between two characters or ships

The “heterosexual explanation for this” is that they’re friends. It’s not that difficult. Y'all preach all the time about how platonic affection should be normalized regardless of sex, gender, identity, or orientation, and then as soon as two female characters so much as glance at each other you’re all declaring that they’re in love and getting married next week.

Just a reminder that it’s completely fine to ship Otabek and Yurio.

Listen, there are thousands of ship between two characters that are friends in canon, and there’s nothing wrong about that.

There is nothing wrong about liking the idea of a romantic relationship the same way there is nothing wrong about liking the idea of a platonic one.

I have never seen this kind of discourse around straight ships. Actually, it’s pretty normal to ship two friends. It’s extremely common, and it doesn’t make platonic relationships any less meaningful.

I can’t believe people are actually saying we shouldn’t ship them because they’re friends since, to me, it makes the ship even more endearing.
The idea of them being friends for years and slowly falling in love is beautiful, and I’ll keep loving it no matter what other people say.

Otabek means a lot to Yurio to the point that he became part of his agape a day after they became friends. That’s how strong their chemistry is. Yurio laughed and blushed while talking with Otabek. He was given the attention he deserves, and even the recognition of his strength as a skater.

This is a beautiful ship.
Like it platonically or romantically. It doesn’t matter to me.
But don’t tell us we can’t ship it, because you have no right to do that.

And just because you want to interpret Kubo’s words whatever way you want, ignoring what the translator says, won’t make this ship sink.

If anything, I appreciate this ship more than ever, after her comment on how important their bond is. So much that they wanted to make more scenes for them.

I believe it’s safe to say that, if we get a second season (WHEN we get it), there’ll be a lot more Otabek/Yurio moments.

Because I feel like this needs to be said

Shipping doesn’t always have to mean that you want them to fuck all the time

Shipping can also mean you respect the bromance or friendship between two characters

Shipping also means that you experience the ups and downs to any aspect of character relationships (even friendships)

You can ship their hate for each other

You can ship basically any possibility

Why limit yourself to thinking that they have to do the sex all the time

Because that’s really not how real relationships work

You can be friends first

You can be enemies first

You can hate each others guts

It’s called perspective. Things can happen that changes the way you perceive a person.

Not every ship pair just says, “hey! Wanna fuck?”

And you’re severely misled if you think that’s how it happens

Okay, end PSA ^_^

This just in: the only healthy ship is between two characters who were born on the same day, at the same time.

At no point in their lives has one ever been 18 while the other was 17! Amazing! So! Healthy!

Bonus healthy ship points:

+They also have the same job, make the exact same money (but obviously work at different places!! Otherwise there would be competition for better review scores! Which would lead to an imbalance!)

+(Or, they go to the same school, have the same grades, take the same classes. If one needs a tutor that means they are not ~equal~)

+Neither one is white. But they also are not of the same race.

+They are not straight. Or in a hetero relationship (bi and pan doesn’t count if they are in a het relationship uwu)

Stay tuned for the next issue of “what is anti approved”

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Heyyy Youuuu Guuuyyysss!

I’m gonna do my first ever Sleepover-Saturday type thing here on tumblr!  My hubby is going to a concert with friends tonight, so my plan is to sit on the couch, catch up on some tv, write some, and hang out with you guys.  It’ll be from 8-11 pm CST.

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Im honestly still shaking my head at the fact that my biggest Korra ship is between two characters who never interacted once on screen (there was that one frame they were both on screen but not doing anything together)


okay I literally cannot, CANNOT stand when people are saying that some ship doesn’t make sense/it came out of no where - just because they were friends first.

like… AND YOU are the one who is shipping two characters that came out of no where because they slept with each other first knowing only their names, lmao, and you come at some ship who had actual development for 3 seasons?

i mean.. fuck, if you dont see chemistry between two characters and you cant ship it - okay, your choice. But DO NOT come at waurel saying that “they’re out of no where” or “it doesn’t make sense” or “they didnt even had scenes together” while you’re shipping f/laurel, i’m begging.

Wes and Laurel were developing since season 1, they have been standing up for each other even in s1, they’re all the time defending each other. they’re so broken because of what they have been through but when they’re together, they just feel better. because they’re not alone in this mess.. because they can share the burden with each other (while they can’t do that with anyone else, aka why Wes and Meggy couldn’t work out).

like.. i guess you didnt pay attention to them in s1 or s2 but you just cannot CANNOT say that they’re out of no where, go rewatch the show because clearly you missed half of the plot.

I’m really tired of people undervaluing platonic friendships. Every time there is a really great friendship between two characters in a book/movie/TV show, people immediately start “shipping” them. The problem is that platonic friendships are important.

So, here’s to friendship, both real and fictional. Here’s to friends with inside jokes, who always make each other laugh, and like to tease each other. Here’s to friends who spend a lot of time together and also friends who don’t see each other very often, but think about each other a lot. Here’s to friends who have heart-to-heart talks and don’t keep secrets from each other. Here’s to friends who just want to see each other happy. Here’s to friendship with all its beauty that so many people miss out on.

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Okay this is a mini rant, but I don't see how people just start hating Klance because of the shippers. They say people are shoving it down their throats. It's one of the most popular ships in the fandom, do they want people to stop creating content? Or when they say anti shaladins ruined it for the because they ship Klance. Like these people don't have a direct influence on the characters or their dynamic. They just ship Klance and hate pedophilic ships.

yesterday i saw a post that was like “klance shippers have made me hate keith and lance moments in the show!!! i just wish they would stop interacting in s3!!!!” like ??? just because you don’t ship it doesn’t mean an entire (important) character dynamic should just…… be removed. keith/lance moments are part of the show, and if you want interactions between two characters to completely stop just because you don’t ship them? stop watching the show

and judging by the way jeremy shada talks about how much he loves klance moments, they’re not stopping anytime soon.

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Would you consider cheronica a crack ship? Am I annoying for shipping them? (Yes I know they'll never be canon).

Cheronica makes sense to me! It’s my second favorite Cheryl ship and my second favorite Veronica ship. 

People seem to not know what a crack ship is. A crack ship is a ship between two characters who have no interaction and is completely random. Cheryl x Jughead would be a crack ship as would Josie x Betty. Any characters who interact and have screen time together aren’t crack ships. 

Okay so like people are claiming Halbarry is racist because Iris is black.

Okay let’s get some things clear hear, Halbary has been a very popular ship before CW flash even existed.
It would be racist if it was a ship between two characters who barely interacted and suddenly became popular after a black actress was casted for Iris. That’s simply not the case here, Barry and Hal have been best friends for decades now, with tons of moments backing them up, it’s not a ship that suddenly showed up out of nowhere.
I will tell you what would be racist/sexist:
Demonizing Iris in favor of Halbarry and refusing to accept that Iris and Barry are canon.