between your mind and tongue

All It Takes (two)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s not just Bucky who is miserably lusting after you.

Word Count: 1349 | Rating: R 

Warnings: SMUT. Masturbation, one nsfw gif

A/N: okay, that’s a crappy summary. but I hope the content is good enough for y’all 

also sorry for any typos, i’m on the phone.

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All It Takes Part One

(*gifs are not mine!)

From the moment he stepped into your life, you were aware of what all he could do to you. Bucky Barnes was a walking warning himself, a constant reminder for why you cannot be anyone else’s but his. You are head over heels for him and all he has to do is look at you and throw that sexy smirk along with those twinkling blue orbs and you were done for good.

You find yourself daydreaming about him – a lot, often about his lips, how he would roam them all over your body, pressing gentle feather light kisses on your sensitive skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake. How his perfect lips would mould with yours, sucking all the air from your lungs, leaving them red and swollen. How he’d graze the tip of his nose along the underside of your jawline, breathing you in. He’d connect lips on the column of your throat, biting and sucking bruises and it would take him little to no time in discovering that sensitive spot on your neck which makes you release that sweet harmonious noise.

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In the Morning

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

pairing: jimin x reader 

words: 1689

genre: smut, just smut 

description: late night phone call with jimin

warnings: phone sex, masturbation, dirty talk 

a/n: this is literally just smut omg i’m sorry 

2:33 a.m.

The text on the screen of your phone, stared back at you and you couldn’t help the spark that spread within your chest.

[2:33 a.m] Jimin: i keep thinking about you

It wasn’t explicit, but with him, it might as well have been. You knew there was that underlying meaning, he’d always be subtle at first. He didn’t fool you, not anymore. While on the surface, it was sweet but you could see him — you imagined what he was doing. And you did not need to imagine for too long.

[2:37 a.m] Jimin: IMG_019

At the sight of the image, you sucked in a sharp breath through your teeth. It didn’t seem like enough, air refusing to stay in your lungs for long. Heat rose up to your cheeks and your blanket was suddenly too much. Your fingers trembled under your phone, and the image left mouth watering.

The image was angled down, his shirt had obviously been discarded somewhere else and he laid, sprawled on his bed. His toned body welcoming you into a wander of thoughts, and the longer you stared, the harder it was to breathe. His plump bottom lip trapped between his teeth and all you wanted was to press your lips on his, or feel them on your skin. The angle allowed you to see how his boxers snuggled onto his hips and you swore you almost drooled when you saw it. The outline of his cock prominent, and his hand gripped the base of it. You instinctively pressed your thighs together.

[2:38 a.m] Jimin: cat got your tongue? ;)

You wanted him to stop, leave you alone, let you sleep.

[2:38 a.m] Jimin: god i just want to feel your mouth on my cock

[2:38 a.m] Jimin: you want that dont you? wouldnt you like that?

You rubbed your thighs together for some relief to no avail and a strangled fuck escaped your lips. You admitted, you wanted to see him squirm under you. His chest heaving, panting hard as you’d take his cock deep in your mouth —

But you had to stop, you couldn’t get ahead of yourself. You needed to stop letting your mind wander.

[2:39 a.m] You: i’m tryin to sleep jimin. go to sleep

You should have let him be, you should not have sent anything, and blinded yourself from your phone all together. A minute later, your phone was buzzing and his name flashed on screen and you debated on just letting it ring. But your body had a different resolve, and you answer with a hushed hello?

“Y/N,” he whined, like he was begging for something from you. His voice was breathless and his pants in between were audible. You bit down on your lower lip to keep your own gasp in.

“I’m trying to sleep, Jimin,” you repeated, but your voice betrayed you, shaking with each word. He groaned at the sound of your voice and your heart thumped loudly in your ears.

“I just want to hear your voice,” Jimin breathed, panted. “I’m so hard, baby girl, please.

