I’m on a roll, I got a bunch of work done today!

here we have my undead lord Kael, and a Beurghes! Beurghes is @isei-silva‘s character, that ages ago I said I would draw on a stream of hers, but I never finished the sketch, so for one of my warmups I doodled the dark druid!

honhonhonhon improvement abound me thinks, as I am able to go straight to painting from sketches like these (as evidenced by my twilek) so I dont have to worry about being as fiddly with my linework if I want to run by the seat of my pants :D

also ppssssttt


Beurghes, my night elf druid, really likes the Highborne’s lavish lifestyle.

He always held some resentment towards them, since he was born in a common, lower caste, but slowly he’s been integrating himself as part of this prestigious society he so coveted. Nature is nice and all, but can it decorate your hair in gold, and cover your body in silk? Ha!

Be careful, Beurghes.

Beurghes is going to have a bad time in Suramar.

I’m developing the ideas slowly since we don’t know much about the lore yet, but from what I understand about the Nightborne/Suramar so far is that I want to get to a point with Beurghes where he agrees to teach the Nightborne druidic magic in exchange for their arcane power (desperate to reach his Highborne status), basically betraying his own people. But the Nightborne instead entrap Beurghes and use him as a living conduit for the flora and forests surrounding the city for defense. He is coccooned in thick roots, kept bound and alive within, called the Heart.

This idea is for waaaay into Legion and we’ll see how it develops along the way! But I really liked the thought of having Beurghes’ avarice bite him in the ass eventually, and we’ll see how or if he gets out of it.