between the sheets intimates


Here we go again, another smutty story. Please don’t read this if you aren’t comfortable with smutty stuff. This has not been proofread so please forgive any mistakes. xxx

Harry did not like parties. He wasn’t the guy to go out, get drunk and party until the early hours of the morning. He liked it a lot more bring if that is what you would like to call it. He liked to go to a nice restaurant, maybe the cinema. But he hated parties.
He couldn’t say no to this one though, this was kind of especially his party. It wasn’t his birthday or anything like that but it was a celebration for the magazine that came out little over a week ago and his face was on the covers.
He was proud of it, he really was but he wished he wouldn’t have to attend the party. Of course there were also friends of his coming and his sister but that didn’t change the fact that he will most definitely feel out of place there.

He wanted to just stay home for a bit, have a quiet night in with his girlfriend. He missed her during the last few months, always busy with filming a movie, working on songs or perfecting his appearance in this magazine.
He was on break from the band and even though he thought he would have a lot more time for Y/N that wasn’t the case at all. He didn’t get to spend more time with her, if anything he felt like he was apart from her a lot more. Because even though they spent most of their time in the same location that didn’t mean they had time for each other. They were almost always in the same city, but Harry would often come home very late and Y/N was already asleep or in the morning he would wake up without her next to him because she was already gone to work.

He hated the fact that now this party was coming into their way as well. This evening was supposed to be spent alone, in their living room, watching some tv and cuddling under a big fluffy blanket. Or maybe in between the sheets because they both loved to get intimate with each other.
But well that wasn’t possible. He had to go to that stupid party. At least she was coming with him or else he would have pretended to be sick.

“I don’t want to go.” he sighed out while standing in front of the big mirror in their shared bedroom.
“You have to, baby!” she said from behind the closed bathroom door.
She was currently adding the last finishing touches to her makeup and Harry was excited to see her. He loved it when she dressed up, not that he didn’t love her in sweats and a messy bun.
“I’d rather be alone with you though.”
The bathroom door opened and Y/N came out, walking over to him in front of the mirror.
“It’s your party, lovely. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you.”
He locked eyes with her through the mirror, admiring the way she looked. Her makeup was natural, a shimmery tone on her eyelids, a perfect eyeliner and perfect lashes and her lips painted in a nice rose like color. Her hair was straight, falling perfectly down her back. She was wearing a nice light pink, velvety dress that showed all of her curves, especially those he loved the most.
“You look absolutely breathtaking, my love.”
He turned around to look at her properly, stunned by the way the dress made her body look so sexy.
“Thank you very much. You look quite handsome yourself, mister.” she complimented him.
He smiled at her softly, taking a step forwards so his body was pressed against hers. His hands were on her hips, feeling the soft material.
“Are my nipples visible?”
He almost choked on his breath at her question.
Her nipples?
He looked down at her boobs and then he saw it. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She definitely couldn’t wear one because the lines of it would be visible through her thin dress. Her nipples weren’t peeking through though. Thank god or he wouldn’t be able to contain himself.
“N-no.” he stammered.
“Good.” she breathed out with relief.
“Wasn’t sure if I should really go bra-less.”
A thought came to Harry’s mind then. If she isn’t wearing a bra… Is she wearing panties?
“Are you wearing panties?”
“Yes.” she giggled out.
“Don’t worry, I would never go without panties.”
“Good, or else we wouldn’t have left the house.”
She rolled her eyes at that, always an protective and horny idiot.
She took her clutch from the bed, filled with her phone and makeup.
“Shall we?” she asked.
He nodded and took a deep breath.
“Of course.”

They left their apartment, getting into the taxi he called earlier that would bring them to the location the party would take place in.
Harry seemed nervous during the whole drive, his leg shaking and his fingers fiddling with Y/N’s. She knew he was nervous, never liking it when the whole attention was on him. This was his party though, he was the guest of honor. All eyes would be on him.
They stopped not long after, parking in front of a club. They both sat there for a while, preparing for the paparazzi that would snap thousands of photos in the next three minutes.
“Nervous?” she asked him.
“A bit.” he admitted.
“It’s going to be alright, love. Everyone will love you.” she smiled reassuringly at him.
He nodded, a dimple popping in his cheek.
She leaned over to kiss him softly, careful not to mess up her lipstick.
Harry got out of the car then, walking over to Y/N’s side and opening the door for her. He helped her out of the car, holding onto her hand tightly so she wouldn’t fall with her heels.