You could hear it, the desperation that laced his voice. His moans high pitched with each pant, slipping effortlessly past his lips. He whined, cursed under his breath as he worked his cock. He swirled his hand across his tip, spreading pre-cum on his palm to slick up his length. He squeezed his hand on his tip with each stroke. His chest heaved, trying to regain his breath. His tongue lapped at his lips.

“Jimin,” You whispered, pressing your thighs tighter against each other, and the whine that came from his end broke you. Your hand trailed down between your legs.

“Fuck, I want you on my cock,” Jimin whined. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Your fingers traced along the edge of your panties. The heat stretched through your body. “Oh? I thought you’d like it if I teased you at first.”

A straggled moan escaped his swollen lips before sucking in his bottom lip between his teeth. His other hand ran through the strands of his sweaty hair. He swore, breathlessly — “Fuck.”

You could picture him, the muscles of his stomach clenching. His mouth slacked with each passing moan and his lips. God, his lips would be bruised and swollen from biting them. You hissed through your teeth and your confidence struck you. “Imagine having me between your legs, kissing your stomach while I claw at your thighs, trying my best to ignore your cock. Or would you rather I bite your thighs, mark them up?”

Your core ached, hearing the whine from the other end. You slipped your fingers under your panties, and your fingertips finding your clit, brushing lightly against it. You couldn’t stop the moan that bursted out of you, and honestly, you didn’t want to. You wanted him to hear, to hear just how much you wanted his cock deep inside you. Your core ached for him, your whole body trembled the more your fingers worked you.

Jimin hummed once he heard you, chuckling breathlessly. His hand worked up his length faster. He managed to swallow through the pleasure enough to regain some composure — and sanity.

That’s when he muttered, through his panting — “Baby girl” and the sound following it, urged you to eagerly dip your fingers past your folds. You were dripping, but you didn’t need your fingers to tell you that. You could feel your wetness seep against your thighs since the first message he sent. Your fingers slid right in, easily with no resistance and your mouth slacked with a gasp.

“I want you — you, just you. Your mouth on me. Your head between my legs, or your cock inside me,” you cursed as your palm ground against your clit. “Any way you want me, f-fuck — I just need you.”

Jimin’s hips jerked up into his hand, your words making his cock twitch in his palm. All he managed was the panting that dried at his lips. His jaw hung open and god, he wished it was your hand instead of his. There was nothing he didn’t want to do to you. But he didn’t know what he wanted first. He loved when you teased him, your mouth bobbing up and down his cock so slowly, enough to keep him on edge and your nails creating crescent moons on his thighs. But his mind wandered more, to his face between your thighs. His tongue digging deep into your arousal, making you more and more wet until it dripped down his chin. He wanted to watch you squirm, your hands clawing at the sheets until they’d find purchase in his hair. He need to see you writhe, back arched and begging for him.

“Fuck Y/N,” Jimin grunted, throwing his head back against his pillows. “I’m c-close.”

You hummed in approval at his words, his panting lulled you further and further towards your release. Your fingers vigorously pumped inside you and you could hear how wet you were, the lewd sound filled your room.Your fingers weren’t enough, no, they never were enough anymore. The more you desperately curled your fingers, the more that need for release grew but your fingers fell short. Your other hand travelled up your stomach until it reach your breast, kneading it roughly - twisting your nipple between your fingers. Your hips bucked against your palm and you panted his name out like a prayer.

“Ahh, fuck,” Jimin grunted, his hand quickening agains himself. Pre-cum leaked from his tip, coating his fingers with each pump. “Fuck, I bet you’d look great taking my cock. It’d fit perfectly inside of you. You’d be such a good girl and take all of it at once.”

You hiccuped at his words, your palm stuttering against your clit. All you could manage was an incoherent “yes” before a moan ripped out of you. He groaned “good girl” under his breath, and his voice sounded much deeper and that sparked through you. His whines came through more and more before his breath stopped completely, and you knew. He moaned out your name, his hips jerking into his hand - milking out his high and cum covering his stomach.

“J-Jimin, please,” you pleaded. “Please.”

