between you and me and ice alley

Pride Day on Diagon Alley

Someone, please remind Harry not to trust Hermione with something like this anymore. Of course it seemed like a brilliant idea at the beginning, but don’t they all? Every single plan they’ve had along eight years of school turned against Harry, and now this one will do as well. 

How does he know?

Well, because the simplest idea of attending Pride Day -that’s how Hermione called it- on Diagon Alley with Draco Malfoy gave Harry shivers and the anticipation about how bad this could go was making Harry want to hide into his cupboard.

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Yes YEs YES I love this so much!! And Yuri would totally think that Beka has a thing for JJ and vice versa cuze he notices the weird tension. He'd be like... I think you've made a bad choice but you are my first friend so he tries to set up situations where JJ and Beka are together, and they're just like why tf does Yuri keep inviting you and not telling me wtf?! Viktor would be so unhappy but he'd probably think that his precious son was safe since he's so oblivious and once they got 1/2

together he’d be like but!!! Playboy!!! Motorcycle punk!!! NOOOOO! They’re too old!! (Wtf Viktor me and JJ are the same age difference as you and katsudon) I challenge you to a battle! Stay away from my son! (I’M NOT YOUR SON) and I feel like Yuuri would low key support this like, oh no Viktor don’t do that but his eyes say “crush them” 2/2


The battle between the Living Legend against the King and the Hero for the Fairy’s hand, sounds right up my alley ❤️


"Summer" (Nash Grier Fanfic) Part 6

Once I got up to my room I looked out the window, Nash was still outside. I closed the curtain and walked into the bathroom to take another shower. Once I was out I went to sleep I was exhausted physically and emotionally.

*Next Morning*

I woke the next morning still feeling pretty crappy about myself; Nash sure did have a way of getting to me. I walked down stairs to get some breakfast; I decided to eat Reese’s Puff. Once I was done with breakfast I went upstairs to get ready for my day with Matt. I didn’t really feel like going, but couldn’t let Nash get to me. I texted Matt to see where we were going today.

Me: So where are we going today!?!

Matt: How ‘bout the movies and then some food later?

Me: Sounds like a plan! :D

Matt: Okay I’ll pick you up at two beautiful :*

I had two hours to get ready, perfect, just the right amount of time. I ran mousse through my natural curly hair, to tame it down. I had like super curly hair. After that I did my makeup, it was pretty simple I just used my Bobbi Brown compact and mascara. By the time I was done with my hair and makeup it was around 1:30. My outfit was pretty simple Free People Sunday Tee and some black jeans accompanied by some Rainbow sandals. Last but not least my charm bracelet giving to me by dad before departing for the Navy. The doorbell rang; I looked in the mirror one last time. I walked downstairs and opened the door.

“Hey, beautiful ready?” Matt asked me while handing white roses.

“Matt! You shouldn’t have!” I was beyond impressed.

“Anything for you Aria” I smiled and put the flowers in a vase. He gave me his hand and we walked to the movie theaters which was only 15 minutes away.

“What do you wanna watch?” Matt asked once we got to the movie theater.

“The Quiet Ones! I love scary movies!”

“Finally! A girl I can watch scary movies with!” Matt put his arms up in the air with joy. We stocked up in every food possible and went to the movie room. We sat all the way in the back where all the couples sat. The room got dark and the movie started. “You ready?” Matt whispered to my ear.

“The real question here is, are you ready?” I whispered back to Matt. The whole movie Matt kept me in his arms; it wasn’t because I was scared I think he was scared.

*After the Movie*

“Babe, the movie wasn’t that bad. I don’t know why you kept hiding in my arms.”

“Excuse me! You were the one that was hugging me and hiding behind my head.” I said while playfully punching him.

“So what do you want to do now?” Matt asked as he put his arm over my shoulder.

“Ice Cream!” is screamed and jumped like a little kid.

“Okay, someone is excited for ice cream.” Matt laughed. We went to the local ice cream joint. Once I walked in I saw the person I dreaded most and his girlfriend.

“Aww, look at the two love birds!” Nash said with the biggest and most sarcastic smile.

“Hi Nash.” I gave him small wave.

“Hey Nash” Matt said with the most genuine smile. Nash stood up to give Matt a “bro hug”.

“Come sit with us!” Nash said with a devil look in his eyes.

“Sure…” I said. Ten minutes into our “conversation”, which I didn’t participate much in, I excused myself from the table to answer a phone call from my mom.

*Outside, End of Phone Call*

“Okay mom, see you in a few weeks. Love you!” I clicked the end button. I started walking back to the ice cream parlor when I felt somebody push me back into the alley.

“Nash, what do you want!?” I asked a little freaked out.

“I just want you.” He said and the crashed our lips together. I pulled away from the kiss but I was stil mesmerized by his lips.

“No, Nash! You had your chance and you ruined it by lying to me.”

“Please. Aria. Please. I. Can’t. Stand. Seeing. You. With. Matt.” He kissed me between each word, holding my cheeks.

“Nash, I said no. now leave me alone.” I said as I walked away from him.

A/N: So here is part 6, I’m so sorry it’s so late! xoxo

I’ve had a prompt from apedarling sitting in my inbox for days and when I started it this morning it was supposed to just be a little thing, I don’t know what happened. It does not quite fit the prompt but I TRIED I SWEAR.

Missing Scene From Icarus and the Sea: Chapter 6.5ish

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