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Here’s a riddle for you.
If you slaughter the flock and I slit the shepherd’s throat,
Which one of us is the wolf?

If I take a bullet to the chest on a Tuesday night
And no one is around to hear me fall,
Am I really dead?

If I die but I don’t die,
And a muzzle loaded with fangs is just as dangerous as a muzzleloader,
Where do you fit into all this?

Do you have an answer?

If you shoot me in the chest on a Tuesday night
And neither of us dies,
Does it really matter?

After all, let’s be honest,
If I poured the gasoline and you lit the match
We would both make the news.


On a more negative note, the one criticism the feels necessary to highlight is the writing. The writing is arguably the weakest element of Gorillaz and it’s already been apparent in the bios that just came out and the switch in writers. Throughout the series they’ve straddled the line between comedy (G-Bitez, Cribs, Murdoc tangents) and dealing with serious topics for example, the entire plot of Plastic Beach. Sometimes they pull it off, and other times it can be confusing for fans to distinguish between what is meant to be taken seriously and what’s meant to be laughed off. This phase they seem to be continuing this with Murdoc drinking more and 2D having Stockholm Syndrome, yet also keeping up the humorous side with 2D making friendship bracelets, eating a whale named “Massive Dick” etc. Usually this isn’t too big of a deal because the music is at the forefront. However, if they’re going to follow through with a full-length TV show I strongly believe it would be best for them to make a final decision about the direction they want to take and stick with it.

Additionally, if they choose the humorous route, they really ought to tie up the loose ends in 2D and Murdoc’s relationship. While I love the idea of a slice-of-life type series where they live as roommates getting into different shenanigans (or w/e they come up with) it’s going to be hard for me to fully enjoy it if they don’t address the 2D and Murdoc history on some level. Plastic Beach felt very climatic in that it portrayed a 2D that was angry enough to retaliate against Murdoc and openly express a growing dislike and disillusionment with him, and a Murdoc in the midst of a breakdown and having the the good and bad side of him represented in the form of spirits that were haunting him. Plastic Beach seemed to be setting up for some sort of change, whether it meant to or not. The fact that their relationship in phase 4 seem to have been reset, the events of the phase leaving virtually no impact is glaring enough. To completely skim over the aftermath, to explain it away with “gap years” and leaving fans to assume everything happened off-screen and that “it’s all okay now” would do (and is doing) a significant disservice to both of them. TBH I always thought they wrote themselves into a corner with Phase 3 by stumbling into themes that maybe they did not prefer to fully portray or dwell on, but I hope with this show  (if it happens) they can build off of past story arcs and give the characters, particularly 2D and Murdoc, a chance to finally grow.

You and I are examples of how synonyms
are not always interchangeable

You and I are soft.
You are soft like a favorite pair of jeans, worn threadbare over the years. The vague threat of a tear is present at the knees, but they’re intact for now; perfect.
I am soft like rot, the flesh of a fruit giving way under the lightest touch. The evidence of things forgotten, stems of dead flowers left too long in murky water.

You and I are proof of how what is said
is less important than how it is said

You and I are tragedies.
You are a tragedy in that you are exposed to this world, innocence and purity so much like the throat of a rabbit exposed to the wolves. It is tragic that you will someday die and leave the world that much darker for your absence.
I am a tragedy of the traditional sort, a walking disaster barely fit to bear the title of human. Something to pity, something to loathe, something to consider an example - the embodiment of a cautionary tale.

You and I are the difference between doing what is right
and doing what needs to be done

We are like liquor, you and I.
You go down soft and smooth, vintage wine in crystal glasses. The pleasant buzz that travels along your nerves and sets everything afloat, brain foggy but filled with nothing but satisfaction. 
I’m more like cheap vodka, bottom-shelf poison useful for nothing more than forgetting the day, hangover starting the moment it touches your lips. There is no god at the bottom of this bottle. There never will be.



–Richelle Mead, Gameboard of the Gods | [for guardiansofthegalaxy]

dragonfairies  asked:

1/2 The thing that made me stop reading and watching Naruto was the continual retconning of story lines and characterization. I remember reading an early interview saying he'd like to leave the series open ended and letting the fans make if it what they will with no actual pairings. I could be wrong, and I don't know where I read it, so I can't back up my claim. I feel he got fed up pretty early on being told to make it longer or to change this or that and so just tried to see how far he could

push the envelope before he got called on it. I’ve seen many can say that Kishimoto is a troll when it comes to his fans, but the early parts of the manga didn’t feel like that at all for me, but by the time I got to valley of the end there seemed to start being a disconnect between Kishimoto and the story. But that’s just my opinion.

