between zeus and hades


Zeus, the fierce one, was the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, the child of Cronus and Rhea, the youngest of his siblings. In most traditions, he was married to Hera but nevertheless was also infamous for his erotic escapades. After reaching manhood, Zeus saved his siblings from their father who devoured each of his children as they were born in fear of being overthrown. After the fall of the Titan-gods, Zeus and his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, shared the world between themselves. Zeus got the sky and air.


Greek Myths HS AU

  • Zeus sits in the gold zone of the classroom. Far enough from the teacher that he can talk to friends and use his phone without getting in trouble. Close enough to not be pegged as one of the troublemakers
  • Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades used to be tight back in middle and elementary school, but something happened and now they kinda hate each other’s guts
  • Zeus’ old girlfriend, Metis, went missing their sophomore year and Zeus was initially questioned about it. But without a body there was no case
  • Zeus goes out with Hera now
  • Demeter is Persephone’s protective older sister.
  • The first time P and Hades talked was during lunch. Demeter had to make up a test or something and Hades generally sits by himself. And on that day P just walked up to his table, sat herself down, and started talking to him. Hades stared at her for close to 10 minutes before realizing it wasn’t a joke and yes someone was actually sitting there
  • News was all over school by the time lunch was over and Demeter flipped out
  • Demeter and Persephone are Zeus’ cousins
  • Athena and Hermes are Zeus’s younger siblings. Athena is taking nearly all AP classes. Hermes is just a freshman and is already notorious in the teachers lounge. 
  • Ares and Hephaestus are brothers, but they’re in the same grade because Ares was held back a year and Hephaestus was pushed up one
  • Apollo is captain of the basketball team and Artemis is on the track team
  • Hermes, Apollo and Dionysus are a trio of trouble. They met when they were all in detention together. Dionysus for drinking alcohol on school property. Apollo for lipping off to a teacher again with some sick burns. And Hermes for planting a stink bomb in the teachers lounge, releasing the class pet during science, and filling this one asshole’s locker with paint-soaked tampons (actually, there is no proof that the last one was him but everyone suspects him anyway). 
  • Zeus and Hera stared dating not long after Metis disappeared (a respectable amount of time after though) and they’ve been homecoming king and queen since then. 
  • Ariadne got dumped by her boyfriend in a super embarrassing way. Dionysus found her crying in one of his hiding spots and kinda (really) fell head over heels for her
  • Zeus is an infamous playboy and the whole school knows it. No ones really sure why Hera continues to put up with him. 
  • Hades, Ares and Hermes all sit in the back of classrooms, all for different reasons
  • Zeus, Poseidon and Hades all used to be tight during middle and elementary school. Something happened in the summer between 8th and 9t grade, and all hate each other’s guts now. No one knows why
  • Poseidon is captain of the school swim team. He has a brother who’s named Triton and also on the team
  • Demeter and Artemis are both a part of the Outdoors Club
  • Athena is a black belt in at least two different martial arts
  • Ares is always getting into fights, especially with his brother. But those fights are more verbal than physical (which means H always wins and Ares storms off to sulk)
  • Hermes is the young up and coming star of the track team
  • Hades has three dogs; Spot, Fluffy, and Rex
  • Hades developed a crush on P pretty fast. He fell in love with her the first time she met his dogs (they fell in love with her too)
  • Aphrodite has been dating Ares for a while. She is buds with Hephaestus, while he’s in the friend zone
  • Zeus has Lichtenberg figures from when he was struck by lightning as a kid
  • Hades generally ends up being the mediator between Zeus and Poseidon, even though the three of them in general don’t get along. Hades’ dislike is more passive towards the other two, while Poseidon and Zeus are more aggressive
  • Zeus likes a surprising amount of heavy metal bands
  • Hermes owns an insane amount of graphic t-shirts. And two snakes named Donnie and Marie
  • Zeus will inevitably cheat on Hera. And then Hera will slut-shame Zeus’ flavor of the week and Zeus will behave, until the next one comes along and the cycle continues
  • Zeus looks to his little sister for advice. Though 9 times out of 10 he doesn’t follow it
  • Artemis leads a Girl Scout troop
  • Aphrodite has a little brother named Eros who is in the 4th grade, and who is always stirring up shit
  • Dionysus is Hermes, Athena, and Zeus’ foster brother because his mom (who’s schizophrenic) lit their house on fire with the two of them in it and so she was hospitalized
  • Zeus is pretty protective of Dionysus because of this
  • Apollo, Dionysus, Hermes and Pan are in a band called ‘The Lyres’. Hermes plays the guitar and the pipes, Apollo sings and writes the songs and sometimes plays the guitar as well and the piano, and Dionysus is the bass. And Pan is also on the pipes. They’re currently searching for a drummer, though when they have gigs Artemis (grudgingly) fills in for them
  • Due to the songwriter, their songs end up being love songs to whoever Apollo is trying to woo that week (and than the subsequent heartbreak songs follow in the next week)
  • Artemis owns 7 dogs. Apollo cries.
  • Eris is Ares’ longtime best friend. They’ve known each other since elementary school when their teacher kept on mixing up their names with the other and they decided to start some shit
  • Hermes is Insta/youtube famous for prank videos and short vine-like clips and skateboarding tricks
  • Hermes skates hard. He also has wheelies that he’ll use during school, unless he is feeling extra chaotic, then he’ll use his board
  • Hermes and Dionysus are meme lords
  • Zeus is lowkey a fuckboi
  • Ares hates losing. Like, sure no one likes losing, but with Ares it turns to a whole new extreme featuring temper tantrums of epic proportions followed by long periods of sulking
  • Nemesis is salty af, as is Poseidon
  • Poseidon has so many fish, and has a funeral each time one dies. Hades and Zeus still get invited to them out of childhood tradition (and they both still come and mourn with Poseidon)
  • Athena is allergic to olives
  • Ares and Athena have this scary rivalry going on and are always trying to one-up each other. Hermes currently has a betting pool on who/when they either snap and kill each other, or make out. It is currently at a till of over $5000
  • Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are all seniors, as well as Hera and Demeter
  • Artemis, Apollo, Ares, Aphrodite, Eris, Hestia, and Hephaestus are juniors
  • Dionysus, Adrienne, Pan, Triton, and Athena are sophomores
  • Hermes and Persephone are freshmen
  • Artemis is aro ace
  • Dionysus is panromantic, demisexual
  • Athena is lesbian, ace
  • Zeus is bi, but his trysts have never extended into the male variety, unless you listen to some of the rumors
  • Hermes is bi

