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Stand by you (2x08 missing scene)

 This is set between Magnus’ scene with Jace & the party. Magnus deserves to be treated with respect and both he and Alec deserve to have their relationship spoken about with respect by Alec’s family.  Parabatai have it out and Malec are happy. 

Thank you so much to @ladymatt (it was a long edit session but you were an angel as always) and @blj2007 (i really appreciated your comments and support !!)

When Alec walked into the living room he was surprised to see Magnus standing at the drink cart tossing back a glass of whisky. When he’d seen him earlier he’d seemed so happy about how plans were going for Max’s party. But maybe one of the suppliers had been unreasonable, he didn’t really understand half of what went into planning one of these things.

“Well, I delivered the invitation to Mother and they’re coming. So that’s one less thing we need to worry about,” Alec said, coming to stand by Magnus, relieved that at least that meeting was over.

“Well Alec I must say I’m surprised, I felt sure she’d object,” Magnus paused as Alec’s face hardened, “she did object didn’t she, Alexander?”

“And I made it very clear that we care about Max and that whatever function was being held we would be attending together.” Alec paused and then grinned, “so she decided to accept your very generous offer to host it.”

“Why, Alexander, I wish I’d been there to see it!” Magnus said making no attempt to hide his glee at the prospect of Maryse being put in her place.

“It needed to be done.” Alec said simply, although his smile suggested he felt at least slightly triumphant about his success, “So, have you seen Jace? I said I’d tell him whether she was definitely coming. I think he needs a bit of time to prepare given he hasn’t seen her since she practically disowned him after everything happened with Valentine. I assume he’s still here, somewhere?”

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Before I started reading Homestuck, before I started blogging even, Steven Universe was in the middle of its Peridemption Arc. I remember seeing a lot of fan art at the time that compared Steven and Peridot to John and CG. Like you’d see artwork of Steven and Peridot dressed up as John and CG, or comics where John and CG reenacted scenes between Steven and Peridot, that sort of thing.

And you know what? I’m starting to see the resemblance. 

Adekan Song Show Short Clips (RAWS)


Opening Scene (Between Uryu Bros)


PS: That’s the opening shot of the show. I’m not joking…. The curtains opened to that glorious ass. Bless.

Day 21: Storybrooke! Part 2/4

Entry #22 b: The shooting continues and stund doubles and actors work side by side to make this thing a success!

Lana Parilla as Regina and her double between scenes.

Next up Rebecca Mader as Zelena.

Next up, Mr. Gold’s

In between scenes I went into the local museum and post office. There they sold a bunch of merchandise for horrendous prices. I love the show, but 35 $ for a t-shirt? Come on… Still, I didn’t want to leave quite empty handed, after all, it doesn’t get much better than this, when it comes to the show. So I treated myself to a little something.

If I got the chance, I could get these signed and if not, I would still have a full card deck for 12 $.

Anway… let’s continue.

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Why you like that scene and insist to be ship moment? Azula may act like that but she wasn't "mean" her movements or even "aware" to be sexual, see how she acted around Chan? She would have know how to flirt men, but she doesn't. If you insist that Azula was teasing her brother "sexually" and she was mean it at age of 14, is that means you like "Hey people look! Azula is sexually deviant! Yay! Ship moment!" Azula wasn't even hold Zuko in high regard to even consider him in that aspect.

Because that’s how I and other Zucest shippers interpret it as. Why does it bother you so much is the real question. 

However you look at it, there was a lot of palpable tension between them in that scene. And years ago when I watched this show when it first aired, I got that sexual vibe. I honestly believed they were going to “get it on” before I reminded myself that this was a kids show and they’d never do that. That was WAY before I even starting shipping them two years prior. 
Azula just may feel that much more comfortable and confident around her brother to behave in such a way than trying to do so in front of a random guy she doesn’t know. Azula has always had that air of confidence and being able to get under Zuko’s skin. She loves to play around with him. It’s not so farfetched as to believe she was behaving sexually. Even Grey admitted that she purposefully made it sound like Azula was being seductive. It was intentional putting that innuendo in that scene. Many cartoon shows do that. 

Now, again, that’s how I interpret it. You can see it however. Doesn’t bother me. That scene creates content I can play around with. “Content Bending” if you will. EVERY shipper does it. 

Take that scene with Sokka pinning Azula up against a wall during “The Day of Black Sun”. I didn’t see it as sexual tension but other Sokkla shippers such as @seyaryminamoto or @focusas see it as such. It’s fair game to them on how they want to interpret and work around with. To them, that’s a shipping moment even though others may not see it. 

The same goes for Tyzula Shippers, Tokka Shippers, Zuki Shippers,,,etc. All OTP shippers will interpret and bend the scene, words, characters to their will and imagination. It’s creativity that gives them that inspiration to make art, stories, or posts about their favorite pairing. And I can’t see what is wrong with that. 

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the parallels between the scene where daisy is kneeling on the ground watching imd-coulson shooting those agents and is s01 after she realises that ward is hydra is HEART BREAKING :( x

SCREAMS I didn’t even think of that!!! why does the world keep betraying and hurting Daisy Johnson!!!!!!!!!

Loved the scene between that dying grounder and Octavia, even though it was sad. Loved the fact that Octavia uses their language even though he for sure knows english. Loved the fact that he told her she should go warn her people.

That scene gave me hope in the future of skaikru/grounders relationship. Mutual respect is what is needed. I hope to see more of it.

okay so when i was watching iasip tonight the final bit with mac and dennis didn’t really hit me cuz like??? i was so sure it was trick. i was so sure dennis was gonna bounce back to being fucked up, but now thinking about it and rewatching it he was just??? so genuine??? mac was so kind and open ??? it wasn’t a joke it was just a moment between two people who care about each other like the affection and intimacy between them in that scene isn’t something that’s usually sunny’s thing but it was so appropriate and idk i’m really emotional about it rn… basically i Love dennis’s bpd ass and macdennis is Confirmed ™

Criminal minds

I have never cried so hard during a criminal minds episode, I called my mom bawling 😂😂😭😭 they are destroying my heart. Also the scene between Prentiss and Reid where they’re both crying, that is quality acting! Not ready for next week but I can’t wait at the same time!

You know what dynamic I want to see explored more in 2b? Luke and Alec. We hardly had any scenes between them last season and in 2A. I always thought they were good together and had good on screen chemistry in the scenes that they did have together and Matt and Isaiah are such good friends off screen so it would be cool to kind of see that play into the show.

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Yeah, even though it technically wasn’t the nicest scene between them it was lovely to see them being couply again. I’ve missed them being in that close proximity.