By the time he ended the Pein’s Invasion arc, I pretty much felt the same way. It’s sad that you cna draw a distinct line between the characters and series themes before and after that point, and I’ve always kind of wanted to write something that keeps exploring the idea of subverting destiny, and hard work beating out brilliance, that were so strong in the beginning. The Child of Prophecy stuff made me want to call bullshit, tbh.


“The Latin word for kiss is Osculum,” Connor explains and then kisses the top of Jane’s head, his lips pulling higher, eyes right on me. 

I do something out of the ordinary, unlike me, my heart blazing with fire. When he raises his head, I make the first move and kiss him on the lips, his surprise touching me for a split moment, not long enough for me to waver. His shock vanishes as he nips my lip and then kisses me harder, stronger.

“Say something,” I whisper to him.

He cups my face, lifting my gaze to his. His thumb strokes my cheek, his eyes soulfully blue. “I know I’ve married the right person when words turn you on as much as they do me.”

I read deeper into that, as I should.

Translation: I could only ever be with you, Rose.

in which rose has to read between the lines to grasp the depth of connor’s feelings [1/?]


anon request→Sam Adams & when Sam considers going back // when he does walk through the door

All right, but enough of the bullshit. Let’s try this my way.

snakefashion  asked:

nah like a series of unfortunate events is ableist. like, you don’t get to be like “due to this close reading the ableism is actually criticized!” when the general sense literally anyone gets from reading the books is that good people read and bad people don’t. like, frankly? daniel handler did not do nearly enough to criticize quigley’s assertion that well read people are less likely to be evil. he did criticize it a bit but not enough imo

Dear @snakefashion,

I am always happy to receive a healthy serving of scholarly criticism. While I wait for that, though, I’ll take the time to answer your message.

nah like a series of unfortunate events is ableist

If you had read my message as well as the persons I reblogged more carefully (Link), you would have realized it dealt specifically with the V.F.D. organization featured in the novels, not on the thematical significance of the series as a whole. V.F.D. is only a small part of the entire affair.

There is actually a lot to say about Arthur Poe’s ableism when he tells the Baudelaire orphans that children from broken homes are fated to become criminals, for example. Or the way the Freaks have completely internalized their ableist abuse to the point they believe that a career in criminality is a step-up from their situation. Then again, discussing the criticism of ableism in the series as a whole would probably require a great amount of research and analysis, which you have thankfully provided for our benefit.

the general sense literally anyone gets from reading the books is that good people read and bad people don’t

You’re right, maybe I should have written a good thousand words (Link) about the way the series’ antagonists are canonically stated to read/write quite a bit but put on a facade of anti-intellectualism, specifically for villainous purposes.

Maybe it would be different if the series’ entire point were that the line between good and evil is extremely blurred, I dunno. It’s not like we are repeatedly shown that the well-read higher-ups from the “noble” side of the Schism (Kit, Jacques, Dewey, etc.) do a lot of morally questionable things too. It’s not like the well-read Baudelaire orphans eventually end up living as escaped criminals themselves. It’s not like there are actually several well-meaning characters who don’t particularily enjoy books (Phil, Hal, etc.). It’s not like Fernald and Lemony repeatedly warn us against making generalizations.

you don’t get to be like “due to this close reading the ableism is actually criticized!” when the general sense literally anyone gets from reading the books…

I do apologize. In the future, I will endeavour to skim through Wikipedia tidbits instead of perusing the canonical material for context. As we all know, most people would favor the general sense” of snakefashion’s the audience’s reaction over a close reading” of the published material.

It’s interesting that you would take your opinions as universals. I gather that people tend to find that tedious, in the general sense. Then again, it’s only my opinion.

you don’t get to be like “due to this close reading the ableism is actually criticized!” […] he did criticize it a bit but not enough imo

So the ableism is by your own admission criticized in the text itself but I don’t get to say it’s critized in the text itself? Oh, I get it. It’s only stupid when I say it.

With marshallow rainbows and sugar-coated little elves,
your always devoted @snicketsleuth

Torchwood - The Radio Plays

Several years ago BBC Radio 4 broadcast a number of Torchwood plays between series - Lost Souls, Asylum, Golden Age, The Dead Line, The Devil and Miss Carew, Submission and The House of the Dead.  They ranged from decent to excellent with the last one especially tying up some important plot points hanging over the series.

Here is a set of covers designed to match the current Big Finish range.  I hope you like them!


things i associate with mbti types /// ISFP

a flock of birds, blowing bubbles, cigarette smoke, poetry, lens flares, cat fur, white sand, doodling, the night sky, a picture of a nebula, original grimm fairy tales, ambiguity, acrylic paints, a crescent moon, photography, fingers flying over piano keys, liminal space, doorways, social activism, the line between thoughts and reality

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[Read Between The Lines]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
Rating: T+ for a lil’ groping. Nothing too explicit. 
Warnings: sexual implications, touching, SMOOCHING. 