“Hades!” He turned around, now certain that someone was calling his name. His heart stuttered as he spotted Persephone running towards him.

“Hey Persephone,” he grinned awkwardly, well aware of the flush rising in his cheeks. He stumbled as the leashes twisted around him eagerly to face the newcomer.

“Oh, and who are your friends?” She asked, stooping greet three overexcited dogs.

“Uh, well the Doberman Pinscher is Spot, the German Shepard is Fluffy, and Rex is the Rottweiler,” Hades blushed, inwardly cringing at the childish names, but Persephone just grinned at him and then went back to petting the dogs.

“Well hello there,” she cooed, scratching Rex behind the ears and petting Fluffy’s head while Spot sniffed at her, wagging his tail and waiting for his turn to be petted.

“You’re not afraid of them?” Hades blurted out, his blush growing deeper at his sudden outburst.

“Why would I be afraid of them?” Persephone looked up, smiling kindly.

“W-well, most people see them and are kinda wary, apparently they’re intimidating dogs,” he shrugged, scratching the back of his head absentmindedly. 

“Well most people are wrong. They shouldn’t judge based on appearances because even if they look intimidating they may actually be kind and gentle.” She spoke softly, her hands stilling. Hades’ face grew impossibly redder.

“And are they?” He clear his throat, finding it suddenly dry. “Kind and gentle?” His heart thudding painfully against his ribs.

“They most certainly are.” She stood up, ignoring the soft whines of protest that Rex gave her.

“Persephone!” A sharp voice pulled them out of the warm bubble that had surrounded them. Demeter stalked towards them, glaring at Hades with sharp eyes.

“Sorry Hades, have to go.” Persephone smiled apologetically before raising herself up on her tiptoes and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. “I’ll see you at school!” She threw over her shoulder as she dashed back over to her spluttering sister.

Hades watched them walk away, Demeter screeching at Persephone who calmly ignored her. He lifted his hand to his cheeks where it burned over the place she had pressed her lips against so softly.

Oh god, I love her.



