humanity | klamille

Dehydration, red raw skin, and stab wounds all over his body was what Klaus had been left with through imprisonment in his own home.  He’d felt his humanity turn back on, though the spark was very, very deeply buried - he couldn’t really remember actually turning it off but he knew that, for the first time ever, he had, and that thought alone was enough to prompt him to keep it down, to avoid any guilt he’d feel when it was back fully.

He was tired, he was exhausted, and sore, and he could still taste the metallic from the blood spilt, along with the salty tears which had fallen throughout the course of Kol’s dabble with the rod and vervain.  He was glad no wolfsbane had been applied but it hurt nonetheless.  At present, as he sat in the dark, eyelids closed, head fallen and pressed into his shattered chest, little kept him hoping for a reprieve.  Nothing gave him hope until he thought about the girl he’d met in New Orleans days, weeks before.  A weak, strained smile slipped onto chapped lips.  Camille.  Beautiful, brave Camille.  That’s who he wanted now.

His abilities as a vampire came in very handy at that moment in time and he murmured her name, trying to find a psychological connection.  Eventually he settled on the conversation they’d had whilst watching the street artist and, with the last little semblance of strength he had, focused on it, murmuring her name a few further times, hunger and desperation simultaneously seeping in and mixing together.

Camille.  Help me.

betweenloveandevil replied to your postbetweenloveandevil said: stop it. i have an idea…

dont listen to me though but while he is all bad big wolf mood he should bit her to the point of killing her and than when he realizes what he has done ding ding ding the switch is flipping it and than he saves her.

omfg YES YES YES but then there’s the question of how she comes across him ‘cause i assume he’d be locked up away from getting to anyone else?  unless he pulls that thing that damon did to caroline to get out of the basement of the boarding house?  idk

dinner dates | klamille

After his run-in with the blonde earlier in the day, Klaus had been rather intrigued, to say the least, about her.  And with the dinner they were to have hours later, his intrigue, though he’d never admit it, grew into fully-blown excitement.  He couldn’t even hide his giddiness around his siblings.

Klaus showered, dressed himself into fresh clothes - black jeans, grey Henleys, black leather jacket and buckled boots - and finally took his exit of the house he now lived in, opting to walk through the old town rather than drive.  The walk stretched out for a small period, no more than twenty minutes, with Klaus ignoring the bold, lively scenery so as to cut his journey shorter.  Upon finally reaching the bar he’d met her at before, he stopped by the door, shoulder leaning against it to prop himself up while he waited.

Then, an inviting scent wafted into his system and his head turned, neck craning as he looked over his shoulder, a smile flitting onto his lips.  "Evening, Camille.“