A/N: Thanks for the headcanon, anon! <3

Anonymous said: Everytime Levy started giving Gajeel the cold shoulder, he simply began reading one of her books out loud. 6 out 10 he manages to get one of her more racy novels and man did she SEE them both playing out the scenes.

Levy was ignoring him again. So wrapped up in her little charade of silent brooding, she hadn’t even noticed him moving towards the stack of books on her desk. She likely wouldn’t until it was far too late.

Good, he thought, just keep on moping and see where that gets you.

She did this when her choice of arsenal, the words she loved so much, dwindled to an all time low. He’d never tire of the way she frustratedly bit her lip whenever words failed to come on command. Her wit was easily countered, even at the best of times, making any and all vocabulary totally useless. Words were empty without meaning behind them and Levy just didn’t have it in her to insult a person beyond playful means. Even her playful coaxing was more like a feather tickling a stone, pointless and ineffective. She didn’t know how to battle with Gajeel’s offhanded remarks, so instead she sulked. But the silence, deafening as it might be, was easily thwarted by more of Gajeel’s underhanded tactics. 

Snatching a book from Levy’s desk, Gajeel cast a baleful glance at Levy’s back. She was sprawled out on her bed facing the back wall, making it impossible to see her expression. Blue curls fell free of the ribbon in her hair, which, though cute during their morning walk, was becoming a memento of their little fight. He’d get her to look at him soon enough, though. He’d get her to speak to him, too. 

Among other things.

Flipping through the small book, Gajeel fingered one page after another until he located a section he found most pleasing. Like a miner striking gold, Gajeel had once again put his hands on Levy’s secret stash of erotic fiction. The stash she was secretly acquainted with, despite the constant reminder that she was saving them for Erza. Following the words with his fingertip, Gajeel readied himself for the aftermath of what was to come.  

“His fingertips were callous and rough against her soft flesh…” he trailed off when Levy spun around to face him, her cheeks already stained with bloodied evidence of her embarrassment. 

That was too easy. 

“Don’t you dare!” she protested.

Gajeel cleared his throat and continued on. “'Please,’ she begged. ‘I don’t want to wait any–’” Gajeel grimaced when a pillow hit his face and dropped into his hand, where it sent the book plummeting to the ground. 

“Gajeel!” she gasped. “Enough!”

“Oi, I wasn’t finished,” he griped, leaning down to retrieve the book from its unfortunate position on the ground. “Damn it, I lost my page.”

She glared at him in a way that made his blood boil – delightfully. He wanted to put the book down and give her a better reason to stay in bed all day, but he’d bite his tongue and wait. This was her punishment for sulking so damn much. He’d apologised enough already.

“I guess we’ll start on a different page, then,” he began, flipping his way into the centre of the book. He held her gaze as he continued to read the “forbidden” content. “She raked her nails down his back, leaving no inch of skin untouched by her… Ah, shit…”

She was flying at him before he could even drop the book in surrender. She flung herself at him like a ball propelled off a slingshot, wrapping her legs around his waist when he caught her. He wasted no time moulding his mouth to hers when her arms made their way around his neck. He abandoned the book to rest his hands on her backside, which he gave a playful squeeze as he walked her back towards the desk. The stack of fiction fell with a clatter to the floor as he sat her on the sturdy wooden surface and focused all of his attention on her hot lips. He swallowed her gasp when he slid his hand beneath her dress and across her bare thigh. 

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled into their kiss.

“No, I’m sorry,” she gasped, tugging a fistful of his hair.

“I didn’t even get to a full paragraph this time,” he laughed.

“I’ve read that one before,” she moaned, tilting her head back to take a steadying breath. “I don’t need you to read it in order to know what happens next.”

“And what’s that?” he teased, ghosting his lips across her neck

Levy dug her heels into his back. “You’ll just have to wait and see~”

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Name: Lizz

Nickname: Elle, Lizzy, Lizzbeth, Snowflake

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5 ft. 6-7

Orientation: Pansexual

Favorite Fruit(s): Pineapples and Green Apples

Favorite Season: All but mainly autumn. 

Favorite Book(s): Uh… Pushing the Limits (K. McGarry), Where She Went (G. Forman), The Best of Me (N. Sparks), Paper Towns (J. Green), The Legend Series (M. Lu), The Calder Game (B. Balliett), The Between the Lines Series (J. Picoult and S. Van Leer), Bad Romeo (L. Raven) etc. (I like books, if you couldn’t tell.)

