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Everything Comedienne Quinta Brunson Does Goes Viral

Quinta Brunson never imagined she’d become a real-life Spider-Man.

No, she doesn’t crawl walls and she doesn’t have enhanced strength or speed, but her love for Spider-Man as a child set the groundwork for her passion for creating good work to help others visions come to life. “I’ve always been into helping others,” she tells ESSENCE. “I never set out to be an inspiration, I just try to make good work. I [just] want to drink water and not hurt people.”

Watch any of Brunson’s Buzzfeed videos (we recommend Seeing Your Ex In Public) and you’ll see one of the brand’s youngest content creators (she’s only 27, y’all) doing her thing in a powerful way.

Brunson isn’t your typical writer or video producer. She’s more than that. Her focus is to blur the lines between digital and TV. Her viral Instagram series “The Girl Who’s Never Been on a Nice Date” put her on the map, giving her the opportunity to become the development partner at Buzzfeed and even create three shows, and even sell one entitled "Broke,” to YouTube Red.

She’s also a unicorn—she’s a Temple University drop out who appears on a Forbes 30 under 30 list, but she remains humble. “I’ve removed the thought that I’ve made it because it keeps changing,” she says. “Thinking I’ve made it would stunt my growth.

Although the Philadelphia-native has accomplished a lot, Brunson has yet to work with Chris Rock, who tops her list of comedians she’s dying to work with. “Chris Rock is so amazing to me,” she says. “ He does an excellent job at storytelling—he’s done what they say a Black man couldn’t do.”

Brunson’s incredible command of the craft is apparent, but she’s also happy and willing to offer words of advice for future Instagram stars looking to create a viral video.

“It needs to be shocking, and plain ol’ fun to watch,” she says. “Relatability is huge. Remember, people want to see themselves in something.”

Spoken like a true superhero.

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what do you think of the new hate MHA is starting to get now that it become popular

ignore it.

the reason it’s getting hate is because it’s more popular, and people are blowing things wildly out of proportion. not to say MHA doesn’t have it’s problems, it does, but there’s a fine line between giving a genuine critique of the series, and just spewing blind hate about it.

it’s especially frustrating because a lot of times the hate takes a very american-centered stance in regards to issues, when America and Japan have very different political and social climates and are evolving at different rates, and in general have different cultural values. plus, there are just gonna be common anime tropes in shonen, regardless of how annoying/frustrating they are, and they’re not supposed to be taken seriously. they just exist b/c it’s part of the genre. 

MHA is really great at looking at certain issues, like bullying, or self-sacrifice, or pushing yourself too hard, etc. but it’s not perfect. everything has it’s flaws. it’s flaws don’t automatically make it irredeemably bad, it just means that it has flaws that should be critiqued, and not taken out of proportion to what they are.

anyway, that’s all i’ll be saying on the subject. 

Here’s a riddle for you.
If you slaughter the flock and I slit the shepherd’s throat,
Which one of us is the wolf?

If I take a bullet to the chest on a Tuesday night
And no one is around to hear me fall,
Am I really dead?

If I die but I don’t die,
And a muzzle loaded with fangs is just as dangerous as a muzzleloader,
Where do you fit into all this?

Do you have an answer?

If you shoot me in the chest on a Tuesday night
And neither of us dies,
Does it really matter?

After all, let’s be honest,
If I poured the gasoline and you lit the match
We would both make the news.



RIP John Heard (1945-2017) - The talented character actor best remembered as Peter Mcallister, Macaulay Culkin’s father in the Home Alone franchise (1990-1992) died yesterday. Before the successful two films, he had a solid career as a leading man and supporting actor in films like Between the Lines (1977), the mini-series The Scarlet Letter (1979), Heart Beat (1980), Cat People (1982), C.H.U.D. (1984), Scorsese’s After Hours (1985), The Trip to Bountiful (1985), Big (1988), The Milagro Beanfield War (1988), Betrayed (1988), Beaches (1988), The Package (1989), Awakenings (1990), Rambling Rose (1991), Deceived (1991), Radio Flyer (1992) and his great turn as a disabled war veteran who helps his friend Jeff Bridges to solve a crime in Cutter’s Way (1981), one of his most acclaimed roles. His posterior credits include Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster (1992), The Pelican Brief (1993), In the Line of Fire (1993), My Fellow Americans (1996), Before and After (1996), Snake Eyes (1998), Pollock (2000), Animal Factory (2000), O (2001), White Chicks (2004), The Great Debaters (2007), Too Big to Fail (2008), Warren (2014) and five new projects in post-production in 2017. TV appaearances include The Client, Jack & Bobby, Entourage, Prison Break, CSI: Miami, and as detective Makazian in The Sopranos, which earned him an EMMY nomination as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.


