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Luke's short temper

Imagine Luke sometimes gets angry at you and the boys, but you shake it off because you know he doesn’t mean it. Plus he’s so darn cute when he’s mad.

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The Gamemaker - Chapter 3 - Janoskians Fanfiction

My heart started beating at a million miles per hour. Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead. I refused to believe it at first, but as I looked in Abbey’s direction, the boys were walking down path, towards where we were standing. They were going to come nearer to us. Jai was coming nearer to us. I stared at the other three girls beside me. Emily had a big grin spread on her face as she grabbed Abbey’s arm, eyes glued to Beau. Abbey kept squealing under her breath and smiling. Hannah’s hands were cupped to her mouth, whereas I stood there motionless, sweat dripping down my face, eyes wide like some kind of lunatic. We were like statues, couldn’t be shaken from our paralyzed form. Suddenly, Emily broke the silence.

“I don’t know about you lot but I’m going up to get a picture!”

She stormed off ahead, Abbey running after her. Hannah tugged the edge of my t-shirt, just like a small child would when they wanted something.

“Come on Christine! Let’s go and get a picture! I’ve got my camera with me, and I can send them to you once I get them uploaded.” Hannah said.

I wanted to see them. I really did, but I was so scared. I don’t know what I had to be scared about. They weren’t going to yell or murder me for just asking for a picture, but I was still very nervous. I looked at Hannah. Her face, so pleading, so happy. I didn’t want to let her down. And anyway, this may be the only chance I could see, let alone talk to Jai. I nodded without thinking, and let her pull me by the hand to the three boys. Emily was already talking to the boys, making them laugh. Abbey was standing next to her, undressing Luke with her eyes. A slight, sharp prick of jealousy hit me inside. I didn’t want to admit it, but I really wanted to impress Jai more than anything or anyone. By the looks of it, the two had already made a good first impression. And since they were so bold, and I was feeling nervous, I wouldn’t be the most memorable out of the group. But that’s what I needed to achieve.

Emily quickly whipped out her camera. Abbey had positioned herself on the end, next to Luke, arm wrapped around his waist. She took a quick snap before realizing Hannah and I were behind her. She spun round, smiling at both of us and turned back round to the brothers.

“Oh, these are my other friends.” Emily smiled.

Hannah grinned and introduced herself, receiving a ‘hi’ from the trio. I didn’t know what to do. I just smiled somewhat shyly, then automatically looked down, picking at the frayed ends of my shorts. Emily then started ordering people to get into a photo position. I looked up hopefully. Maybe I could get that picture with Jai! Emily thrust the camera in my hands, and stood with the others.

“Take a picture for us won’t you?” She said.

My heart sank. I could feel it, forever sinking in a bottomless pit, the feeling never subsiding. Not only wasn’t I going to get a picture with Jai and the other two, but Emily and by the sound of it Abbey didn’t want me in the picture! I didn’t even get a chance to say hello, maybe get a hug, or even look at Jai properly. At these times usually I would burst out in a rage. But I couldn’t cause a scene in a busy shopping centre and in front of my idols. So, without saying anything, I took the camera and smiled weakly, hiding all emotion of sadness, anger and disappointment within me. I looked through the viewfinder. All of them stared me, smiles smeared onto their faces. A perfect photo.

Except from Jai.

He was looking at me directly, but he wasn’t smiling. His gorgeous brown eyes hinted sympathy and sorrow as they glinted in the bright sun’s light. He stood apart from the rest of the group, hands in pockets, like he didn’t belong with them. He was staring at me. Feeling sorry for me. I just wanted to go over and speak to him, to get to know what he was like in real life. To hug him and tell him how much he meant to me. But I knew all my friends could get really bitchy if I didn’t take the picture soon. I didn’t bother looking at the picture as the camera clicked and saved the image. I blindly gave it to Emily as I started to walk forwards, head down low, shoulders drooping. I was so disappointed and upset. We could’ve just asked a nice stranger to take a picture with us all in it. The possibility didn’t even across my friend’s minds.

“Hey, where are you going Christine?”

“Christine! Come back!”

“Ugh, just ignore her. She’ll be back in a minute.”

The harsh words that Emily spat out after Hannah and Abbey hit me like a bullet. Tears started to blind my vision. Why was she being like this? Why were they all being so selfish? I hadn’t done anything wrong. Just because I was a little reluctant and nervous to not go and greet them immediately didn’t make me a bad person. I was walking with a hasty pace, gradually getting further and further away from the group. Swallowing a lump in my throat, I looked back at the group. They were still chatting by the looks of it, except for the boy with the shiny brown eyes that was facing in the opposite direction. He stared into my soul with those luscious orbs. I wanted to stare at him longer, but I couldn’t. I turned a corner and came to a dark alleyway.

At least nobody can see me down here.” I thought to myself.

A brick wall faced me. I imagined Emily and Abbey’s laughing faces. They were probably still talking to the brothers now, sucking up to them. Admiring their clothes, going on and on about their videos. I imagined them having much more fun without me. I was just a burden on their shoulders. But, I couldn’t imagine Hannah in that brick wall. We were so close. But then again, she didn’t go after me after I walked away. She just stayed with the others. I was so angry, and I was about to let it out. This brick wall would be helpful. A bloody hand, a broken fist and some cracked knuckles would be a small price to pay for this anger and stress to get out of my insides. I raised my hand. I formed it into a ball. I threw it at the wall, closing my eyes in the process. However, the expected pain and hard surface didn’t greet me. A warm, soft, squishy substance held my fist. I opened my eyes.

Jai was staring at me, my fist in his hand, the sympathy and sorrow still gleaming in his shiny brown eyes.