They walked into the club hand in hand while the photographers were taking their pictures of them.
“Harry!” they heard Jeff yell over the loud music in the club.
It was already filled with most of the guests, the music blaring loud from the speakers.
“Hey, mate.” Harry said and gave Jeff one of those man hugs.
“Oh, it’s so nice to see you, Y/N. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” Jeff turned his attention to her then.
“It really has. Nice to see you too.”
Jeff kisses her cheeks as a greeting, smiling warmly at her.
“My wife is somewhere around the club, have lost her a while ago.” he laughed.
“There she is!” Y/N exclaimed when she caught side of Glenne.
“Hey, oh my goodness, you look incredible!” Glenne said and wrapped Y/N into a tight hug.
“Oh, thank you. You look very pretty yourself.”
“Hey, Glenne.” Harry spoke and hugged her as well.
“Harry, so nice to see you. You look very handsome.” she sent him a small wink.
“Have you seen my sister? Texted me a bit ago and said she is already here.”
“I think I’ve seen her at the bar a couple minutes ago.” Jeff answered Harry.
“Thank you.” Harry smiled.
He took Y/N’s hand again, leading her through the people, waving at a few. They reached the bar and there Gemma was sitting, sipping on a cocktail.
“Hi, baby brother!” she shouted over the music and got up from the stool.
She walked over to them, greeting both with a tight hug.
“Oh, girl you look amazing.” she told Y/N when she pulled back again.
“You too, babe.”

The party was okay, Harry went off and left Y/N with his sister to be the little social butterfly he is. He greeted all of the people he worked with during the making of the magazine, chatting with every friend that came. He kept an eye on Y/N as well, making sure she didn’t drink too much.
Y/N spent the time dancing with Gemma and Glenne, drinking a few drinks and just having fun. She missed those girl nights, they haven’t done that in a while.