He panted, heavily. trying to catch his breath before he repeated, “Please? Please what, baby girl, tell me. You haven’t said what you want.”

You, Jimin, I want —“

“No, no no,” he cut you off. “Tell me.” You whined, pressing your lips together. “Be a good girl for me and use your words.”

“Jimin, please, I want to cum,” you begged, sounding desperate and you were, you needed this. Your fingers curled into the sheets, thighs trembled around your hand and hips continuing their desperate jerk against your hand. Your fingers curled in you, the knot in your stomach intensified. Jimin’s name spilled from your lips in small pleas.

Good girl,” he groaned out, still breathless. “Keep going, don’t stop until you make a mess for me, okay? Just think it’s me, I know it’s not but pretend, think of my cock stretching you out. Fuck, I would be fucking you so hard into the mattress, just like you’d like. God, Y/N, cum right now. Do it, do it, do it.”

Perhaps it was his words or his voice, hoarse and worn out, that had your orgasm hitting you hard. Your thighs squeezed around your hand, back arched up from the sweat drenched sheets beneath you. His name was pulled out of you in a high moan, in a beg. White flashed behind your eyelids, the knot in your stomach snapped.

Your chest heaved heavily, and you were left absolutely soaked, hand dripping as you pulled out your fingers and mewled softly at the sensitivity. Your eyelids fluttering closed with blissful pleasure.

“Hey,” Jimin said, sheepishly. “You with me?”

“Mhm,” you hummed.

“You did well, baby girl,” he chuckled. “Go to sleep, okay? Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

“You too, Jimin.”

Call Ended 3:02 a.m.

I’ll Be Good - Part 8

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 7  -  Part 9

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – You’ve pushed Bucky too far during training and he confronts you about it.

Warnings: Swearing – you should know this by now. A lil bit of lovin? Idk that’s a stretch, a big one. It’s real tame. But I’ll say it for any young mushrooms that might be following this story.

Word Count: 1528

Author’s Note: Ok my loves, hopefully you will feel a LITTLE bit better after this one than you did after 7. Maybe? You might not… Also my Russian is so rusty it’s like all rust. It’s like when you find a bucket of rusty old nails in your grandpa’s garage, and you dump them out and there’s little bits of crumbling rusty who-knows-what at the bottom? Yah that’s my memory of Russian. So if I have any fluent readers out there, please bear with me and feel free to message me corrections on this or at any point in the future!

Originally posted by sassyelf-mage

Bucky was gripping your elbow tightly; he had caught you by surprise and whipped you around to face him. He was looming over you dark and intense.

“What the hell was that?” he demanded, hardly containing his rage.

You glanced deliberately down at the metal fingers’ bruising force at your elbow and he seemed to realize then how tightly he was holding you. His grip loosened somewhat. Still reeling from the force of your misjudgment, you were unsure how to proceed. You look up at him, your eyes darting back and forth between his searching for the right answer. What does he want to hear? Your heart was racing in your ears, but you couldn’t tell him that you’d pushed him because you were afraid to let him help you. So you sighed, shifting to look up at him with tired eyes.

“Look. We agreed that while I’m here I’ll bring my field perspective to training and that’s what I did.” You shrugged, as if he should know this already. “If you think I wouldn’t use everything I know about you to knock you off balance, then you’ve been on team goodie-two-shoes for far too long.” He was still holding on to your arm, but it wasn’t a painful grip, and the anger was just a dull simmer in his stormy blue eyes. You were amazed to find that his expression was softening. You’d pushed him – hard – but he was still here, still listening, so you kept talking.

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moksoriwa  asked:

3 words: choker(i'm almost sorry but def no shame), icarus, mint. Does greek mythological figure count as a word??? for rap money supreme pls because who else would make me thirst for his neck tbh

im so sorry if this is completely not waht u wanted but this is just where the words took me?? weird magical realism angels and ?????? IDK I HOPE YOU LIKE IT THO??? 

requests are: closed

the drawing of lines
rated t for too weird
word count: 2,683

01. choker

There are lines tattooed around your necks at the coming of age ceremony; it’s a line of demarcation–something that marks your mind from your body, your head and soul from the rest of you, meant to remind you that from here on out, whatever may happen to your body, your soul will remain unaffected.

