historical parallels and context in Fallout
  • fo1: most societies have aesthetics and philosophy comparable to archaic, flawed, long-dead cultures, demonstrating how humanity has regressed in the wake of nuclear disaster.
  • fo2: in some areas, humanity regresses further in the form of isolated tribes that have lost much of their understanding of technology and history. elsewhere, the NCR is developing into a formidable country, modelled after the failed US government, highlighting how, in this reality, America is just another archaic, flawed, long-dead culture. this theme is approached from a different angle by Vault City, an idealized retro-scifi settlement that's too corrupt, beurocratic, and xenophobic to live up to the ideal of the safe utopia it presents itself as (much like America, especially in the mid-20th century)
  • fo3: uuuhhhhhhhh. there's an anti-slavery dude who's really into abraham lincoln. i guess. vampires?
  • fnv: introduced the legion (an attempt by a pseudo-intellectual to create a hyper-warlike New Roman Empire). established a widespread Old West culture across Nevada. elaborates on the NCR's corruption and cultural stagnation, further demonstrating the problems inherent to "rebuilding America". expanded a fair bit on the theme of "50's america as an ancient, dead civilization", especially in Old World Blues. also, there are a handful of cool, really specific subtle parallels. for example, if arcade is sold to the legion, he disembowels himself in homage to cato (who he admires and is comparable to), a roman statesman who killed himself rather than live under a corrupt caesar. sallow mourned arcade just as julius mourned cato, though whether sallow understood arcade's gesture is left ambiguous
  • fo4: The Railroad is a clumsy underground railroad parallel. a militia made some Minutemen uniforms and started calling themselves The Minutemen. some guy found John Hancock's clothes and started calling himself John Hancock.
Jupiter Ascending

Before the film :
This will be absolute trash but i have nothing better to do.

During the film :
What the actual fuck is going on?

After the film:
Okay so angsty albino space werewolf with wings and antigrav rollerblades.
Angsty bee man misses his wings and was also a space marine.
Angsty mummy’s boy misses his dead but not dead mother but maybe wants to fuck/kill her?
Other not-quite-so-angsty mummy’s boy absolutely wants to fuck AND kill his mother.
Where the fuck did Kalique go?
Who the hell was the space-owl man thing?
Why was there a beurocratic politician-robot called Bob?
Why doesn’t every movie have a beurocratic politician robot called Bob?
Everything exploded. Everything. Constantly.
What ?
Why ?
How ?
There is a plot. Somewhere, I can feel it.
Somewhere underneath the incest and wierdery, probably nestling in a forgotten corner along with my sanity.

The morning after the film :
Still not over the alien were-bee ex-space marine named Stinger and played by Sean bean.

Now, 24 hours after the film:
I don’t know what that was but I need more.