OK so if there’s really a musical episode I don’t want only one of them to be cursed or something and forced to do everything in song (bet it gon’ be Jensen but it won’t be funny cus we all know he can/likes to sing)… I WANT EM ALLLLLL. Like literally ALL of them. Dead or alive. Please.

+bonus points if they finally make a Glee reference *v*

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Tagged by my adorable little Hamburglar princessakane! So challenge accepted, let’s do this :p Also I know this game can be kind of boring, so instead of just writing my answer, I’ll do it on top of gifs :D That way it will be funnier (esp 4 me lol). /!\ Take note that none of the gifs are really mine, I’m too lazy to make them so I just pick on Google and paste my text on them. I know nobody will steal and spread them since they are literally just my personal answers so no real harm done (don’t bother me with copyright okay, being a gif maker doesn’t make you king of the world ok xoxo bye). Well, I think that’s all, so here are my answers:

1. Ever write a fanfiction?

Also I’ve only finished one……. IT IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS LIKE OKAY DO NOT JUDGE. I’M ON HIATUS…… or maybe it is called writer’s block…… *weeps softly*

2. Ever done a cosplay?

3. What did you have for Lunch/dinner?

BUT if you really wanna know, I had fish for dinner. Don’t ask me what fish, dunno remember. The little Hamburglar (you better be reading this since u tagged me u lil shit this is all ur fault) and I share a strong disliking for fish and anything coming from the sea (sea fruit? yes?) but well… when my mom cooks it, it tastes really good *u* + it was served with mashed cauliflower (that was steamed first, take note of that). Man, mashed cauliflower and butter, it’s like eating a little cloud it’s so light and tasty. Ok I’m hungry now not normal, I JUST ATE?!

4. What are you wearing right now?

<takes foreign accent> it’s because it iz reeeelly colllld in belgium ageeeein

<wait, I do have a foreign accent when I speak english; EH DUMB ME>

5. Who is your favorite villain? (TV shows, movies or books)

But when I think about it, there’s also Sylar (Heroes) and Sebastian Smythe (Glee)… And what about the Master?? And Moriarty! And Luci & Crowley! I love my villains, I love so many villains *v* I chose the Phantom but I still have many on my fave list!

6. Do you like Spicy food?

Yes (wat gif, wat???), but I don’t have it often.

7. OTP?

(I put 3 gifs one after the other lol) No but seriously, all my OTPs start hating each other/being weary of the other; then they have that climax when one of them punches the other (releasing tension and maybe sEXUAL TENSION-FRUSTRATION LOL) and then at the end…….. THEI WATCH THE PERSON WHO HAS BECOME EVERYTHING TO THE OTHER DIEEEEEE <gross, gross sobbing>

8. If you could travel through time, where would you go and what would you do?

9. Any thoughts on what will happen in Supernatural Season 9?

Aside from that, I’m trying to stay away from spoilers as much as I can because I just loooooooooove the feeling you get when you are watching and something unexpected suddenly happens and you just go all “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa–??”. I don’t want to know everything beforehand. But a little does never hurt, so the sex-omat scene, I am praying for it xd (EVEN THOUGHT I just knooooooow it will NEVER happen. Or at least, if it does happen (Cas getting some action in a laundromat, seriously, did you learn that from the pizza man too? :D) it won’t be Destiel. Or not obvious Destiel. Whatever happens, I know we won’t have what we want but even though I know  I shouldn’t get my hopes up, I still do lol. And it’s good to believe they could become canon. Oh Destiel, my Destiel….

Also (haven’t read any spoilers yo), I think with Cas unable to just beam out whenever he wants, he’ll probably stay with the bros more (lol no shit?) and I can feel some good Sam/Cas scenes coming. Like, scenes as long and important as Dean/Cas has had till now. Also funny ones. Oooooh, the amount of fun we’ll have watching poor little Cas trying to fit in the human world. ALSO CROWLEY. WHAT ABOUT CROWLEY? IDK ANYTHING ABOUT WHATS HAPPENING TO HIM NEXT (and if you spoil me i’ll punch you in the dick is2chuck). Oh I also remember reading somewhere that Bobby and Gabriel and Adam will be back. IT’S GONNA BE LIKE CHRISTMAS, JUST 3 MONTHS EARLIER YAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ok stop me or I’ll go on like that all night long….

10. Do you have any stuffed animals on ur bed?

Only one, and it’s a big big big bear……. big a s me, and I also put a blue tie on him looong ago hah. He is called Sam. I can send u a pic if u curious, but it is just a giant teddy, nothing exceptional :p

11. What’s your plan for this weekends?

My plan:

Saturday: crying over the fact that I start uni next monday

Sunday: crying over the fact that I start uni tomorrow


Sorry no gifs at the end but I am a bit tired and I’m watching Teen Wolf s2 with my sis and it is tiring me even more because I don’t understand anything Jackson is a lizard, when did he??????? Also I don’t like Scott’s mom, I understand she is afraid of his were form but hiding from him in the bathroom? Even the day after? Wtf mom?? But Sterek are cute, as always *u*


My questions now!

