between the lines

We live between the lines
In borderless dimensions
Wearing nothing but our earnestness
Our naïveté
We cannot hide
The simple things we are

We ride on the backs of tigers
Leaving flower petals
To beautify the paths we have taken
The veins explored
We’ll never know
To what extent we are machines

We let our garments
Do our talking for us
In speeches borrowed
From black and white movies
Old news reels
And Cole Porter songs
So that this weighty thing we share
Is nothing
More than the faint stirring
Of a martini

We exist in fading memories
Like yellowed photographs
Stuffed away in the back of a drawer
In an unread book
We mustn’t speak
Of what we’ve left behind

© David Rutter 2014

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“Clouded Judgment” by @hueman_. Spray paint and acrylic on canvas. Part of her “Between The Lines” show at @projectgallery.
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