The only way to end this, to save the city from whatever’s coming is to bring this building down. So unless there are any objections…then that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.


–Richelle Mead, Gameboard of the Gods | [for guardiansofthegalaxy]

You and I are examples of how synonyms
are not always interchangeable

You and I are soft.
You are soft like a favorite pair of jeans, worn threadbare over the years. The vague threat of a tear is present at the knees, but they’re intact for now; perfect.
I am soft like rot, the flesh of a fruit giving way under the lightest touch. The evidence of things forgotten, stems of dead flowers left too long in murky water.

You and I are proof of how what is said
is less important than how it is said

You and I are tragedies.
You are a tragedy in that you are exposed to this world, innocence and purity so much like the throat of a rabbit exposed to the wolves. It is tragic that you will someday die and leave the world that much darker for your absence.
I am a tragedy of the traditional sort, a walking disaster barely fit to bear the title of human. Something to pity, something to loathe, something to consider an example - the embodiment of a cautionary tale.

You and I are the difference between doing what is right
and doing what needs to be done

We are like liquor, you and I.
You go down soft and smooth, vintage wine in crystal glasses. The pleasant buzz that travels along your nerves and sets everything afloat, brain foggy but filled with nothing but satisfaction. 
I’m more like cheap vodka, bottom-shelf poison useful for nothing more than forgetting the day, hangover starting the moment it touches your lips. There is no god at the bottom of this bottle. There never will be.


On a more negative note, the one criticism the feels necessary to highlight is the writing. The writing is arguably the weakest element of Gorillaz and it’s already been apparent in the bios that just came out and the switch in writers. Throughout the series they’ve straddled the line between comedy (G-Bitez, Cribs, Murdoc tangents) and dealing with serious topics for example, the entire plot of Plastic Beach. Sometimes they pull it off, and other times it can be confusing for fans to distinguish between what is meant to be taken seriously and what’s meant to be laughed off. This phase they seem to be continuing this with Murdoc drinking more and 2D having Stockholm Syndrome, yet also keeping up the humorous side with 2D making friendship bracelets, eating a whale named “Massive Dick” etc. Usually this isn’t too big of a deal because the music is at the forefront. However, if they’re going to follow through with a full-length TV show I strongly believe it would be best for them to make a final decision about the direction they want to take and stick with it.

Additionally, if they choose the humorous route, they really ought to tie up the loose ends in 2D and Murdoc’s relationship. While I love the idea of a slice-of-life type series where they live as roommates getting into different shenanigans (or w/e they come up with) it’s going to be hard for me to fully enjoy it if they don’t address the 2D and Murdoc history on some level. Plastic Beach felt very climatic in that it portrayed a 2D that was angry enough to retaliate against Murdoc and openly express a growing dislike and disillusionment with him, and a Murdoc in the midst of a breakdown and having the the good and bad side of him represented in the form of spirits that were haunting him. Plastic Beach seemed to be setting up for some sort of change, whether it meant to or not. The fact that their relationship in phase 4 seem to have been reset, the events of the phase leaving virtually no impact is glaring enough. To completely skim over the aftermath, to explain it away with “gap years” and leaving fans to assume everything happened off-screen and that “it’s all okay now” would do (and is doing) a significant disservice to both of them. TBH I always thought they wrote themselves into a corner with Phase 3 by stumbling into themes that maybe they did not prefer to fully portray or dwell on, but I hope with this show  (if it happens) they can build off of past story arcs and give the characters, particularly 2D and Murdoc, a chance to finally grow.


anon request→Sam Adams & when Sam considers going back // when he does walk through the door

All right, but enough of the bullshit. Let’s try this my way.

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What do you think it takes for someone to be considered a part of the slenderverse?