Favorite Flowers: Plumerias, Orchids, Red-Rimmed Yellow Roses, Cherry Blossoms.

Favorite Animals: All. But dolphins and turtles and panthers and horses. 

Favorite Beverage: Sprite and Lemonade. 

Average Hours of Sleep: 2-17

Favorite Fictional Characters: Oh god….. Uh…. In no particular order…June Iparis, Daniel Wing, Alex Danvers, LEXA, Skye/Daisey Johnson/Quake, Emily Feilds, Eliza Schuyler, Carmilla, Wesley (The Princess Bride), Lena Luthor, and Cosima Niehaus. (I feel so bad, I’m probably missing so many.)

Number of Blankets: 3 and 1/2 

Dream Trip: Europe. All of it. 

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Guess what! Mark Watches Episode 39 of Utena happened today!

And as the last episode of the series it was so intense I had to not only post a monster review, but do this post giving extra info about Anthy and Utena’s relationship. Movie spoilers behind the cut.:

Okay. Before I begin with my main review in a separate post, I have to say something about Anthy and Utena. It IS canon they are supposed to be in love with each other and queer in the show. If everything else in the show doesn’t make that explicit to you, interviews and the commentary track for this episode make it very clear. 

The reason that it was not even MORE explicit in the series was no cowardice on part of the creators, but because one of the members of the team (Chiho Saito who wrote the manga) was majorly homophobic when she realized that was the intention and basically said she would quit if they went in that direction, which would have meant the entire project would have been scrapped for whatever reason. It clearly caused the director, Kunihiko Ikuhara, a great deal of stress. I’ll give you an excerpt from the commentary track that gives you the full story: 

Kunihiko Ikuhara: Gay people around the world like this series. 

Chiho Saito: (laughs) Really? You want to say that so definitively? 

KI: I mean when I say around the world — 

CS: It’s true that there’re various types of couple pairings… but you can also say that there aren’t any, really. I guess there’re many different ways to read between the lines. 

KI [cantarella scene]: And this series is the only series of its kind. How do I explain what I’m trying to say? … There’re tons of anime with eroticism, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t another anime that tells the story of two girls so innocently. In that respect I think it’s popular because this is the only one that does that. 

HM: Was that your intention from the beginning? 

KI: Yes. I didn’t tell Ms. Saito, but I was planning on it. 

CS: (laughs) Initially I wasn’t told anything about that. He asked me to draw something where the two were close, so I drew a piece where the two were next to each other looking rather friendly. He was extremely happy. I had no idea in the beginning what he was thinking, (laughs) but I figured it out at the end that his goal was to make me draw the two girls looking friendly. 

KI: In the beginning, I brought it up lightheartedly during a meeting. She got really angry and said, “If that’s the case, I’m out!” 

CS: (laughs) 

KI (bubbling with laughter): I realized it was something I wasn’t supposed to say and I decided to keep it to myself. 

CS (more seriously): No, that wasn’t it. If I remember correctly, we started a debate about how we should make it more entertaining for girls. We were on a workshop trip and the debate turned into a fight. Mr. Ikuhara wouldn’t give any consideration about enjoyment for girls. As a professional manga artist I couldn’t offer such a joyless story to the target audience. We had this huge clash (_baaan!_) of opinions, which created a lot of friction between us. 

KI: When that happened, the entire Utena project was almost scrapped. 

CS: (laughs) 

KI: It was such a big fight, the entire project was in jeopardy. It was such a painful fight I got carried into the hospital the day after! 

CS: You did?! 

KI: Yeah! It was New Year’s and I had… it was New Year’s and I had acute… what was it again?… 

CS: An acute infection? 

KI: All of a sudden I… 

KI: At the time I was extremely nervous, so… 

CS: Were you? 

KI: I was! 

CS: The thing is, the staff went on a workshop trip for the first time and we locked ourselves in the hotel. We barely got started and all Mr. Ikuhara could do was sleep! (laughter) I really wondered if he was going to do any work. I was continuously glaring at him. 

KI: That’s because Ms. Saito vetoed my idea from the beginning about Anthy and Utena being lovey-dovey. I was too shocked to do work! She said, “I quit if you’re taking that route!" 

CS: (laughs) 

KI: I figured I’d have to hide it from her because I wanted to do it anyway

Honestly, Chiho Saito’s excuses for this are weak and disgust me- It would make it “joyless for girls”? Guess what, lady, I’m a girl and I really like stories about girls in love because I LIKE GIRLS. I’M PRETTY SURE LESBIANS AND BISEXUAL GIRLS DON’T FIND STORIES ABOUT THEM “JOYLESS”. 

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