“The god of speed and distant messages

A golden crown above his shining eyes

His slender staff held out before him

And little wings fluttering at his ankles.”

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can u tell us more about the historical au :0???

im just gonna make this a coherent hc post lmfao get ready:

  • this goes under the assumption that he was born jan 28th 1924
  • my hc has changed a bit since the original post 2 months ago bc of further thought and research and corrections
  • now while i’d love to be like “nico was anti-fascist blah blah blah– probably not. nico’s grandfather is confirmed to be an aristocrat (Lord Whatever Di Angelo) meaning his family owns land. Meaning Nico is part of an aristocracy. Meaning Nico’s fucking loaded lmfao.
    • Fascism was great if you were rich. Like it directly benefited aristocracies like the ones Nico was a part of. Chances are his family is aligned with them.
    • I’m not sure if Maria di Angelo would have brought up her children against the aristocracy or not, cause we never really saw much of her character to know her that well. I guess it depends on whether or not she was estranged for having two children out of wedlock (OH BOY!!) with a possible foreigner
      • So if she WAS estranged I would say- no. Nico and his sister and his mother were against the aristocracy and v much did not like Mussolini’s politics
      • Buuuuut if they WEREN’T estranged I would say Nico would be neutral to Mussolini. He wouldn’t have necessarily been against fighting for the Italian government in the war if necessary. If anything he’d be a rich member of a rich family that directly benefited from their political prowess and the current situation in government
  • So a big thing in the early-mid 20th century was nationalism. Even if Nico wasn’t pro-fascism or pro-Mussolini, he was DEFINITELY pro-Italy, anti-Commie, anti-Germany, the works.
  • Childhood things: played football (soccer for us western plebs), military school, his friend Pietro! Oh boy! (Who also ended up fighting in the North-African campaign, meaning he was at least two or three years older than Nico)
  • Now, depending on how high-up Nico’s grandpa was, Nico likely not only attended the execution of one Mr. Benito Mussolini, but also the funeral
    • After WW2 his grandfather might have either been targeted, criminalized, or assassinated/executed depending on his exact status amongst the government or community? Dunno how that would directly affect his kids or grandkids, but if he was looked at in a bad light the Di Angelo Name wouldn’t be a fun one to have
  • I don’t think he ever finds out he’s a demigod, personally. I think by the time Nico turns ten, his father is too caught up with the impending war and his older sons who will be fighting to spend so much time with the Di Angelo’s and Nico just remembers him vaguely at the back of his mind.
    • He questions the possible witchcraft/dark magic/necromancy at play amongts his brothers (he doesn’t know that they’re related) and ignores it but he feels a tug towards it.
      • IMAGINE. strong catholic nico di angelo feeling drawn towards witchcraft/dark magic/necromancy. confession is his fucking lifeline.
        • “father I came to confess my sins”
        • “Mio Dio, again???? listen we know u wanna summon dead people, it’s getting old. you don’t need to keep telling us amico we get it it’s boring. just!! don’t fuckin do it!!”
        • “but father-”
        • “please. we will pay you to stop”
    • Other scenario: Maria tells him at a young age that he’s the son of Hades. Bc he knows the war is a result of fighting between Hades and Poseidon/Zeus, the war isn’t political anymore- it’s familial. He would be more prone to supporting the Axis powers to support his father/brothers
  • By the time he’s 21 and finished with his mandatory military education, the war is over, so he hasn’t fought but he trained for it. So, he gets a degree in Medicine (im romantic ok)
  • THE SPICY PART: i think nico gets married. to like, a girl. BUT HEAR ME OUT. 28yo nico in 1952. he gets married to a girl bc his mother is like “wow that girl SURE IS NICE nico im definitely not pushing you to her to strengthen relations from our family to that family [eyeball emojis]”
    • but wait, there’s more! they have a child in 1955. just one (crazy i know) and their marriage is. rocky at best, stiff, awkward, they don’t love each other but theyre friends so they make it work for a while? plus they’ve got a kid to raise so!! hell is real.
    • They get divorced in 1972 (Nico is 48, his kid is 17 so almost out of the house anyway.) I imagine on pretty decent terms. Like nico sits down and he’s like. Listen, honey (vomits) i only married you to make my granddad and my mom happy. you’re nice but im gay and this is really draining my psyche.
      • “fuck me too!!! shit fam!!” they’re both gay sike
      • the kid is cool w it. they don’t really care tbh they saw the separation coming
      • BUT OH BOY!! divorce isn’t fun for them for two main reasons: they’re catholic, and it’s the 70s.
      • Now, you cannot get divorced if you’re catholic. You just can’t. you can get anulled, but that’s a special circumstance issue and they’re not about to stroll up and say “hey my partner is gay so uh can we get anulled??” and possibly get estranged from their own churches (they’re still catholic) so they separate and they divorce under the government (dawg divorce has only been legal for two years at this point do you know how spicy that is) (1974 and the referendum from the vatican rolls out: months of fear that their divorce is no longer legitimate before the referendum is defeated)
      • So with a divorce nico is p much fine bc #DudesHadItEasy but Nico’s ex would be in Literal Hell. Remember Mad Men? Yeah.
      • Nico will never get married after this. Gay marriage will never be legal in a catholic church, he cannot get married ANYWAY bc he’s still technically married to his ex under their eyes, and gay marriage won’t be legalized in his lifetime.
  • BOY i’d love to get into the terrible gay time that was the 80s (gay people being outed everywhere all at once, the AIDs epidemic. Pushing Nico even further away from the public eye as a gay person.
  • I imagine he eventually finds a partner, but he’ll be p old. like. 1980s or smth. He’ll be in his 60s so. IDK.
  • I think he dies in like. 2006. He’s 82. He’s had a good long life and has a good kid. 