1. what song are you listening to right now? (if not, what are you doing while tumblring; everybody does something else at the same time :p)

2. What is your name and what do you prefer being called?

3. Favorite character you’d rather not fuck but adopt and hug and just keep warm in a fluffy blanket and feed them cupcakes and just give them love? (I repeat: I said not fuck! as in never!)

4. What show are you currently watching/obsessing over?

5. Vampires or Werewolves?

6. Why do you like the ship you are most shipping right now so shipping much?

7. Brotp?

8. Do you have any brothers and/or sisters?

9. What about pets?

10. If you were an object (magical or not, fictional or real), what would it be?

11. Favorite quote?

Sorry for the lame ass questions, not inspired!

wingfic inspired by the cutest fanart ever. the 1st pic just gave me so many sad wingless!dean feels… (written for my wingkink buddy Riri). it’s just H/C in spades, approx. 3,500 words.

Let Me Be Your Wings

“It’s kind of cruel… isn’t it?”

Castiel’s feathers bristled when patient 901’s voice resounded in the empty and impersonal room for the first time. He carefully turned around, tucking his pen back in his breast pocket, a look of concern on his face that many people mistook for confusion, probably because he was always frowning.

Patient 901’s voice was low and hoarse, and he sounded… broken, his last word said in barely a whisper.

It shouldn’t have surprised Castiel the way it did. It shouldn’t, after a year of studying the tight set of the patient’s shoulders, or the rigid line of his neck as he was avoiding looking at Castiel and instead going to sit on the windowsill, letting his stare get lost somewhere across the treetops of the forest surrounding the facility, and just waiting for his nurse to leave.

Like he was doing right now.

After all, this facility was specialized in treating patients suffering from all types of mutilations, and there were many in this particular part of the building — the one destined to welcome and treat those who had lost the entirety of one or both their feathery appendages.

Everyone in here was broken, in one way or another, but patient 901 was part of the minority who had lost everything.

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The beginning when he asked if they could play tWISTER (SUPERWHO ALERTTTTT ASDFKHNVJRBG)

The fact that he died of old age and lived a life so full of happiness he’d forgotten everthing and every of his previous lives and worries





Tagged :)

I’ve been tagged by Leo aka gunnouveau (thank you again, darling! I’m so excited everytime I get tagged on something n_n)

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I put everything under a “Read More” because it’s reaaaaaally lengthy. I know you won’t mind, so it makes me babble :D

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Why y'all should all shut up* about Ezekiel being Lucifer

*I mean this in a very very friendly way

Anyway, today I came across this wonderful Samifer fic and the story is all about Luci escaping from Hell and coming back to kick Zeke’s ass for tricking Sam into granting him access to his body (he appeared as Dean in Sam’s dream, remember?) (I love possessive!Luci *snicker snicker*)

And it was all there, all the arguments against this lucikiel theory!

Seriously though, Luci spent a whole season stating over and over that he was not a liar, and how he’d never trick Sam into saying yes. So this is the reason why I’m 99.8% sure Zeke has nothing to do with Luci whatsoever.




























REALLY IMPORTANT PSA: please please, i dont remember when exactly SPN comes back (is it tonight?) but i wont be able to watch the next one or maybe 2 episodes so pleaaaaaase, dont spoil me before ive seen them! As in, dont msg me at all! I dont wanna know anything, so dont even tweet with my @ or i will see it on my phone lol
Thats all, live long and keep blogging ♥

(PS: bUT IF GABRIEL IS BACK IN ANY OF THEM PLEASE DO TELL THAT I WONT MIND /cries bcz of exams and the unfairness of life in general)


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I was tagged by my lovely vulcan Leo

Questions I was asked:

