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i want an intense scene between keith and lance. they’re in the middle of battle, all the other paladins are somewhere else. everything around them is moving so fast, but then it’s a close up of them, and keith asks “do you trust me?” and they’re looking at each other, eyes searching, and lance says “yes” and they’re still looking at each other, intensely, logger than needed, before the moment is forced to break

This season, in many ways, was about Bellamy being able to let go and recognize that his sister is her own woman and that she doesn’t necessarily need him to be his sister’s keeper anymore,” Rothenberg explains. “For Octavia to realize how much she does love him is really cool, as these are now two people who are almost talking to each other for the first time as equals. It’s an important jumping-off point for the episode.
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Okay but Steve trying to get himself sent to Colombia with Danny and Danny just not allowing it by signing away his rights and that look between them. Like…idiots. 

you know, sometimes i can forgive the writers ; but i cannot forgive alex and scott for that scene, because sure - it could have been good, but that; the jaw clench from steve, how you can practically see the panic settling in his pores, danny fully trusting steve with grace ( because all he says is call grace, take care of grace ) ; and that look.  i mean. i literaly had a moment of dropping my phone and just shaking my head because i was so done. what idiots. 

Nicola Takeover Twitter Q&A

May 23, 2017

Q: What are you most excited about for 2B?
NCD: I feel like the relationships keep getting deeper in 2B. More complicated but more beautiful. 

Q: Can you describe Shadowhunters cast in 3 words?
NCD: Dynamic. Lovely. Hilarious! 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about filming Shadowhunters? Also hello from Germany.
NCD: Hi Germany!  The People. The Characters. The Clothes. In that order.  

Q: What are the most challenging parts of playing Maryse?
NCD: Maryse made choices she regrets. Hurt her children. She is very alone. It’s painful to channel that sometimes but I Love her.

Q: What’s your favorite place on the set?
NCD: The Hallway into the Institute! My first scene ever was there and we gather on the benches between scenes for hang time!

Q: How is it for you to see people express love for you with art and talent (fanarts)? Kisses from Brazil
NCD: It’s an incredible feeling! These amazingly talented people you’ve never met want to honour you with their work?! It’s a huge gift!

Q: When did you realize that you want to be an actress and what inspires you?
NCD: I ALWAYS wanted to Act! I’m inspired by the work and commitment of my fellow Actors and by people’s stories. Sharing Stories

Q:  If your character was not a shadowhunter, what do you think Maryse would like to be? A vampire, warlock…? 
NCD: A Warlock. (Don’t tell Harry Shum Jr) Maryse wants to protect people & defeat evil. Warlocks can heal. They are very powerful.

Q: What do you like the most about your character?
NCD: I Love that she is a total Hardass AND  a Loving Mama who genuinely wants to help the Shadow World. That’s very real to me.

Q: If you could create a rune what would it be?
NCD: "Mothering". It would give you the Security and Love to conquer all obstacles of hate or intolerance.

Q: Malec or Clace?
NCD: Don’t ask me that! I want both my Sons Happy! Harry Shum Jr is a great Dancer but Kat McNamara is so Smart! It’s too HARD!

Q: Harry Shum Jr. is so Smart too and good person!!!
NCD: Of Course he is! And Kat McNamara can DANCE!

Q: Is there a particular scene you’re looking forward to the most? If so, with who?
NCD: I would LOVE to do a scene with ALL my Kids again! When we’re all together it’s so much fun and lights up the room!

Q: Do u consider Jace ur kid still
NCD: Of Course!

Q: Do you have any advice for a girl who’s not really confident about herself?
NCD: Our cultures makes it hard for Women to feel good about ourselves. Focus on YOU. Your strengths, Loves, interests and wants. Tune out voices telling you you’re not enough & remember, the most important person to Love is yourself. Whatever it takes!

Q: Do you have any hidden talents?
NCD: I’m a Singer! And I play Guitar! And I do a lot of Accents!

Q: What is the best part of working with Matthew Daddario?
NCD: I’ve learned so much from Matthew Daddario. He is such an intelligent and passionate Guy. He’s like a really Cute Encyclopedia

Q: Do you prefer shooting during the day or at night?
NCD: I Love how silly and fun everyone gets when we’re shooting after dark! It’s like the Moon brings out the comedian in everyone. 

Q: How are you? I hope you’re having a nice day mama.
NCD: I am! It’s Spring, I did some singing, I connected with the fans and now I’m with my Guy, He inspires me everyday!

Q: What would you do if you had the power to stay invisible?
NCD: I’d go to Schools all over the World and scare all the bullies away! 

Q: Describe in a word the relationship between Maryse and Alec in 2B
NCD: Beginnings

Q: What is your fave childhood memory?
NCD: My Brother Luke and I lying on top of an old car on summer nights watching the Stars.

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Well now that it was said Luke never had a wife/girlfriend I would say Reysky is 100% dead. What do you think will anti's still use the incest claim or will that die now?