To me, once you’ve connected to someone considered a part of the Slenderverse (by crossover or [consented!] reference) you’re a part of it. Thankfully you could draw lines between the big guys and almost every little series out there, since the ‘Verse itself is a pretty collaborative creator environment. You don’t need to crossover with, say, Tribe Twelve in order to be a part of this since there are series upon series upon series that have branched outward. Smaller series are more eager to work together on projects than the bigger ones that might have already mapped out their stories.

My advice though? Worry less about connecting to another series and more about the story you’re telling. Universe storytelling is fun (and has no shortage of great individual stories) but being the Batman v. Superman or Iron Man 2 of the Slenderverse isn’t very great either. Your series has become part of a universe, but if that’s all it is, it can be pretty hollow.


(How to Change a Fuqboi- between the lines)

Word Count: 2.1k

Request: @baekinacupoftae

Ok so I’ve read the fboi series… THEY WERE LIT despite being frustrating bc why the cliffhangers? u make me wanna cri. Nah, jk. But if you do have time, a sequel/closure would be nice. Only if you want to :) *whispers (especially Taehyung’s)

A/N: So! I have officially made a fan theory for my own story! Does that make me conceited? 🤔 or just a proud author? 😂 Haha~ This story comes from an “all one main character” timeline/theory for the Fuqboi series. I also included Jackson cuz why not? 😉 enjoy and as always, make sure to pay attention to details 💖

Originally posted by bangtanupdate

The light sprinkle of spring rain had ceased a few hours ago, but the damp smell still floats into your olfactory system with a vengeance, especially as you walk out of the department store for the last time, clutching your coat tighter around your frame. Thankfully, Namjoon hadn’t been scheduled to work today, so you were able to clean out your locker in peace.

Submitting your two weeks notice had been easier than you thought, especially with the excuse of “I’ve decided to focus on school” sitting on the tip of your tongue. It wasn’t a lie. You’ll be transferring to a different university this fall, but now you’re completely free.

Free to do what? Besides spend more time on campus, you aren’t exactly sure. Forget Namjoon? Yes. And his petty, disgusting denial of his true, selfish identity. Forget Yoongi? Yes. He was only a one time mistake you made because you were so desperate to get away from…


The name sends a wave of nausea through you, forcing your body to double over as you reach your car. You swallow hard around the urge to dry heave, refusing to cry. Still, the memory strikes you hard like a punch.

You tapped your pencil against the surface of your desk, trying to concentrate.

Annotating poems was one of your least favorite things, but your literature class demanded it, so annotate you would. Maybe.

The loud buzz of the dryer gave you just the excuse you needed to abandon the task momentarily. With too much enthusiasm, you emptied it of its contents, suddenly deciding that pristinely folded clothes were a top priority.

This load of laundry had been a mix of yours and Tae’s. The two of you shared a hamper, after all, and the duty to empty it out often fell on you- not that you minded. Living at his parents’ house rent free was compensation enough.

As you made your way through the pleasantly warm pile, something unexpected made you stop.

A pair of lacy red panties.

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‘All was well’

So today is September the 1st, 2017.
The Harry Potter timeline is now officially in the past. It all ends today. I had never thought this day would become real at one point. It makes me feel a little nostalgic, but also super excited. I love today :)
What amazes me the most about the Harry Potter series is that the line between fiction and reality is incredibly thin. It’s mentioned by Dumbledore in the last book : “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real ?”

But it’s not only that, it’s also a matter of fandom and success. JK Rowling invented a whole new world, that much is true. But she also anchored it in our world. Which means we as a fandom can anchor our love for Harry Potter books and movies in the real world too. Look at it this way : we go to the same places as our favorite characters went (King’s Cross, or London in general…).
The fact that this saga became so popular anchored it even more in the real world. “This boy will be famous. There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name”. The words pronounced by Professor McGonagall, that sounded a lot like a prophecy, became true in the Wizarding World and in ours. Because of the success it was, we now are able to wear the same clothes the characters wear, or artifacts from the saga, etc.
When a fictional world becomes so present in the real world, when it becomes so real altogether, dates have a deeper meaning too.
  Sept 1 2017 was fictional before it became real. Today, the line between fiction and reality is thinner than ever. And it allows us to ask ourselves so many questions concerning the relationship between the characters and the world as it is nowadays.
We wonder “what are they doing right now?” because it feels like they are real, since we share a date with them. We are, really, on the same time as they are, fictionally. On this day, Reality and Fiction meet and merge.

