between the harshness of their words and the gentleness of their touches

After The Gods First Time With MC

Leon -  Boastful. Leon wouldn’t stop telling how proud he was of you, and how amazing you were. He’d your nip your ears and neck playfully; dirty words slipping out between kisses. “Finally, you are mine~ My goddess; body and soul~

Scorpio - Gentle. Scorpio’s normal harshness would disappear, only to be replaced with a gentle side only you get to see. He was worried that he’d hurt you, but you’d never see that in him. His touch would slowly skim your body as his lips massage your back and neck, allowing you to finally relax against him. “You are my woman, don’t forget that~

Teorus - Loving. Teorus wouldn’t stop kissing you. His arm would wrap around your bare back, pulling you closer as his lips press against yours eagerly. He can’t seem to get enough of you. Everything about you intoxicates him.  "I love you, my goddess~“

Dui - Concerned. Dui would be worried that his shadow self had harmed you, so he’d do everything in his power to make you smile. He’d shower your face with little kisses that sent sparks running through your body. Only when you couldn’t stop smiling, would he finally allow himself to relax; kissing you softly ”Are you happy, beautiful?

Huedhaut - Passionate. Even after you’d finished making love, Hue would remain passionate. His eyes burned with love and desire. He could hardly fathom the fact that you were his once again. He’d pull you close; enfolding you within his warmth to ensure you weren’t just a dream. His lips gently graze your forehead ”I’ll never let you go~

Ichthys - Happy. Ichthys would be extremely talkative and happy, unable to stop grinning. During your first time together, he’d been extremely curious and attentive to your needs. That remained even now that you’d finished. He’d want to know everything that you had felt when you’d laid with him. His arm slowly wraps around you, pulling you in to rest your head on his chest. His smile is contagious ”Tell me more, goddess~