my concepts for my modern olympian sets explained (part 3)


This is just my explanations for all my Modern Olympian Greek God aesthetics series. The concepts I had in mind while making it, and the story behind each one. If you haven’t seen it, the link is HERE.


Some would call this highly unlikely that Ares would meet a girl like Aphrodite, but fate drew them together. Aphrodite and Ares seemed to be made to compliment each other; him the epitome of manliness, and her the epitome of femininity. Unfortunately since their lives and careers don’t coincide very well, their relationship stems from one being that of merely with benefits whenever Ares is back home. That, and Aphrodite is married…. not happily, but she is a married woman. Aphrodite is a starlet; she’s an actress and model who lives in a massive Beverly Hills mansion with a gorgeous beach view, and a trail that leads to it. In every sense of the word, she is a true California Girl. She’s gifted with natural beauty, which is what made her famous initially as she was recognized by a modelling agency. From modelling, she moved to movies, and her fame grew tenfold since. Aphrodite is an orphan; she has no idea who her parents are, and it was said that she was found abandoned in a picnic basket on the beach. Aphrodite is married to Hephaestus, who, like Ares, seems like an ill fit to her. However now her marriage is loveless on her side, it did not begin rocky. In fact, Hephaestus has known her long before she became super famous. Unfortunately, Aphrodite’s infidelity is widely known by every tabloid magazine and tv show, and since her husband isn’t in the spotlight, many forget that she is even married.


Hephaestus does not have a glamorous career like his wife’s. He works in construction, masonry, blacksmithing, and jewelry making. The latter is how he met Aphrodite in the first place, when she bought from him a pearl necklace with a matching pearl ring that he had crafted. This, of course, was just when Aphrodite was starting in her modelling career, and she fell in love with Hephaestus’ talent. They began dating, and he would make her such beautiful jewelry, many of which she wore to shoots and red carpets. However, their love did not last long… at least, Aphrodite’s love did not last long. She found a lover with many others, though there were a few by name that Hephaestus is all too aware of, one of which was his own brother, the Marine, Ares. He called them both out on it many times, but it never stopped. His heart shattering in millions of pieces every time Aphrodite looks at him with no more love. Though he cannot bring himself to divorce her, and she, while she won’t admit it, still has lingering feelings for him too. They go to marriage counselling, and there are times where it is working, but then there are those lapses of infidelity. Hephaestus buries himself in his work and craft to try to forget it, but it still pains him more than any physical pain his work can give him.


