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Torchwood - The Radio Plays

Several years ago BBC Radio 4 broadcast a number of Torchwood plays between series - Lost Souls, Asylum, Golden Age, The Dead Line, The Devil and Miss Carew, Submission and The House of the Dead.  They ranged from decent to excellent with the last one especially tying up some important plot points hanging over the series.

Here is a set of covers designed to match the current Big Finish range.  I hope you like them!


anon request→Sam Adams & when Sam considers going back // when he does walk through the door

All right, but enough of the bullshit. Let’s try this my way.


The Thin Line Between Life and Death, Chapter 13

FANDOM: Carmilla (web series)

PAIRING: Carmilla/Laura, side LaFontaine/Perry.

SUMMARY: The psychic!Laura/ghost!Carmilla fic no one asked for.

While investigating an abandoned mansion in the woods, Laura comes across a spirit that reveals much more concerning information than she was expecting. Wanting to help the trapped spirits, Laura, LaFontaine, Kirsch, and a reluctant Perry’s research leads them to new discoveries, both unexpected and terrifying. None of them would have guessed that they would be dealing with something far beyond their experience, and Laura sure as Hell didn’t expect to fall in love along the way.

And when
she wrote to me
she left no spaces
between her words.

She filled
the cracks with love.

‘Writing Between The Lines’

64/365 • © K.V.

Writing From The Ashes series

[Read Between The Lines]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Pairing: Gajevy.
Rating: T+ for a lil’ groping. Nothing too explicit. 
Warnings: sexual implications, touching, SMOOCHING. 

A/N: Thanks for the headcanon, anon! <3

Anonymous said: Everytime Levy started giving Gajeel the cold shoulder, he simply began reading one of her books out loud. 6 out 10 he manages to get one of her more racy novels and man did she SEE them both playing out the scenes.

Levy was ignoring him again. So wrapped up in her little charade of silent brooding, she hadn’t even noticed him moving towards the stack of books on her desk. She likely wouldn’t until it was far too late.

Good, he thought, just keep on moping and see where that gets you.

She did this when her choice of arsenal, the words she loved so much, dwindled to an all time low. He’d never tire of the way she frustratedly bit her lip whenever words failed to come on command. Her wit was easily countered, even at the best of times, making any and all vocabulary totally useless. Words were empty without meaning behind them and Levy just didn’t have it in her to insult a person beyond playful means. Even her playful coaxing was more like a feather tickling a stone, pointless and ineffective. She didn’t know how to battle with Gajeel’s offhanded remarks, so instead she sulked. But the silence, deafening as it might be, was easily thwarted by more of Gajeel’s underhanded tactics. 

Snatching a book from Levy’s desk, Gajeel cast a baleful glance at Levy’s back. She was sprawled out on her bed facing the back wall, making it impossible to see her expression. Blue curls fell free of the ribbon in her hair, which, though cute during their morning walk, was becoming a memento of their little fight. He’d get her to look at him soon enough, though. He’d get her to speak to him, too. 

Among other things.

Flipping through the small book, Gajeel fingered one page after another until he located a section he found most pleasing. Like a miner striking gold, Gajeel had once again put his hands on Levy’s secret stash of erotic fiction. The stash she was secretly acquainted with, despite the constant reminder that she was saving them for Erza. Following the words with his fingertip, Gajeel readied himself for the aftermath of what was to come.  

“His fingertips were callous and rough against her soft flesh…” he trailed off when Levy spun around to face him, her cheeks already stained with bloodied evidence of her embarrassment. 

That was too easy. 

“Don’t you dare!” she protested.

Gajeel cleared his throat and continued on. “'Please,’ she begged. ‘I don’t want to wait any–’” Gajeel grimaced when a pillow hit his face and dropped into his hand, where it sent the book plummeting to the ground. 

“Gajeel!” she gasped. “Enough!”

“Oi, I wasn’t finished,” he griped, leaning down to retrieve the book from its unfortunate position on the ground. “Damn it, I lost my page.”

She glared at him in a way that made his blood boil – delightfully. He wanted to put the book down and give her a better reason to stay in bed all day, but he’d bite his tongue and wait. This was her punishment for sulking so damn much. He’d apologised enough already.

“I guess we’ll start on a different page, then,” he began, flipping his way into the centre of the book. He held her gaze as he continued to read the “forbidden” content. “She raked her nails down his back, leaving no inch of skin untouched by her… Ah, shit…”

She was flying at him before he could even drop the book in surrender. She flung herself at him like a ball propelled off a slingshot, wrapping her legs around his waist when he caught her. He wasted no time moulding his mouth to hers when her arms made their way around his neck. He abandoned the book to rest his hands on her backside, which he gave a playful squeeze as he walked her back towards the desk. The stack of fiction fell with a clatter to the floor as he sat her on the sturdy wooden surface and focused all of his attention on her hot lips. He swallowed her gasp when he slid his hand beneath her dress and across her bare thigh. 

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled into their kiss.

“No, I’m sorry,” she gasped, tugging a fistful of his hair.

“I didn’t even get to a full paragraph this time,” he laughed.

“I’ve read that one before,” she moaned, tilting her head back to take a steadying breath. “I don’t need you to read it in order to know what happens next.”

“And what’s that?” he teased, ghosting his lips across her neck

Levy dug her heels into his back. “You’ll just have to wait and see~”

Okay so this series. Just. I can’t.

i loved it. I read the first three books in one week during spring of this year and have been waiting ANXIOUSLY for the fourth and final one. And it was so worth the wait.
I was crying, gasping, shaking my head, in the fetal position, yell -pretty much what any bookworm does while reading a really good book.

Read this series because for sure you won’t regret it.
Please do and let’s fangirl together.

njerriey  asked:

Hi katrina I really love your tumblr and the way you analyse scandal episodes. I keep telling people scandal is a series that requires intellectual thinking and one has to be able to think critically and read between the line. It's not those series you can watch while not paying attention or not that quick to get what is being said and its hidden meaning. Anyway I just wanted to say I like your analysis and we appreciate you....


I appreciate you (plural)!!!


to everything you said about Scandal. There’s so much in this text if you open yourself up to seeing it (like a whole allegory about Olivia Pope being the foundation of America itself). But, you know, whatever, it’s just a nighttime soap if that’s all you need it to be. 

When you don’t watch closely, dumb ass articles like this get written: 

“Olivia, We Need To Talk About Fitz

We believe in you, girl. But we’re concerned about the scrub in your life.”

Because anyone who has watched all four Scandal finales would note that only in one of those four finales do we see Olivia getting what she wants and genuinely being happy. But bitches are so hurt that they didn’t get what they wanted, they want to stage interventions like Olivia doesn’t know what’s best for her life. Last year these same chicks were over the moon when sad, broken, burdned Olivia fled on a plane with an actual unemployed scrub who insinuated himself into her life. Yay? Does this look like the face of a sure and happy woman?

or this?

But, again, whatever.