Harry Potter and his friends are now wandering somewhere. The Godlen trio is probably still in London, except if Harry and Ron are on an Auror mission or something. Neville is preparing for the Sorting Ceremony tonight. Hermione probably went to her office at the Ministry of Magic. What does she think of the current state of our world ? Is she in contact with Theresa May ? What did she say to her when they met ? What are her thoughts on Brexit? What does she think of global warming ? Of the current events in the US ? Of Charlotteville ? Of Trump’s words and actions ?
What are the other unknown links between our world and theirs ? Is there a new Dark Lord wandering somewhere ?

“All was well” today was real inside our heads for 19 years. And now that we could say it in the present, I can’t bring myself to write it. Because all isn’t well today.

That is a prophecy that unfortunately did not come true.

  • Me whenever Val isn't in a scene/chapter: Val heaven when?????
  • Me whenever Val is in a scene/chapter: No. No. Absolutely not. I hate this. Remove him right now. I'm tired of this dingdong.

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I actually would love for you to recommend some book series

I’ll recommend some, then! (Just know that I don’t really read as much as I’d like to, and some of these recommendations may be for series I’ve yet to finish or that may be fairly popular.)

  • The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this one across tumblr, but I personally adore it. There’s variety in character personalities, a handful of plot twists that I hadn’t imagined, and the writing style is really what gets me. I’m admittedly a fan of flowery prose (I read a lot of Victorian literature as a  kid) and Maas’s style is relatively similar to what I’d like to achieve. A high fantasy story centered on a female assassin and grows to be much more.
  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. This series may seem a bit weird conceptually, but is very well executed. It was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m glad that I trusted her. Set in a future Earth full of robots and a kingdom on the moon, this series rides the line between science fiction and urban fantasy. Oh yeah, and is a set of fairy tale retellings (Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White). I’m on the final book, and it was definitely all worth the read thus far.
  • The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. (Admittedly, haven’t read the last one yet. Been too busy.) Another fantasy story focusing on a girl who’s poor and “different” than the others. I didn’t think I’d like it, really. In fact, I didn’t like it until the plot twist at the end of the first book. I was more than ready to write it off as any other YA novel, but I was surprised and continued giving it a go. If you manage to catch me with a plot twist, hats off to you, I’m going to give your book a pass.
  • Still recommend any Rick Riordan series, The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (it reminded me of my current WIP series The Left Behind and was actually the driving force behind my decision to start writing original content seriously), and if you haven’t read the Divergent trilogy, I enjoyed it quite a bit when I read it.

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Hi there! I’ve been reading your posts and find your opinions on Tri really interesting, so, as a fellow Sorato fan here, I’ve got to ask you, considering everything we’ve been shown in the 5 OVAs, what’s your POV now on that Saikai scene where Sora & Yama are talking alone in the school hallway and Taichi walks by and decides to give them “space”? Now that I think about it, if Sorato isn’t in fact dating it seems weird to me that Taichi wouldn’t want to approach them...

Good question!

This scene – which lasts around two seconds, believe it or not – is a great example of how the lack of clarity in tri. creates confusion as it forces us to either having to use various degrees of reaching in order to get important information, or fall into the temptation of just overanalysing stuff that isn’t meant to have any deeper readings at all.

In this case, since we do not know the appropriate background for the situation (or even the subjective POV of the characters involved) well enough to understand the full context, it becomes extra difficult to interpret the interaction and understanding what it’s trying to convey us.

Let’s start with some basic assumptions, which are relatively safe because they’ve either been confirmed via “word of god” or are just based on previous information that tri. hasn’t contradicted (yet):

  1. Sora and Yamato aren’t a couple.
  2. Sora and Yamato had a “thing” 2 ½ years ago, and Taichi is (at least partially) aware of it.
  3. Sora and Yamato are very close friends.
  4. Sora and Yamato are going to end up together in the future.

