Your average pineapple, peeled and cut makes about 4.5 cups or 36 ounces of pineapple chunks. Cans of pineapple come in a variety of sizes the most common being 20oz and 46oz. Meaning a single pineapple generally won’t fill up a single can perfectly, wich also means everytime u eat pineapple from a can somewhere someone else has the can that has the rest of that same pineapple. Meaning u can share a single fruit with a stranger from hundreds of miles away and I think that’s beutiful

Can we please talk about how beautiful is this human being…

I usually don’t consider myself a fan from something or someone

But tbh, she conquered my heart

I do not know if it was her talent, her humor, her personality, her great voice, her passion or her beautiful soul

All I know is, I support that beautiful human

and I’m proud of it…

Keep killing it girl, we got you