Harry just finished talking to a old friend and planned on joining his girlfriend but then he saw somebody he really did not want to see.
Oliver, a old friend.
Yes, they were something like friends but since he saw Oliver getting a bit too close to Y/N for his liking during the last party he wanted to punch that guy in the face. Harry hated it when someone got too close to Y/N, she was his and while he knew she would never do anything with another guy it just made him feel incredibly uncomfortable.
He watched how Oliver made his way over to Gemma, Glenne and Y/N immediately, greeting them all with a hug. Maybe Harry was just paranoid but Oliver hugged Y/N a bit longer and a bit too tight. Y/N was smiling at him, giggling at something he said. He had an arm around her shoulder and to someone who did not know Y/N was with Harry could think that she was Oliver’s girlfriend.
Harry’s blood was boiling when he watched them, laughing and smiling at each other. At some point she was taking a sip from her drink and he made her laugh which resolved in her choking on the liquid and a blush to spread on her cheeks.
His hands were in tight fists when he saw her cheeks turning pink. He was the only one to make her blush. No one else was allowed to make her blush like that, especially not Oliver.
“Harry, calm down.” he heard Jeff speak from beside him.
Jeff saw the way Harry was glaring at Oliver and how his fists were so tight his knuckles were already turning white.
“That bastard, he-”
“Harry, I really don’t need you to make a scene. He’s not doing anything out of the ordinary.”
Harry’s jaw was tense, his eyebrows furrowed.
“He’s touching her.”
“But not in an inappropriate way.” Jeff replied.
“But in a way I don’t like it.” he spoke and finally made his way through the crowd and over to the lounge part where Y/N was.
“Harry!” Oliver exclaimed when he saw Harry.
Harry did not respond, not greeting him only looking at him with anger in his eyes.
“You okay?” Y/N asked and took a few steps towards him, making Oliver’s arm fall from her shoulder.
“M'fine.” he huffed out.
He saw the little spark of hurt in her eyes at his tone. She reached a hand out, grasping onto his. She squeezed his fingers, rubbing over his skin softly.
Oliver left her alone then, not making another move towards her. He knew what would happen if he would, he experienced it the last time he got too close to Y/N. Let’s just saw that Harry wasn’t that nice to him.
Harry knew he needed to calm down. Jeff was right, Oliver did nothing out of the ordinary. He might has touched Y/N but that didn’t matter. Harry did not want to ruin the night with his bad mood now, especially because it was his party and he did enjoy it.
He excused himself for a moment, kissing Y/N’s cheek and leaving the group to go to the restroom. Maybe a bit of cold water in his face would calm him down a bit.
He knew he was totally overreacting but he couldn’t help it. He did not like this guy, not one bit. His biggest problem was probably that Y/N seemed to really like him. Of course she would, he was nothing but nice to her and they had quite a few things in common. Oliver liked to go out as well, he was a pure party animal. Y/N liked to party as well, not as much as Oliver did but she enjoyed it from time to time. Harry did not, everyone knew that. He’d rather stay out then go out into the nightlife. He often worried about that, always thinking that Y/N found him too boring.
He left the toilets then after he refreshed himself a bit. He made his way over to the lounge again but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what was going on.
Oliver had his arm around Y/N again, this time around her waist and his hand was on her ass. He was pressed tightly against his side, not doing anything against his hands. She was probably too tipsy to react.
Harry watched how Oliver leaned down and whispered something in Y/N’s ear, giving her bum a soft squeeze.
Harry stormed over to them then, having seen enough of Oliver’s little show.
“Get your hands off my girl.” Harry gritted out.
Oliver’s eyes widened when he saw Harry’s angry look, removing his hands immediately.
“I’m sorry, I really did-”
“Leave.” Harry snapped at him.
Oliver left immediately, not interested in a fight.
“I’m sorry, Harry. I did not want him to-”
“We’ll leave.” Harry interrupted her harshly.
“What? You can’t leave your own party!” she protested.
She probably did not realize that most of the guests were already gone.
“We’ll leave.” he said again, giving her the look that made her know that he won’t change his mind.
She nodded quickly, getting her stuff and saying her goodbyes to everyone.
He leaded her out of the club then, with a tight hold on her hand that almost hurt. He made her get into one of the taxis quickly, slamming the car door shut with force. He got into the other side, telling the driver where he had to bring them.
They did not talk at all during the whole drive, Y/N too scared to say anything in order to not make him anymore angry and Harry too angry to talk to her.
They arrived at their apartment quickly, Harry paying the driver and both of them getting out of the taxi.
They walked up to the front door, Y/N waiting behind him until he opened the door.
They got inside, taking off their shoes. Y/N was glad she was finally freed from her heels.
“Did you have fun tonight?”
Y/N turned around to look at him, surprised to hear his voice. She knew he was mad.
“Yeah?” he mocked her.
“It sure as hell looked like you were having a blast.”
She gasped at his harsh tone, not expecting him to be this mad.
“I-I’m sorry, I-”
“I want you naked on the bed on all fours, when I get up there.”
Her eyes widened at his words. Her panties already dampening at the thought of what was about to happen.
She made her way up the stairs quickly, taking off her pretty dress in seconds and pulling her panties down as well. She got situated on the bed, on all fours just how he wanted her to.
He came into the room a second later, happy that she did just what he said. He walked over to the bed, crouching down in front of her. She was looking down at the sheets, too scared to look at his face yet but he lifted her chin with his fingers, forcing her to look at him.
“Have you been a good girl tonight?” he asked her softly.
She shook her head. She hasn’t been a good girl.
“No?” he questioned.
“No.” she repeated with a small voice.
“You’re right, you really haven’t been a good girl. Letting him touch your ass like this. Think you need to be taught a lesson, hm?”
She nodded her head even though she knew that wasn’t a real question, he would do it anyway.
He sat down on the bed beside her, motioning for her to lay down over his lap.
“Over my lap, baby.”
He gasped when he saw how wet she was. She left a wet patch on his black skinny jeans and he would have taken her right there but he had a point to prove.
He rubbed his hand over her ass when she was properly situated on his lap.
“Want you to count how many times I spank you. Think you can do that?”
She looked up at him with her big innocent eyes and nodded. He went to take of the rings on his fingers but her voice made him stop.
“No… Keep them on.”
He looked at her for a moment, searching for any sign of hesitation or doubt in her face but he didn’t find any of that. He gave her a quick nod and slipped the rings on his fingers again.