That you might have to make choices that benefit your mind, but not your body.

(What utter bullshit.)

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Day 2: 5 Days of NSFW


Anon Request: MFW guys working late and coming home to MC waiting naked for them
-She’s not falling asleep in every scenario. I hope that’s kay with you, anon-

He bit back his usual “Honey, I’m home!” and tiptoed into the dark apartment. It as well past midnight now, and he knew you would be sleeping. He had been out with the production crew for the past couple of days, filming all the night scenes for the next two episodes of the drama. He stifled a yawn and went into the bathroom to brush before slipping into the bedroom. A warm glow came from the bedside table, casting flickering shadows onto the walls. Saeki got closer and saw an array of tea candles, lit in small glass jars, illuminating a small area around them that happened to include your very asleep, very naked body.
“Oh dear.” Saeki snickered quietly to himself. The setup looked like you were waiting for him, but clearly he had taken too long to enjoy your games. He tugs on the blankets to pull them over you when you stir in the sheets.
“Takamasa? Oh you’re home!” You greet him sleepily until you remember your absolute nakedness and blush deeply against the golden glow of the candles.
“Well, now that you’re awake,” He sits down on the edge of the bed. “Shall we start what was planned?”
“Hmm, what did we plan again?” You giggle softly as he leans over you. Saeki laughs and captures your lips in an adoring kiss. Hot hands find your body and you whimper as he gropes along.
“I don’t know, honey. Care to show me?” His lips trailed along your neck and sucked lazily on the crook of your jaw. Swinging his weight over you, Saeki moved to straddle your hips, grinding himself against the soft skin. Distracted with his touch, you yank at his trousers absentmindedly.
He nudged past your hands and wrenched his pants down, eyes narrowed seductively at you.
“You should wait for me like this everyday, darling.” He murmured, thrusting hard inside you as his soft words fell upon your ear. The candlelight trembles as your moans reverberate throughout the room.

He saw you deliberately try to ignore him, looking down quickly at the book you were holding once he entered the room. He felt his body react eagerly to the way you shifted your bare legs, the light dancing along the skin up to where you conveniently obstructed his vision with the novel. You were hugging his pillow in front of your chest, and the view was definitely not ideal.
Well, if that’s how you’re going to play.
He climbed into bed beside you and held out his hand.
Kyoichi notes the hint of disappointment in your eyes as you hand over his pillow, revealing your breasts to him. Forcing the look of indifference over his face, he stuffs the warm pillow under his head and pulls off his glasses, laying them on the bedside table.
“Thanks.” He mutters and yanks the covers over him. Perking his ears, he hears your tiny sigh as you put the book away and turn off your side of the light. You sink into the covers, and he waits until you make your naked body comfortable under the blanket. He slides his hand across the mattress slowly until he finds the warm shape of your butt. He grabs it.
“It was all sexy up until that sound.” He chuckles and pushes his hand between your thighs, scooting across the sheets to you and kissing the nape of your neck.
“I wasn’t expecting you t- AH!” You yelp as he starts stuffing fingers into you.
“You didn’t think you turn me on that much?” Kyoichi snickers and nudges his other arm under you to wrap around your body, laying his hand on your breasts. “How inobservant.” You whimper as he retracts his hand and rolls himself on top. He smirks.
“Patience, ______. We have all night.”

