historical parallels and context in Fallout
  • fo1: most societies have aesthetics and philosophy comparable to archaic, flawed, long-dead cultures, demonstrating how humanity has regressed in the wake of nuclear disaster.
  • fo2: in some areas, humanity regresses further in the form of isolated tribes that have lost much of their understanding of technology and history. elsewhere, the NCR is developing into a formidable country, modelled after the failed US government, highlighting how, in this reality, America is just another archaic, flawed, long-dead culture. this theme is approached from a different angle by Vault City, an idealized retro-scifi settlement that's too corrupt, beurocratic, and xenophobic to live up to the ideal of the safe utopia it presents itself as (much like America, especially in the mid-20th century)
  • fo3: uuuhhhhhhhh. there's an anti-slavery dude who's really into abraham lincoln. i guess. vampires?
  • fnv: introduced the legion (an attempt by a pseudo-intellectual to create a hyper-warlike New Roman Empire). established a widespread Old West culture across Nevada. elaborates on the NCR's corruption and cultural stagnation, further demonstrating the problems inherent to "rebuilding America". expanded a fair bit on the theme of "50's america as an ancient, dead civilization", especially in Old World Blues. also, there are a handful of cool, really specific subtle parallels. for example, if arcade is sold to the legion, he disembowels himself in homage to cato (who he admires and is comparable to), a roman statesman who killed himself rather than live under a corrupt caesar. sallow mourned arcade just as julius mourned cato, though whether sallow understood arcade's gesture is left ambiguous
  • fo4: The Railroad is a clumsy underground railroad parallel. a militia made some Minutemen uniforms and started calling themselves The Minutemen. some guy found John Hancock's clothes and started calling himself John Hancock.
Fuck trump

Im so scared the pharmacy just called me said there’s a problem processing my insurance and I can’t get my medication just yet and I have a weeks worth before I’m out and these meds have Serious Fucking Withdrawals™ and I can’t handle 5hat and I need yo hrt this sorted out but how am I supposed to talk to a bunch of beurocrats when I’m having a fucking panic attack in so scared I an so so scared

Jupiter Ascending

Before the film :
This will be absolute trash but i have nothing better to do.

During the film :
What the actual fuck is going on?

After the film:
Okay so angsty albino space werewolf with wings and antigrav rollerblades.
Angsty bee man misses his wings and was also a space marine.
Angsty mummy’s boy misses his dead but not dead mother but maybe wants to fuck/kill her?
Other not-quite-so-angsty mummy’s boy absolutely wants to fuck AND kill his mother.
Where the fuck did Kalique go?
Who the hell was the space-owl man thing?
Why was there a beurocratic politician-robot called Bob?
Why doesn’t every movie have a beurocratic politician robot called Bob?
Everything exploded. Everything. Constantly.
What ?
Why ?
How ?
There is a plot. Somewhere, I can feel it.
Somewhere underneath the incest and wierdery, probably nestling in a forgotten corner along with my sanity.

The morning after the film :
Still not over the alien were-bee ex-space marine named Stinger and played by Sean bean.

Now, 24 hours after the film:
I don’t know what that was but I need more.

@avengerssugardaddy || Ember/Tony

Obadiah Stane had… interesting friends. He tended to surround himself with like-minded and like-financed men, an echo chamber of blustering beurocrats who thought more of the almighty dollar than their families. They held endless parties to pat one another on the back for their recent predatory practices, never knowing there was a true predator in their midst. His name had only ever been given as ‘Ember’, and he held a near-monopoly on historical treasures, gemstone mines, and gold. Every few years he’d release a few of these into the economy, padding his coffers and making himself the envy of the elites worldwide.

His eyes were on his next acquisition, though. He hung near the edge of the party, sipping slowly on a martini and watching the slim boy making his way through his fourth cocktail.