The first time his hand came down on her she gasped, not really expecting it.
He spanked her again with more force then, but still not hurting her too much.
“Two.” she moaned out.
“You like that, hm?” he asked and rubbed his hands over her cheeks, massaging the sting into her skin.
He didn’t need a answer to his question, he knew the answer. He felt the answer against his leg.
“Three.” she all but screamed out.
Harry loved the way her skin grew more pink with every hit of his hand, his rings leaving almost purple marks on her.
“Love it when I mark you.”
He moved one hand from her ass a bit lower, dipping it in her slit and feeling how wet she was.
“All pretty and wet for me, hm?”
He spanked her again and she jolted at the sting he caused. He reached the point where it was almost too much but still pleasurable for her.
“F-five. Harry, please I-”
“Shh.” he shushed her.
“C'mon, baby. Up you go.”
She got up from his lap on shaky arms, sitting back against her legs. She looked at him and he saw the tears brimming her eyes.
“Don’t cry, baby.” he cooed at her, cupping her cheeks lovingly, a hard contrast to only seconds ago.
“Want you to suck me now. See your mouth filled with my dick.“
She nodded eagerly at that, wanting it too. He stood up quickly, taking off all of his fancy clothes that he bought especially for this party.
He lied down on the bed when he was finally completely naked, his head against the pillows. Y/N crawled in between his legs immediately, lining her face up with his dick. He was hard, standing nice and pretty for her. His tip was as pink as his raspberry lips, getting her even more excited to finally taste him. She waited for his permission though, not wanting to risk another spanking.
“Go on, love.” he encouraged her.
Within seconds he took him into her hand, her fingers wrapping around his shaft. She leaned down, licking up the vein on his underside. He shuddered at the feeling of her warm and wet tongue against his dick. She moved up, kitten licking his slit, tasting the precum that oozed out of him. He groaned when she finally took his tip into her mouth and began to suck. She was still licking over his slit, catching every drop on her tongue. She moved further down then, taking more of him into her mouth. Harry gasped when he felt himself hitting the back of her throat. His hands reached down to her head, cupping her jaw and disappearing in her hair.
“Just like that, baby. A little deep- Ohh! Oh fuck, yes!”
She was full on sucking him now, her hand stroking the base of him. Her tongue was licking on his underside, his tip hitting her throat with every bob of her head. Her free hand was playing with his balls, ever so slightly scratching over the soft skin.
He felt himself loosing control, thrusting his hips up into her mouth and moaning constantly. She felt that he was close, he twitched against his tongue and more precum came out of his slit now.
“Fuck, I’m gonna-” he didn’t get to end his sentence though because he was already exploding.
He came right in her mouth, hot spurts of cum dripping down her throat. He was a groaning and moaning mess, not able to control himself when she was sucking him so fucking good. She moaned around him when she tasted him, loving the feeling of his cum on her tongue. She kept on sucking on his tip, milking him of every drop.
When she was sure he finished she removed her mouth from him, swallowing all of the cum that was still on her tongue. He watched her through heavy lidded eyes, how she swallowed everything he gave her.
“Fuck, you took me so good, baby.”
“Love sucking your cock.”
Just then he realized how much she enjoyed it, her eyes glassed over, looking all fucked out. She was breathing heavily, her lips swollen from all the sucking they’d done.
He sat up, taking her face into his hands again.
“You’ve been such a good girl, baby. Think you deserve a treat, yeah?”
He was right, she was being a very good girl. She didn’t do anything wrong earlier either, he was just a bit jealous. But he didn’t want to punish her, did that earlier. He wanted to show her how good he could make her feel. Better than anyone else could ever make her feel.

He pressed a soft kiss against her lips, tasting himself on her tongue. He didn’t mind that taste though, only proved that she did a good job.
“Want you to sit on my face.”
She moaned at the idea, she loved sitting on his face. Loved to ride his tongue and have him pressing her down on his mouth.
He lied down again, waiting for her to crawl up the bed. She hovered over his mouth with her pussy. He moaned at the sight, she was clean shaven, pink and absolutely soaked for him. He put his hands on her hands, pushing her down a bit more so he could finally start eating her.

