between to ferns

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how about tickling harry's tummy with kisses but he gets a bit heated up and starts begging you to please go lower, fhidnaowkw

And it’s all innocent giggles and kisses until you kiss this one particular spot, right under his belly button and between his ferns and that makes his hips buck up a bit and his breath get caught on his throat and then he can’t help but ask “please, love… a little lower. Please.” And this was not the point of your joke when you started tickling him but you’ll gladly strip him off of his shorts and continue to kiss down on him until you’re kissing his shaft and licking on the head of his cock because the noises he’s making… you swear you’ve never heard anything like it, manly and animalistic and desperate and you just want more and more of it, so you don’t stop until he’s shouting your name between curses, fingers buried in your hair while he shoots thick after thick ropes of cum down your throat.


Roasts get votes


So good. So funny. #ThursdayThoughts

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Omg AR just posted this (purposely fake?/idek) interview on facebook and AR goes: "so there's my hero, lestat-" puppet interviewer: "is he like edward from twilight?" AR: "not at all, he's completely different" puppet: "so he's like older and gayer right" AR: "yes.. he's-he's he uh transcends gender" puppet: "oh ok" AR: "He's bisexual, he has a wonderful time wherever he goes with both men and women" and basically it was the weirdest interview I've ever seen and I was just laughing/cringe-ing

LOLWHUT?! was my reaction and here’s the vid, since you made me watch it:

[X] Look, I get what she was going for, she tried to be silly! Maybe she’s seen Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns and wanted to get in on that action. I think it’s supposed to be cringey and some ppl love that kind of comedy. I like some of his eps, others are too cringey for me.

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Las Vegas Fanfest 2016 Lore Panel
  • “Between Two Ferns” Matt Hilton (Bayohne) is sitting between Michael Christopher Koji Fox (FERNehawles) and an actual fern.
  • Koji fought hard to keep the cover of the lore book free from the Square Enix logo, barcodes, etc.
  • Koji chose the book’s font to have the fanciest letter Q.
  • A few errors have made it into the book, including a mark of Menphina misidentified as Halone. This was caught too late for the English version but in time for correcting the Japanese version.
  • The material in both English and Japanese books are as close as possible. There are some stylistic differences in presentation, though.
  • There are seven hells because Koji thought it would sound better for Sthalmann to say than “Six hells!”
  • Equilibrium has the same singer as Oblivion.
    • It’s a song about a young Meracydian girl during the war with Allag. Her father goes off to the war and dies. Her mother’s grief turns to abuse on the girl. The Goddess speaks to her and says her father’s death unbalanced their family, so to restore the balance she must kill her mother. But killing her mother unbalances herself so she must kill herself.
      • Sophia is not good or evil, she’s simply concerned with balance before all.
  • Cock Year of the Rooster
    • Koji wanted to call the Kabuto for this year’s Heavensturn “Red Cock Kabuto” to avoid confusion with Red Rooster Stead. This did not go down well.
  • The Japanese title of Stormblood is Crimson Liberators.
    • Getting to the title Stormblood was a long involved process hampered by a lot of copyright issues.
  • The Warriors of Darkness aren’t the same group as from the trailers, so the Magus being male doesn’t mean the ARR trailer BLM is.
  • The WoDs jobs are different because they come from a different world.
  • Banri Oda reads a lot. The Gnath are inspired by Ender’s Game, etc.
  • Where were the Dragoons during the final battle with Nidhogg? “They jumped!”
  • The world still has places left unexplored. Meracydia, for example, is largely uncharted due to an extremely hostile local population.
  • Got distracted for a while here. Sorry!
  • Niellefresne’s fate (from 1.0!) will finally be explored in Stormblood.
  • The Allagan Sunway and Starway remain because roads are important.
  • Whoever the artist(s) who painted the various portraits etc in-game may be part of upcoming quests?
  • Looks like Raubahn may be getting a gun-arm like Barrett from FFVII?
  • Oda loves both puppies and kittens (and has both and more types of pets at home) but would choose kittens if he absolutely had to.