Eddie so that he doesn’t have an asthma attack

- Eddie probably wears a team Jacob shirt sometimes

- he goes to Bev and Ben in case he needs any medication because their spells work better than his mom’s meds

- sometimes Richie will just jump up to his roof at night and knock on his window and at first he’ll be like “wtf” but then he’ll just let them in and they’ll have a sleepover

- even though Eddie isn’t supernatural he’s still strong as hell

Lmao sorry if this is lame or stupid but I wrote it at like 4 am

Feel free to add on to this if you want!!

so ᵘʰʰʰʰʰʰʰ i decided to write the punk!eddie hc so. Here u go

  • when eddie found out his mom had been lying to him practically his entire life, he took every opportunity he could to rebel against her
  • it started out with little things like sneaking out at ungodly hours of the night to hang out with the losers (not like he didn’t already do this, but he started to make it obvious just to piss sonia off)
  • eddie started borrowing richie’s records and shit to blare music through the house because he knew his mom hated it, but he actually really started to enjoy what he was playing
  • from that point on, eddie practically threw himself into the punk rock scene
  • he completely restyled his entire wardrobe, replacing his polos and shorts with band tees and ripped jeans
  • richie had to admit that he missed seeing eddie in his shorts (but holy fuck did eddie look hot in ripped jeans or what)
  • when eddie and richie first got together, eddie confessed his feelings by serenading richie with friday im in love by the cure outside of his bedroom window at 2am (richie may have cried a little bit)
  • eddie and bev bonded like crazy over music, clothes, and stuff like that. the two of them were inseparable
  • bev would paint eddie’s black and eddie loved it
  • for his 16th birthday, bev bought him a denim jacket and the two of them spent the whole day sewing patches and attaching pins to it and eddie couldn’t have been happier
  • that was the day eddie realized he wasn’t doing this stuff to rebel against his mom anymore, he was doing it because it made him fucking happy

The Realisation

@screaming-again-again requests: hey!! if ur requests are still open, eddie n bev bonding over shitty parents??

Authors note: I hope you enjoyed this!! I wanted to focus more on Eddie because the smol child’s mother is a bit of a control freak when it comes to his health. I guess you could count this as an AU where Pennywise wasn’t around and they are all friends and Bev is the reason how the meds he is taking are actually “gazebos” as Ed’s would put it :) Hope you liked it (Requests are still open!)

Word count: 704

Warnings: Very mild swearing, very subtle hints at abuse

Eddie never realised he had a toxic relationship with his mother until he got talking about it with Beverly. His sudden realisation hit him when he was at the quarry with the red haired girl. Beverly was very concerned for the boy when he pulled some of what she assumed was medication from his fanny pack. She suddenly started asking about why he not only had two fanny packs but why a kid his age has so many meds he has to take. “Eddie it’s not normal for someone our age to be on so many meds, Like how sick are you and how are you not in hospital if you are so ‘sick’?” She said with concern laced in her voice. Eddie was at a loss for words, he sat thinking for a second until the normal excuse started spilling out of his mouth. ”She is very protective but I understand her reasons why you know? Disease and illness is everywhere she is just looking out for me” Eddie explained, although he was trying to convince Beverly it sounded more like he was trying to convince himself. Beverly was shocked at the words tumbling out of the small boys mouth “But Eddie what are each of the pills for? Please tell me you know what each are for?” She decided to push. Eddie was at a loss of words to even try explain what each of the little pills were for. “Well uh the blue one is to help protect me against ammonia, the uh white one is for uhm…” he tried to continue explaining but the reality was was that he couldn’t. In the back of his mind he started to doubt what his mother had told him “wait what are these actually for?” He thought. The reality was is that he never actually knew what each of the tiny pills were for, just that his mom had told him that “it’s to help you from your sickness and to keep you from getting him sick” “Eddie?” Beverley asked, noticing the boys facial features dramatically changing in a matter of seconds. “I-I-I don’t know” Eddie sputtered out, his face turning into one of panic and sadness “my mom, she never really told me. She always just told me that I was sick and I needed to get better. Always asking doctors to do blood tests to make sure I haven’t caught anything. Always keeping me holed up in that stupid fucking house, banning me from seeing my friends because I might get sick. I-I can’t believe it” He said, reaching for his asthma puffer as he couldn’t find a breath. Beverly looked at her feet, not knowing how to react. “I get how you feel, well kind of” She started. Eddie looked up to see the red haired girl looking at the ground awkwardly. “My dad he uhm, he doesn’t like me hanging out with boys. Always wants to control my life completely, wanting me to stay his ‘little bevvy’” She shudders a little, Eddie sees this and places his hand between her shoulder blades and begins to move his hand in circles to comfort the girl. “Parents are shitty huh?” She pipes up, finally looking up from the ground and towards the boy. “Yeah you can say that twice” Eddie says with an ironic laugh. “You would think that the people who are supposed to protect you would, well in your case let you spread your wings instead of clipping them constantly” Bev says now ruffling the boys hair with her hand. His hand instantly shoots up to his head and tries to flatten his hair. “You know what” Eddie said with determination laced in his voice. “Fuck this” he says as he unclips the fanny pack from around his waist. He takes the fanny pack off and looks at it for a second before tossing it as far as he can into the water below “If I’m so sick, let natural selection do it’s fucking thing” he screams with determination. Bev laughs at his sudden outburst “well then come on you rebel, let’s go find the rest of the gang and get some icecream before ‘natural selection’ takes it’s place”