It was the annual talent show weekend, which usually meant nothing in particular, but this year it was his turn to help out. Yamato groans, exhausted from pretending to be interested and escorting grandparents around the school theatre. All the fatigue flees his mind when he notices you sitting on the bed, dozing off. It was a very tempting sight, especially with the low light of the bedroom casting a steamy glow on all the bare skin he was definitely going to bruise.
Yamato sauntered over to you, sitting down on the edge of the mattress and waking you up with a hard kiss. You jerk against him in confusion, but relax when you recognize him and he pushes his tongue into your mouth eagerly. He finds your wrists, holding them both within one hand over your head. The spare hand trails along the supple skin, pinching and groping here and there.
“You’re home!” You sputter out between his rough kisses.
Lip and tongue fuse together, and your mind fizzles in a sweet haze. Breaking free of his grasp, you reach down to his belt, yanking on it, trying to pull it off in your complete inability to focus.
“Gosh pouty, you’re so slow.” He swats your hands away and drops his trousers.
“You took too long to come home.” You retort before his body falls onto yours and another kiss seals your mouth.
“You’re so desperate today, aren’t you?” Yamato’s eyes narrow, amused. “You’re even stripped and ready for me.”
He smirks at the dark blush on your face and pinches your cheeks.
“You should do this every night.”
You wrinkle your nose.
“That sounds too easy for you.”
“It saves time.” Yamato grinds against your hips, moving himself into position. “We can get going a lot faster, don’t you agree?”
Your only reply was a helpless moan as he pushes forward.

He had wobbled home and flopped into the bed as soon and as quietly as he could. Seriously, all the preparations for the science convention were too stressful. He was about to doze off when you slipped into the sheets beside him, wrapping your arms around his waist.
“You’re home.” You mumble softly to his shoulder blades. He rolls over carefully and kisses your forehead lightly.
“Did I wake you?”
“No.” You whisper and lean in to kiss him. Ren feels the tired blur in his mind move over to make space for a blissful haze that came from the taste on your soft lips. “I was waiting for you.”
He reaches out to pull you into his embrace, hands suddenly grabbing bare skin. Green eyes widen at you and you giggle shyly.
“So?” You ask as he drags you across the mattress to him, holding you close and his hands running slowly along your body.
He didn’t reply anymore, but you were so close you can feel the firmness in his pants. Hooking your arms around his neck, you pull yourself closer and nibble lightly on his ear. Ren presses his face against your shoulder and sucks on the skin. His weight rolls over you.
“What’s the occasion?” He asks you quietly, moving his tongue slowly against the hot, damp skin.
“Nothing.” You moan against the lustful warmth of his breath upon your neck. It was a moment before you realize that Ren had stopped moving over you, his head nuzzled against your shoulder. “Ren?”
He didn’t reply and you feel a rush of frustration along with your amusement. You heave his body off of you and snuggle into his unmoving arms. The warmth was comforting and you kiss his nose lightly before shutting your eyes for sleep to come.

He blushed a little and laughed when he came home from the show and saw you asleep on the couch, stark naked. Chuckling at himself, he starts stripping down in the living room.
Dropping his shirt onto the pile with a sense of finality, he leans over you and kisses you. With a start, you wake and behold him standing in front of you with a wide grin.
“Ah, you’re awake now.” He scoops you into his arms and you feel the hot contact of skin on skin.
“Why… are you naked?” A very tempting blush starts across your cheeks and he kisses you again with a laugh.
“Why are you naked?”
“Answer me!”
“Answer me, ______.” He rubs his nose against yours and you giggle despite your confusion.
“Stop copying me.” You whine. Yuta was walking into the bedroom now, and you feel yourself being dropped onto the blankets.
“Haha, alright.” He grins and climbs down over you. “So, shall we?”
“W…what?” You prop yourself on your elbows and fake a look of innocence at him.
Yuta chuckles and leans in, sucking hard on your neck until you fall back into the sheets.
“Let’s do this.”
You gaze up at him, a deep fondness warm in your heart as you watch his face, fully serious, start moving over you in rhythm with his thrusts..