  1. What endearing name do you give friends, or lovers? Baby, sweet heart, etc.? Honey, baby, and lil’ shit. And sometimes ‘betch’ in a very Chekov accent :p
  2. What fictional character are you obsessed with/ sexually attracted to right now? Without hesitating, Dean Winchester. It’s not even just because of his body, it’s because I feel like I’m able to connect with him and I feel always so passionate about every little thing happening in his life, because he’s a fiercely loyal man who’s got so little happiness in his life and everytime he’s got something good going on for him he feels as if he’s cheating and doesn’t deserve it, and well, maybe he DOES deserve punishment because he’s flawed and he’s made so many mistakes and killed so many people but that’s God’s job, and I’ve decided that mine is to cry over how much I want to give him a hug and tuck him in bed and keep him warm and find him a boyfriend and give him everything he wants but MOSTLY SELF-CONFIDENCE THAT ISN’T FEINED; and, well, yeah, there’s his hot bod’ too. But he’s also a little cutie and I just… he’s perfect, voilà.
  3. If you did end up getting arrested, what would it be for? Ummmm… protesting, probably? If I ever shoplift or murder someone I’m sure I’d find a way to hide the body/be sneaky as hell. Yeaaaah… yeah.
  4. How gay are you? A lil’ gay? All gay? Well, we’re all a little gay for somebody, now, aren’t we? *wink wink WINK* Lol I mean I suppose I wouldn’t be against kissing, let’s say, Scarlett Johansson or Emilia Clarke but being actually attracted any further to them? Idk. I do find them gorgeous, but I’ve never fantasized about them the way I do with, say, David Tennant when I was 16 or lately, Chris Pine (*Maroon 5’s “Put Your Hands All Over Me” starts playing*). So, yes, a little gay. A little everything. Let’s leave the doors open.
  5. What was the last thing you downloaded? Be honest.  SPN’s latest episode in 1080p for gifing purposes (in fact it’s still downloading right now, 1 frigging hour left!!! But then I’ll a have high res’ growling Dean uwu)
  6. How many tabs do you have open, and what are they open to? Right now they are 8. One is to P!atd’s album Too Weird To Live on Youtube 'cause I’ve been obsessed with it ever since it came out; one is AO3 'cause I’m rereading one of my fave D/s Destiel fics, 2 tabs are about the news 'cause I’m studying journalism and I’ve got to keep myself informed, 1 is my activity, 1 is this post, 1 is my blog (I’m always on it jfc) and the last one is my online users page 'cause I’m also obsessed with which page my visitors are on. I’m sorry, I’m such a creep.
  7. Are you good at keeping plants alive? I have this plant that was literally dying when it was in the living room but I took it to my room and now it’s having the most gorgeous flowers. It’s an orchidea. So yeah, I’m good at it, I think they like my music and if they don’t need too much water I can remember to water them. My mom has that thing too when people give her their dead plants and she makes them bloom again and they become more beautiful than ever and her friends are just like 'HOW’??? My house is full of plants btw. We even have a banana tree.
  8. What feature on your body is really odd, that you don’t think many people have? I. am. so. common. it’s. sad. Except that I’m hella hairy, like Chewbacca’s bride or something. Is that exceptional? I don’t think so. Dang it.
  9. What would your last meal on earth be? If I’m about to die I’m pretty sure the nurses wouldn’t be giving me anything that doesn’t come out of an IV. If I’m in prison about to get executed, I wouldn’t really feel like eating. This is a tough question. LOL IM JOKING I GOT WHAT YOU MEANT and I don’t have any idea. The greasiest donut, probably. Oh yes. Or a pizza. I haven’t had one in ages…
  10. Look to your left, find the closest book - keep going left until you find said book. Open it, and give me the last line in the last chapter? (no about the author or index bs). (it’s in French and it’s not even my book) “Shadow kissed Zorya Utrennyaya on the cheek, kissed her hand then went down the stairs on all fours.” (WTF???? my older sis reads some weird shit)
  11. We go to a bar, what should I buy you? If you don’t drink - what would you let me get for you at a coffee house? Ice Tea or a coke. I don’t drink alcohol and I can’t drink coffee, it rises my blood-pressure too much and makes me dizzy. Joke’s that I’m too hyperactive to need coffee.

My questions!

  1. Be honest – what annoys you the most about tumblr? (it can be anything)
  2. What’s the most revolting thing for you in 2014?
  3. What band/singer/song are you obsessed with lately?
  4. How many tabs do you have open, and what are they open to?
  5. A word you find ridiculous?
  6. If Obama was an animal, what would he be? (no I’m not even high)
  7. If you were a color, what would it be? And why?
  8. What are your thoughts on giving animals the same rights as humans? Do you find it ridiculous (after all, they have no need for education or justice) or are you for it?
  9. Would/do you give money to a homeless? If yes, why? If no, why again? (I’m not judging you, it’s just a question and it won’t change how I see you. If it can reassure you, I personally don’t give)
  10. Last movie you saw? Was it worth it? If your favorite character was in it, who would he be/what would he have acted like?
  11. One thing you’ve been taught as a kid and that you still remember all the time to the point that it’s almost annoying?

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overlordkhaleesi replied to your photo:Yay my hanni poster has finally arrived ♥~♥


he is so hot its not scary its SEXY AS HEL THAT MASK DRIVES ME CRAZEY ASDJGJG

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AHHHHH SO BEAUTIFUL and will is huge holy crap

I BET HE IS *wink wink wink wink*