between the harshness of their words and the gentleness of their touches


Finding yourself being constantly ignored by people? It’s probably because of the way you speak or communicate with others. One of the key skills of captivating people’s attention is your voice. Here are some ways to be a great speaker and in general, a person with voice power.

1. The Nature of Your Voice

A lot of us mumble when we’re unsure of something or are scared. Don’t be! When speaking to others, enunciate your words - not too much but just enough so that people understand what you are saying. Also speak in a pleasant tone. Some people naturally  have a harsh lilt which makes people feel that they are constantly angry or annoyed when talking to that person. Others have a too gentle touch to their voice which makes people feel bored and unable to give their attention. Try and find a good balance between these two. You’ll know it’s working when people start listening and socialising with you in a more positive way.

2. Self Confidence

Damn, being confident is tough. I use to be so scared to state my opinion on anything but after joining the debate team, I learned that you can state any opinion, regardless whether it is right or wrong and people will still agree with you. The important factor is believing in what you’re saying and this belief will spread to others and influence them to believe in you as well. Generally, self confidence takes time so I suggest joining a club/activity which promotes oral skills such as drama, debate or choir.

3. Different Ways to Say Sentences

If you use negative phrases when talking to people, it makes them feel bothered and tired of your presence and soon you’ll end up talking to yourself in the middle of nowhere. For example,

“That’s not so bad” can be rephrased to “That’s great”

“ What was I suppose to do” // “How do you think I should handle it?”

“Stop freaking out!” // “I’ll give you some time to de-stress”

These are just some ways to improve your communication skills and have better conversations

Best wishes,

Qismet x