He lays your sleeping form on the bed, sitting down beside you and stealing more glimpses of your naked body. It was surprisingly nice to come home to such a nice view.
Takao pulls on the blankets and drapes them over you, inwardly a little annoyed with himself that he couldn’t have come home earlier to spend some quality time with you.
He gets up to go change and a small hand wraps around his wrist.
You giggle up at him from the sheets.
“Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?” He sits down beside you and peers at you nervously.
You reach out and wrap your arms around his neck. Takao blinks adoringly.
“I wanted you to carry me.” You whisper with a blush. He tips his head and chuckles.
“I see.”
“Now that we’re here…” Your cheeks burning, you murmur at him. Takao closes the small space between the two of you and kisses your lips.
“What do you want me to do?”
His breath was so perfectly warm against your skin, his grey stare so lovingly kind as they await your answer. You flush darker, unable to reply in words. Your arms tighten around him and ease his weight onto your body.
His inquiring tone drives your heart into a needy patter.
You bring your lips to him and he smiles against your kiss, urging you back into the bed.
“Mmm, Takao…”
Your words slowly fade away, letting the heavy breathing and quiet moans start to fill the room.

Headache going on and I don’t want to drag this one out too long. Maybe I’ll have a post where I catch kuni up with the fics he was cut from? I’m just not very good at writing him, sorry….
Hope you enjoyed the read!

would've kissed you - bestfriend!michael smut

pairing: michael + y/n
word count: 3,669
rated: R (fluffy smut)
summary: you’ve been best friends with mikey for as long as you can remember until one night, you bring your relationship to the next level
a/n: i know bestfriend!5sos is so overdone but i thought i’d take a shot at it. plus, it was a michael day for me and writing this truly hurt. let me know what you think :)

- - -

Michael had been your best friend for over ten years. You lived on the same street, you stayed at his house on the weekends, and he visited you at work every chance he got. Whenever there was any spare time, you and Michael ended up together. He was always nearby. That was just the way things were between you.

And of course, there were the running jokes between your groups of friends. You guys were secretly dating. You two would get married one day. You were in love with each other and neither one of you would ever admit it. And, sheepishly, you always ignored their teasing and those possibilities.

Until one day, when you were spending the night at Michael’s.

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The Plan - Spy!Luke - PART FOUR

prepare yourselves my lovelies x

~ lil bit of bondage but not really ~



Summary: You are a spy on a bank heist mission, but quickly figure something is wrong as another spy, Luke, intercepts your mission. Your closest colleagues have been captured and it is now your duty to rescue them. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

You slammed your metal handcuffs against the flaking paint of the walls, grinning as plaster from the wall of your cell crumbled at your feet.

This ought to get their attention.

Mere hours ago Calum had been taken from you, and no matter what you tried, sobbing, offering information, bargaining release, you knew that destruction was the key, as it always was.

“Item 4 submit for questioning.”

4? Calum was 2 and you assumed Irwin to be 1, so who was 3? You had no time to ponder numbers as the same large man who dragged Calum away came for you.

“Hello again.” You greeted, smiling slightly manically.

He just gripped the chain of your handcuffs and led you by them, out of the cold cell and into a flashing tunnel. Typical I.S.I., designing their base layout around a Sci-Fi programme. You could probably map out their whole lair by analyzing countless episodes of Torchwood.

You rolled your eyes but remained focused on drinking in everything they were letting you see, refreshing your memory and looking for changes. Blinking lights decorated the walls, as did countless wires. You were walking barefoot on corrugated metal which ran halfway up the walls as well. You were nearing a set of doors at the end of the tunnel, your guard opened it by typing a code into a keypad beside the door. Naturally you memorized it. 3-1-7-W-0. Should be helpful. The doors slid open, a light above them switching from red to green. Your guard shoved you into the harsh light of the room, you squinted at the dramatic change in brightness but adjusted quickly, and surveyed the room.

The room was barren aside from a bed, similar to one you would see in a hospital, displayed in the center of the room. It was indicated to you that this was probably not used for resting as upon closer inspection, you noticed that leather cuffs lay at each of the four corners of the bed. A one-way mirror stood on the wall to your left, you smiled and waved, hoping that they would send someone in that you could pump information out of. As if they had read your mind, the door beside the large mirror began to swing open. You hoisted yourself up onto the bed, swinging your legs lightly off the side and inspecting your handcuffs to see if they had weakened from your attempt earlier in your cell.