She moaned at the first contact of his tongue against her, licking a broad stripe over her whole pussy. She watched how his eyes fluttered close when he finally started to lick her properly. He was licking deep between her lips, lapping his tongue over her clit and tasting her juices. He took her clit between his lips, sucking on it with the perfect pressure and licking over it. Her moans were loud, making him feel dizzy. He loved that, having her pussy right on his mouth, his nose smelling her and her moans filling the room.
His mouth created filthy sounds against her, adding to her loud moans and groans. He moaned against her as well, enjoying every second of this.
She began to move her hips, riding his mouth. His tongue fucked up inside of her, reaching as deep as he can manage. She was already so close, his tongue sending hot pleasure all through her nerves.
“Oh, fuck.” she sobbed out when he hit just the perfect spot inside of her.
She was rubbing her whole pussy over his mouth, him catching her clit every now and then to suck harshly on it. She was shaking on top of him, her thighs closing and relaxing against the side of his head every fee seconds.
“I’m going to come.” she whimpered out.
He wanted it, wanted her to come. All over his tongue, he wanted to taste it. She moved faster over his mouth now, her moans growing louder every second. He was sucking on her clit hard, making her see white.
She came within seconds, screaming out when it hit her. Her thighs closed around his head, her whole body shaking on top of him. He was still licking her deeply, right against her clit. Her juices came dripping out of her, right on his tongue just how he wanted it. He moaned against her, making her orgasm even more intense with the vibrations against her clit.
She moved away from his mouth then, his tongue too intense and her nerves too sensitive. She moved down to straddle his hips, catching her breath for a moment.
He watched her, admired the way she looked right now. She had black stains all over her cheeks, her hair a mess and her lipstick smeared all over her chin and around her mouth.
She felt him, how hard he was again. She felt it against her ass, his dick hitting her cheeks with how he was standing for her.
"Want to ride you, Harry. Please, let me-”
“Go on, love. S'all yours.”
She lined him up with her entrance, sinking down on him immediately. A gasp left her lips when she felt him hitting her spot. She instantly began to move on him, rolling her lips against him. Harry hissed at the feeling of her wrapped around him, so tight. Her hips were moving against his in a fast pace, they both won’t last long.
She leaned forward, her hands on his chest just were the two swallows were tattooed in his skin. Her movement were hard and fast, making the headboard hit the wall every time. Both of them were a moaning mess, they weren’t able to control their bodies.
“Harry, I’m gonna- Want you to-” she wasn’t able to complete her seconds, a loud moan always interrupting her words.
“With me, baby.” Harry gritted out.
He was rubbing her clit, making her reach the edge faster. He felt it how she began to shake on him, her eyes rolling into the back of her head.
He sat up before they could reach their peaks, grabbing onto her hips tightly and making her sit completely on him. He began to thrust his hips upwards, hitting her spot perfectly every single time. She screamed out at the force of his thrust, overwhelmed by the things he made her feel. His thighs were slapping against her ass, adding to the filthy sounds that already left their lips.
“C'mon, baby. Come for me. Come all over me.”
He felt it as her walls began to squeeze him, her pussy grabbing onto his dick. She was sobbing when the waves of pure, overwhelming pleasure hit every nerve of her body. She felt it as he came inside of her, coating her walls with rope after rope of thick, hot cum. He was holding her down on him, filling her up and coming so fucking deep inside of her. She loved this feeling, when he came deep inside of her. Nothing felt better than that.
He pulled out of her when they finished, both looking between her legs. It was a thing of theirs, they liked to watch him pour out of her. Liked to watch how his cum dripped out of her and sometimes streamed down her leg.
He reached one hand out, catching his cum before it could hit the sheets and lifted his hand to her mouth. He watched how she sucked his fingers clean, closing her eyes at the taste.
“Fuck, you’re incredible.” he breathed out with a smirk on his lips.
She giggled at him, leaning down to press a kiss against his pink lips.
He wrapped his arms around her, her sitting on his lap. He pressed his forehead against hers, enjoying the feeling of finally having her to himself.
“I’m sorry for being like that earlier.” he whispered.
She lifted her hands up to stroke over his cheeks gently.
“S'okay. Would have reacted exactly the same if another girl was touching you like that.” she reassured him.
“M'still sorry.”
“Don’t worry, I still love you.” she smiled teasingly at him.
“Good, or else we would have a bit of a problem.”