The scene is very much told through Taichi’s perspective, in the sense that we only witness what he may have overheard. Whatever Yamato and Sora are thinking or feeling at the moment – whatever the current context of their relationship is – remains a total mystery to the audience. The point may be just that – Taichi doesn’t get it, either. “We don’t understand what doesn’t occur around us”, or so the line goes.

I do think it’s quite telling that this is the very first time we meet Sora and Yamato in tri. and their very first lines in the new series involve a conversation between the two. Considering what we know about their past (and future), this has to be a deliberate choice. But what is this establishing, in terms of characterisation and group dynamics? 

I suppose the point of this scene can just be: “Look, they’re still friends! Even though High school is complicated!”. Yamato and Sora’s potential feelings don’t really matter here. 

And yet, the fact that they were dating the last time we saw them remains the giant elephant in the room. Establishing that “they’re cool” while not actually establishing that they broke up or, at least, explaining that “whatever-happened-in-2002 wasn’t serious or anything” ends up bringing even more questions. Sure, we see that Yamato and Sora are friends, and that he cares enough about her to invite her to his show before Taichi. But without acknowledging the bigger picture, the movie shoots itself in the foot by not actually saying anything meaningful. At best, this is giving a little wink to fans of the couple while gigantically missing the whole point.

The second interesting bit of the scene is the fact that Taichi immediately turns away from them – as the storyboards put it, he’s “giving Yamato space”. This has to mean something, because in principle the normal, expected attitude if this was a normal trio of friends was for Taichi to come up to them. If he chooses not to intrude, there must be an explanation.

Again, not knowing any context, our only choice is to interpret Taichi’s actions ourselves, according to what we think works best. Chose your possibility:

  • Taichi acknowledges that Yamato and Sora have a “special relationship” and private moments between them are normal.
  • Taichi thinks Yamato still has feelings for Sora and wants to give him space to talk to her alone.
  • Taichi assumes that the conversation (Yamato inviting Sora to his gig) is not that important or just none of his business.
  • Taichi doesn’t care.

Anyway, I think the common point is that Taichi simply acts out of respect for his friends’s personal space, understanding they have their own relationship that doesn’t necessarily include him, and making the automatic choice of leaving them alone.

That being said, and finally answering your questions, ATM this is my personal interpretation of the scene:

Taichi arrives at the school and sees Yamato and Sora talking to each other alone. He could walk up and say hi, but his first instinct is that this may be a private conversation and so he shouldn’t intrude. 

After all, Yamato and Sora do have a history between them and Taichi still doesn’t know all the details of whatever happened between them. If he joins them, he may be interrupting something, creating an awkward moment or they both could end up mad at him. This has probably happened before, and Taichi has learnt his lesson.

Taichi overhears Yamato inviting Sora to his gig. He hasn’t heard anything about this before –  he sure didn’t get invited. Why is Yamato asking Sora first? Is this flirting? Are they going to get back together? Are they already together? It’s not as if any of them ever tells him anything.

Taichi doesn’t know the answer, and sure as hell doesn’t want to get involved in any relationship drama. So he takes the mature – and easy – decision: He minds his own business and goes to class.

Until Sora calls him.

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I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't want ACOTAR and ToG to be connected. The idea and theories are cool and stuff, but aside from not wanting all my ACOTAR faves to be dead I feel like it doesn't totally line up. The magic rules seem to be kind of different, as well as the layout of the land. ToG would have to take place a thousand years in the future for it to make sense with ACOTAR, but technology doesn't seem to have advanced that much. Idk, what're your thoughts?

I’ve sort of settled into the theory that they take place on opposite ends of the same world among 2 different species of elves Fae. That might explain a lot of the differences in how magic affects them and why only high lords can shift in ACOTAR vs everyone has a beast form in ToG.

The theories that, like, Lorcan was talking about Velaris when he mentioned the ancient city just don’t fit with the additional idea that Lorcan is a child or grandchild of Nessian. I don’t see Feysand letting anything go quite that wrong, and they seem set to rule for a few thousand years at least.

I think Maas includes easter eggs in her series, little references to each series, and ACOTAR is almost a fanfic of ToG, since you can draw direct lines between the characters in each series.

So, I don’t think the series are actually linked. It’s a fun thought, but in the long run I don’t think we will see that.