“What’s up Doc?” You chirped, referencing the bed, but did not look up, still preoccupied with scanning your cuffs for any cracks, unfortunately you could see none.

“Hello again,”

Your head snapped up at the voice, seeing Luke in a white lab coat standing at the door. His hair was styled now, in a neat quiff. You cleared your throat and stared icily at him. He began to move closer to you, slowly.

“No-one’s behind that glass if you’re wondering. It’s just me.” He pointed at the mirror.

“Why should I believe you?” You spat, clenching your jaw.

He rested one hand on the mattress, placing it right next to your thigh, he leaned in to your ear and spoke.

“I know where your friends are.” He whispered, his breath tickling your ear.

“Liar.” You stated, refusing to believe him after his impressive act the first time you met.

“No, not this time.” You noted a solemn tone in his voice and turned your head to look at him. He was looking at his hand on the bed, but shifted so his eyes met yours. His pupils weren’t dilated, if they were, it would have been a telltale sign he was fabricating. Luke dropped his voice, quieter than it was a few moments ago, “I.S.I., they have my brother. Help me rescue him and I’ll help you rescue your friends. Please.”

He was practically begging you now. You saw so many reasons to refuse, but any shot to rescue Eight and Irwin was worth it. He plucked a miniscule key from his pocket, waving it at your handcuffs and then unlocking them, allowing them to fall to the ground. He did the same to the ones binding your feet and stood up to meet your gaze.

“Okay, Luke.” You agreed, although still somewhat reluctant, and heard him breathe a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, thank you.” He muttered against your shoulder, dropping his forehead on it.

You didn’t flinch, like you would have if it was anyone else. You found yourself wrapping a hand around his back and stroking gently. He was still mumbling gratefully, you felt his lips touch your neck and travel up to your jawline. You tilted your head to give him easier access, opposing your racing mind which was instructing you to kick him in the shin. His lips dragged across your skin, peppering soft kisses all along your neck. You angled your head so your lips met his, melting instantaneously as he groaned lustfully into your mouth. You felt your heart rate increased dramatically and you let natural instinct take over, wrapping your arms securely around Luke’s neck and leaning back on the hard mattress. Luke crawled over you, using his strong arms to hold his body above yours whilst your tongues danced together. His crotch pressed against yours, you could feel him straining against his jeans, inducing a twisting sensation in your stomach that you rarely had the luxury of feeling. You hummed against his lips as he tugged your bottom one gently between his teeth, his godforsaken lip ring was teasing you beyond belief. You attempted to regain control and bucked your hips, in turn making him almost collapse on top of you at the friction he was experiencing. You grinned as he pulled away from your mouth, his eyes flickering open and piercing into yours.

“Nu-uh princess, no more teasing from you.” He chuckled darkly and gripped your left wrist, swinging it over your head and strapping it to the brown leather cuffs at the top corner of the bed.

You looked up at your tied hand and dropped your mouth open as Luke did the same with your other. Obviously you could escape the bounds in a millisecond, but you had to admit it was much more fun this way.

Wordlessly he moved himself down your body, stilling as his face reached your hips. Luke brushed up your top, resting it just under your breasts, his lips kissed along your hips softly as you squirmed in anticipation. He hooked his long fingers around the waistband of your tiny shorts. Yanking them down, he glimpsed up at you watching him avidly, winking as he saw that I.S.I. had made his job easier by refraining from putting underwear on you. He blew air lightly over your core, you shivered restlessly and silently urged him to do something, anything.

As if he read your mind, he delved his warm tongue between your folds, lapping and sucking, working your body effortlessly. He held your hips down as you writhed around, straining against the wrist cuffs and flinging your thighs over Luke’s broad shoulders. His lip ring dragged across your clit as he licked a prominent stripe up your folds. You arched your back off the bed, whimpers spilling from your lips as your cheeks flushed red in some degree of embarrassment.

