The Evils of Giant Corporations

Many on the right or conservative side of politics defend giant corporations because they mistakenly believe they are simply defending the rights of free economics or business in general.

I defend the right of the individual to start and run a business as he or she chooses, however this has become an incredibly hard task to achieve for the common person because of all the beurocratic red tape involved.

Mom and pop stores have been decreasing for years because of the abuses large corporations have implored. Law makers try to curb these abuses, but at the same time those same laws hinder the commoner from acheiving success.

I’m not an expert in business or economic practices, but I do know the current system is deeply flawed. It is true the rich are getting richer and the poor or middle class are getting more poor.

Large business on the internet such as Facebook are constantly invading the privacy of the people.

Most people abhor the idea of government intruding our privacy like the NSA has done, but are oblivious or don’t see the danger when private corporations do so.

The private corporations tell us they are doing so with constant “updates” or new “policy changes” that most ignore. The legalise disclosures they give us are long and boring, so many never bother to read. Even if we do try to read it, the language involved is far too complicated to understand without having a firm understanding of law.

This is a global phenomenon and when the private corporations make deals behind closed doors, they become more powerful and power becomes more concentrated.

When these private “kingdoms” decide to merge with government or government decides to take over these few private kingdoms, all hell will break lose.

I hope people wake up and decide to cry out against this great evil upon us!

Posted Saturday 9/24/2016