We can only hope anon. I mean they were basically rejoicing yesterday when Rey and Luke were featured on the cover together. 

I think even if there were a sex scene between Kylo and Rey, they would still somehow convince themselves that it isn’t real. 

re: that last post

It’s been on my mind a lot. I know this is going to sound super dramatic and y’all I know it’s just a TV show but the scenes between Tommy and Tatiana last season made me uncomfortable at best and physically sick at worst. It’s one thing to have rough and gritty sex scenes when they’re consensual and the participants are in a relatively healthy headspace. It’s entirely another to have two traumatized people using each other as an outlet for dealing with their unresolved trauma and self-loathing. It’s really, really hard to watch. I still haven’t been able to re-watch s3 all the way through because of it. 

I don’t think I can watch another season of Tommy self-destructing. I need some light. I need some goodness. I don’t need Tommy to find love, or get married, or any of that, but I’m not interested in watching another female character be subjected to such shitty, one-dimensional development. If they’re bringing May back, I want it to be for a good reason. Not so she can be another symptom of Tommy’s decay. 

I’m really nervous about s4 for this exact reason to be totally honest. S3 was such a punch in the gut, and not just because of Grace dying. It was 

  • Grace dying 
  • Michael confronting past abuse
  • Tommy being cruel to Polly 
  • Arthur and John killing innocent people unnecessarily 
  • Tommy getting his fucking skull crushed 
  • the darkness and desperation of the entire Russian plot line 
  • leaving that baby boy Blinder with the Russians and having to endure all kinds of horrible things
  • John being a jealous asshole with no consequences 
  • Charlie being kidnapped 
  • Tommy having to tunnel again 

I’m sure I’m even forgetting stuff. It was just too much. And I guess the point of this post is that I don’t think I can take another season of it. GIVE ME SOME LIGHT. Give me Arthur telling Michael about how he pushed him down Watery Lane in a shoebox. Give me Tommy and May flirting while John and Arthur try their best to embarrass him. Give me Tommy buying Polly a fucking house and telling her she deserves it. 

Give me a reason to root for these people again. 

Everything was absolutely perfect, it was a beautiful episode, BUT I needed more from that scene between Emily and Alison at the end. Let’s be honest, I needed Alison to kiss Emily or at the very least I needed Alison to say something to Emily about how she feels. Like I’m far from disappointed because that episode gave me life and the scene with Paige made my eyes water, but Marlene needs to make it happen.

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I agree with everything you said. I'm very concerned about the path this whole plot is taking. Lena needing help and not getting it, Kara saying Mon-Ew made her happy (I was like... Bitch, when?) What infuriated me the most tho was Alex not hugging her at the end. They're fucking up the Danvers sisters, mom. I don't understand why they're making them drift apart like that. They're the most important relationship on the show and yet they don't want Alex to be the shoulder that Kara cries on.

I don’t like the way they left supercorp end the season, I knew the brunch together was going to be the last peaceful moment, but that scene with Clark and Lillian left a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Also they pushed that scene between Monel and Kara so hard, I felt bad for her because melissa did a great job but yeah that’s it, I felt really nothing for him. And you’re right, that Alex and Kara scene should have ended with a hug, it’s true that some people like to be left alone when they’re sad, but Kara has always been a touchy person, I want to believe that she craved some physical contact but the writers have done such a poor job with them. We haven’t gotten significant scenes of them since Alex’s coming out, thing I noticed even more after re-watching some eps of s1 days ago, it’s almost as if the bond they had isnt even there which is really sad. I really hope they’ll fix this shit in s3.

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i second everything that has already been said about your writing, but you are also the master of the small moments between characters? your action scenes or the sweeping adventure elements are so lovely as well, but you write these interactions with such extraordinary beauty in the way that one character looks at another, or the sound of their laugh? its so vivid and it lets the reader breathe with the characters

this one made me so emo you guys thanks & ok, i feel like this past year ive been really fixated on exploring emotional intimacy & how that feels & how people perceive it outside of the realm of writing sex scenes (or even writing sex but writing it differently), especially like. the different ways people say (or don’t say - particularly don’t say, which is what I love so much about juno) how the feel. im obsessive i love picking it apart & mostly im just glad someone wants to read it HA xxxx

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I agree with what you said about kara's development this season being a disappointment but I also feel like sanvers didn't deliver either. We were robbed of a magnificent slow burn and although canon, they were sidelined in 2b. We only saw very few of their milestones and had barely any real intimate and passionate scenes between them. So overall, the entirety of this season was nothing but a disappointment.

Okay Yeah I have to agree with u. Sanvers deserved better. More passion and intimacy.
But at least it’s canon. I honestly never thought that could happen but now I’m happy about it anyway. Of course there was more potential but I think Sanvers was treated relatively well compared to other lesbian couples


“the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.”