Persephone lived a simple, and sheltered life with her mother at the farm. She wasn’t by any means unhappy; she was content, and if not a little bored. When she was a child, the farm was her world, her mother was her world, but the older she got the more she longed to see what was beyond her mother’s greenhouses or the field of barley. When she turned eighteen, she left the farm for a night, wanting to know what it felt to be a city girl, or at least a proper girl her age. She found herself in a nightclub, and was both overwhelmed and amazed by the amount of bodies moving against each other. Through the thick crowd, he found her, and she could feel his eyes on her. At his command, Hades had one of his men bring her to him as if she were just any other woman that piqued his interest. The action wasn’t meant to be innocent, though Persephone did not know the dangers of men like him. Naive, but yearning for both freedom and adventure, she accepted his invitation to his flat. That night had changed everyone’s life. To make a long story short, Persephone was reluctant to return home, especially after she gave herself to Hades in the biblical sense. Hades, though, fell in love with the girl, who was unlike others he had met before, and he felt that he needed to protect the girl’s virtue, so he married her. When Demeter found out, all hell broke loose. A huge fight between mother, daughter, and Hades ensued, forcing Zeus to intervene. Zeus talked down Demeter, stressing that Persephone was a grown woman, and could make her own decisions. Persephone and Demeter made up, and the former visits the latter for half the year. Being the wife of a mob boss is stressful enough, and she often finds herself in situations she has never imagined herself in. So for the warmer months, she lives with her mom to get away from that stressful life, helping her with the farm and gardening. But once the barley is harvested, and the colder months return, Persephone returns to her husband. Her heart fills with joy and love upon seeing them, but the longer she remains in that life, the more of her lively spark dies. For the duration of those months she turns from a vibrant white daisy to a deadly weed with thorny roots who has pistols hiding under her pink skirt. 


Hebe is one of Zeus’ youngest children. She is still in high school, and happens to be one of the more popular kids. Hebe has Peter Pan syndrome, as responsibility and adulthood scare her, so her grades suffer for this reason. However, being who her father is, Hebe already has a future set out for her. As work experience, she is a barista at Starbucks during the summers, but the rest of the year during weekends, she is a coffee courier for the people who work at her father’s building. This is an attempt for her to get used to working in a firm, though Hebe has no intention of sticking around. She much prefers having little responsibility as possible, and her hobbies of distraction are skateboarding and doodling in the margins of her notebooks. Hebe can be a bit of a troublemaker in class; her negligence of her assignments and homework has earned her many detentions, and made to sit out in the hallway to complete her work. Thought that never happens. When she returns to her teacher at the end of class, the only spaces that are filled on her paper are the margins; filled with cartoon characters and obscenities. 


Eros is a young boy with an interesting job. Or jobs, rather. When he turned eighteen, he was sucked into the world of male stripping, and found that he actually loved it. Men, women, all sorts came to the strip club he worked at. However, a majority of his work was serving drinks, which eventually led to a bartending job where he would interact with most of the patrons. Not surprisingly, most of the people who came to the strip club were having troubles with love, and their partners in their life. Eros, having living in this scandalous life for a few years, would give them pointers on how to keep the passion alive, which always helped. When Eros got older, he moved to more classier venues, and began to bartend at a classy Burlesque club. He not only bartended but he help train new girls in dancing and ways of seduction on stage, which he became a master of. It was expected that since he led this unconventional life, that romantic love to him would merely be in fairytales, since what he was brought up to see was lust and infatuation that didn’t last more than a few nights in bed. He believed this until a patron entered the Burlesque club one evening, who happened to be a government official. His daughter (who he had seen by chance when he spotted said patron walking out of a building), was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her name was Psyche, and there was no way that she could ever be his. Her father wouldn’t allow it, and the jealous dancer Venus, certainly wouldn’t allow it. Unfortunately, Eros was shot with cupid’s arrow, and he can’t get Psyche off his mind. 