“Mmm, I like the noises you make princess.” Luke drawled against your core, sending vibrations through your body, bringing you close to orgasm.

You responded to him in incoherent moans, which just prompted him to move his tongue faster, rougher, deeper into you. You grinded your hips down on his tongue, helpless against his skilled mouth. Your breathing sped up, almost panting as you neared your high.

Luke halted, pulling away from you and licking his lips as he regained eye contact with you, winking as you glared at him, almost dizzy from the way he was causing you to feel.

“Unfortunately I’m going to have to make this fast. Although I’d like to take forever exploring your perfect body,” The words rolled off his tongue fluently as he unzipped his jeans and tugged them down with his underwear, letting his hard-on spring free, “What I’d do to spend eternity worshiping your silky skin,” He used one hand to caress your smooth thigh as he crawled over you once again, now placing his hands on either side of your head, “And to see your face contort in pleasure as I thrill every inch of you,” He stroked the back of his hand down your cheek as he thrust his length into you, inch by inch until he had filled you completely.

You had soaked up every word he had said, normally you were never swayed by words but you knew Luke was true. He started to move, setting a rough pace and filling the quiet room with the melody of skin slapping skin. Your back involuntarily arched off the bed as before as Luke hit you g-spot perfectly. You looked up into his ocean-blue eyes, and saw sweat beads forming on his forehead, his bottom lip taken between his teeth and his eyebrows knitted in pure concentration.

You felt your orgasm fast approaching as the knot in your chest and stomach tightened. Luke furthered the pleasure by driving more forcefully into you, his tensed lower abs brushing against your clit as he dropped his torso to be closer to you.

Profanities fell from your mouth, as well as Luke’s name, as the knot in your stomach exploded. You felt you inner walls clench around Luke, encouraging his own release. He let out a shuddering groan as he came hard. He drew out of you and rested beside you, his pale chest heaving.

You let yourself relax for a moment, closing your eyes and relishing in the peace that was washing over your body. As you came down from your high you remembered the situation you were in. Twisting easily out of the cuffs instantly you sat up and wiped the sweat from your forehead. You redressed in a moment and saw Luke still lying on the bed with his forearm across his eyes.

“Come on, we have work to do.” You snapped, grinning as Luke sat up, his lips curling upwards as he realized you were free.

“You could get out.” He stated the obvious.

“You forget I’m a spy too.” You waved him to hurry up with your hands.

“Maybe because I’m blinded by your stunning looks and intelligence.” He complimented you, pacing round the bed and standing close to you.

“Maybe,” You grinned, “But we have people who need us Luke.” You reminded him.

“You’re right. But first, let’s find you some actual clothes,” You determinedly walked towards the door of the chamber, “Even though I was enjoying the view.” He slapped your ass cheekily.

“Luke!” You sighed, however you couldn’t keep a smile from your face.

But you cleared your mind, you had to focus now. Luke could no doubt navigate these walls with ease. If you found Eight and Irwin, Luke’s brother would be rescued in no time. Another mission completed. Hopefully.

Godmaker Lyrics

All will now behold.


Ancient genes have spliced the earth, we now know our creator.

Forced to gather in mass herds, mass control, deafening hysteria .

Searching for a source of faith, a new life force has cornered our race.

Greeted us at face to face, taken from home into the dead space.


And now you know you were never really alone.

So can’t you see your existence is merely a flaw in its entirety?


Chemicals will erase all life, you will be denied all rights, and you will behold a portrait of suffering.


Absolute and utter domination, they come forth to speak no peaceful Proclamation.

Opening new doors to focus on our deterioration. 

Hearts beat strong with the might of ten thousands nations.


We now know our Creator.


Why can’t I see? 

Why can’t I breathe?

Can it be that all source of light; has forsaken me. 


The light has forsaken me. 

No father, no center, no serenity, no guidance, just violence, the truths killing me. 

Why can’t you speak, see what you’ve done, create and destroy between your mind and tongue. 

It’s game over.

The light has forsaken me, no father, no center, no serenity.

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