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Hello. For the ships. I'm female about 5'5 sometimes I have blue eyes sometimes they r green depending on my mood. I don't really have a preference I will love anyone who loves me back. I have jaw length brown curly hair I enjoy photography and love cats. I play netball and am a huge Hunger Games/ Harry Potter freak. I love my friends with all my heart but have very few because I'm extremely awkward. Also I will have no hesitation calling some one out even if it means I get personal victomised


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I ship you with Eddie Kaspbrak!

  • you met when you decked Henry Bowers bc he was harassing Eds.
  • you were relatively new and the Losers took you in as a sort of thank you
  • our boi Eddie was instantly smitten when you saved his ass
  • all the Losers could tell
  • you and Bev bonded over your short hair
  • Eddie gets flustered when he sees you in your netball uniform (but he also worries vvv much about you whenever you have a game)
  • Richie flirts with you to see if Eddie will make a move
  • he gets the rest of the Losers to flirt with you as well
  • being awkward, you don’t know how to react and just blush heavily
  • eventually, Eddie mans up and kisses you
  • the Losers all pay Richie bc he was the only one who had faith in Eddie :)

Stranger Things

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I ship you with Dustin Henderson!

  • y’all probably meet after one of your netball games
  • you were on the school team and he had stayed after school for something
  • you crashed into each other and he definitely began to curse you out because you made him drop everything
  • he abruptly stopped when he met your eyes
  • you being the awkward bean you are, were just stuttering and crouched down, gathering all his stuff in your arms
  • Dustin was super flustered and all of a sudden, he couldn’t even speak
  • (i mean, boi was cursing you out like 30 seconds ago)
  • its his turn to stutter as he apologizes and offers to take you out to the diner as a way to make up for his language
  • now standing face to face, you blush and nod
  • (he totally offers you his arm and smiles super wide)
  • as you walk down the hallway, you fail to notice the rest of The Party lurking behind the corner, silently cheering as they watch after you

i thought this was cute and i hope you like it <33

ships are closed!!

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☕️ it seems like everyone hates bilverly except me and I always see benverly shippers hating on bilverly shippers (for content that flat out doesnt exist bc I’ve gone through the whole fucking tag) and anyways bill and bev bond over their healing process from abuse and stay up half the night talking on the phone whenever their parents are being awful (Also cuddles and soft kisses too)

bilverly is super underrated! i am a benverly person myself because ben hanscom???? a cute egg n i love him. but no one should be hating on one ship just because they ship another. you can ship more than one thing zoinks!! go ship bilverly! ship benverly! ship bev with other girls bc shes a lesbian! have fun with you ships without tearing others’ down

send me a ☕️  and your opinion and ill agree/disagree!

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stan and bev bonding over the blood cleaning was foreshadowing for me and viv becoming friends

it really was wasnt it :’) btw they go to the laundromat to clean up the rags that they used from bev’s mom’s cabinet and stan refuses to let bev pay the i think 20-30 cents that it takes to run a load in the washer and jokes about how could he be ungentlemanly and let bev pay for it on such a romantic date to the laundromat? (with eddie and ben there ksfljf) so anyway i love stan and bev’s friendship