Pan is a man with simple tastes, and very little clothes. He’s a naturist, which means that he lives most of his life in complete nudity. He’s a hedonist, which means that he lives his life in pursuit of pleasure. He’s also a polyamorist, and has many, many lovers. Pan has no job, but instead lives self-sufficiently in a self-made tree house in the middle of the forest. He grows his own food, and even makes his own wine and moonshine. In his nest in the forest, he has a gaggle of lovers, who he calls his “wives”, though no legal documents are to be found. He loves sex, and is a renowned lover, one of the best, that even people come out to seek him specifically for a romp in the sack. Because of this, he possibly has many, many children, some of which live with him and his “wives”, though many he knows lives elsewhere, more than he probably knows exists, actually. Besides shagging, Pan’s hobbies include singing and making instruments. He’s particularly good at acoustic guitar and pan pipes, and he’s often the musician at his own nudist parties and gatherings near his neck of the woods. Pan has many memorable lovers that he often reminisces about, which don’t narrow only to women. He’s nondiscriminatory with his love. Handle. His penis. He doesn’t care where he sticks it, as long as it’s in. One of his past lovers was a boy named Daphnis, who he relied a lot of wisdom and musical talent onto. As well as more naughty things. Though his most memorable triumph of seduction was a city girl named Selene, who he watched bath under moonlight at a nearby grave from afar. While he is very charming and tricky, sometimes his pursuits of getting laid are denied, but he keeps on trying relentlessly. He’s not the most trustworthy man either, so I would avoid having dinner with him, unless you don’t mind eating shrooms and frolicking naked in the forest with a pervy hairy man following after you with an erect penis. 

NEXT UP: Hecate, Thanatos, Eris, and Harmonia. 


Poseidon, the wise one, was god of the Sea in ancient Greek religion, the child of titans Cronus and Rhea. He married Amphitrite, one of the granddaughters of the Titan Oceanus, but nevertheless have had many lovers of both sexes. His weapon was a trident, with which he could make the earth shake. After the fall of the Titan-gods, Poseidon and his brothers, Hades and Zeus, shared the world between themselves.


MYTHOLOGICAL FICTION - The Greek Edition (Part Two!)

About a month ago, I made a post of fictional Greek mythology book recommendations. Then a little bit later I made one of Norse & Egyptian mythology, and promised to find and post more Greek ones. Well here you go! Most of these I’ve read, with 3 exceptions. And the majority of these are adult fiction books -  NOT YA. The only “young adult” ones on there are the last 3 books.

These are just a handful… there are more that I’ve found that I plan on making another post for!

Also, shout out to thatcraycrayfangirll for recommending the Blooming Goddess trilogy!

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ACOTAR 2 Theory!

I just realied the Night court represents the Underworld and the Spring Court represents spring (in terms of Hades/Persephone… yeah I’m slow) I wonder, does this make Tamlin Demeter, who tries to bring Feyre back? And Lucien is Hermes (the messenger between Hades/Zeus/Demeter) because he’s a diplomat with friends in other courts.
Plus, Persephone was a relatively new goddess, kinda like hoe Feyre is a newly made Fae.
I wonder if that means Feyre gets both her men…

siriusthedog6186-deactivated201  asked:

Can you do a headcanon with Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades as young men and arguing a lot?

They grew up in the suburbs and attended private schools their whole life

Hades was the oldest

He was an extremely dutiful son and complacent older brother

Next was Poseidon, who was always full of energy and spent all his free time at the creek behind their house

Zeus was the baby and spoiled rotten, always well behaved in front of company and a tiny tyrant behind closed doors

They were heirs to their parent’s company and grew up being groomed to take over the family business

Most of the bickering growing up was between Zeus and Poseidon with Hades offering rational asides

Sometimes the arguments would become physical fights that turned their home into a battleground

When Hades turned 18 he decided to forego college and instead go to work in the mines owned by his family

He bonded with the workers quickly and found a home like he had never known before deep in the Earth

Poseidon also decided to skip college and upon his 18th birthday he set off on one of the family’s many fishing boats

He spent the better part of 5 years completely at sea, having the time of his life listening to the crash of the waves and feeling the sea mist on his face

Zeus, ever the prodigal son, went to college where he was a star athlete, beloved frat boy, and eventually went on to get his MBA

when their parents were ready to hand over the reigns, each boy made a grab for the chair at the head of the board room table

Hades offered plans to expand the mining business and capitalize on the precious gems and metals at their disposal

Poseidon presented plans to expand their fishing fleet and take over the sea food export business

Zeus simply said “I want it all”

And with that, Zeus was named CEO of the company, making his brother’s the heads of their respective specialties

For what seemed like eons the men battled in the boardroom

Hades and Poseidon teamed up when they could but Zeus had turned his ability to get inside their heads and pit them against each other into an art form

Their investors were constantly changing favor and offering little input, so long as they turned a pretty profit each quarter

It seemed to them as if they were destined to stay in this cycle of back and forth with each other forever

((not exactly what you asked for but this AU came to mind and I couldn’t help myself))