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Canon facts seasons 1-4: About Tom
  1. Born on August 10th,1984 as Christopher Hargrave. 
  2. Son of Susan Scott Hargave (called Scottie) and Howard Hargrave, who started Halcyon Aegis, a private military intelligence company, with its offshoot: Grey Matters for the more questionable operations.
  3. in the Summer of 1988, when he was almost 4 years old, he was taken from his parents Summer rental home in Ocean City , following a fight between his parents, when Hoards stormed off and Scottie was alone in the house.
  4. Some time later, as a notorious serial kiler was already in jail, Richard Game, his mother Mrs. Game, was sent $100,000 to get him to confess to the murder of Little Christopher.  This closed the investigation.
  5. A week after he was taken, Christopher was taken in by Child Services in Delaware, 100 miles from Ocean City.  He knew his name was Christopher but could not identify his parents or his last name.  
  6. Frank and Eva Phelps either adopted him or fostered him, renaming him Jacob Phelps. 
  7. in 1997, Tom ran away from the Phelps at 12, possibly been brought back repeatedly. The situation in this home must have been bad as the Major comments he is not surprised Tom has not stolen more considering it. He had stolen a wallet and a car, and when the Major picks him up he has been following his social services records.
  8. in 1999 at 14 years old, in NYC, Bill McCready AKA the Major, picks him up.  He goes to St. Regis, the Major’s school of spies. 
  9. When Liz finds his go-bag is an old box with a carved top that includes 3 dots. It could be a symbol, or it could be the base where something fit on it.
  10. Gina, another one of the Major’s operative, seems to have been his sweetheart. She has a box with a very similar (lacking the 3 dots) symbols as Tom has. 
  11. Gina comments that she “should have said yes that night in Budapest.”. that could refer to getting married, or getting out together, or anything at all.  Gina was mad at him because he dumped her because of Liz. But she saves his life by killing the Major.
  12. At some point Tom must have saved the life of the Major in Cape Town. 
  13. Tom was the Major’s finest accomplishment, yet he was ready to kill him twice because he had betrayed him when he went to the feds and when he told the Germans what was his mission in Dresden (finding out who murdered Sarah Hastings)
  14. The identity Tom Keen has been created for him already.  This is a teflon identity, which yields no prints, no records, no matter what Tom does. The CIA knows him as Tom keen as do Red. The only people we have seen calling him Jacob are the Major and Gina. The scrub job seems to be a government affair as it has no records whatsoever to the point Tom can apply to a teacher’s job, after being a suspect in the murder of Jolene Parker, and been connected to fake Berlin.
  15. Tom is hired circa 2009 by Red to watch over Liz, at an arms’s length, the friend of a friend.  However, when introduced in a blind date (which I imagine was meant to get him to meet her, and be discarded as a mate, to be relegated where he wanted to be: in the outer periphery of her friends) they became involved. Liz was seen then Dr. Nik Korpal, (or had just rejected his marriage proposal) who meets Tom in Liz kitchen in her kitchen, making coffee in his underwear.
  16. he gets engaged to Liz near March 2011 (bachelor party trip), and Red fires him.  Between March 12th, 2011 and November 3, 2011 Berlin offers the Major twice as much for Tom’s contract, and he stays with Liz, making Berlin think he married her as a job on November 3, 2011.
  17. in 2012 he is either involved in the murder of Viktor Fokin or he ends up helping Gina as he is seen exiting the hotel while Gina is seen entering it for the second time. Viktor Fokin was an FSB defector in possession of information about an unsanctioned double agent. It possible this hit is commissioned by the CIA, by Berlin, by Reddington or by anyone, but it is unclear who actually murdered him. Considering Tom’s arsenal, it seemed unlikely he would have kept a weapon used in a high profile assassination, if he had known it was. At the time Tom had gone to Boston saying he had a job interview there, and taking Liz with him as a romantic weekend.
  18. in 2012 he takes a job for the CIA in tracking a former operative gone rogue, Leland Bray, and is abducting CIA operatives to extract intelligence and then killing them. His partner in that mission is CIA operative Anna Copland.  The mission takes them to Rabat. Tom tracks Bray by tracking his girlfriend.
  19. in 2012 Tom and Liz start the process of adopting a baby.
  20. in 2012 Tom buys 3 passports from a forger in Prague that Red knows. This sets up an alarm for him, still unexplained.
  21. in 2013 Liz and Tom move to DC so that she can go to the FBI academy in Quantico, in preparation to be a Field Agent.
  22. On September 23, 2013 Zamani is sent by Red to hurt Tom, so that he bleeds over the go-box. Zamani leaves by offering Liz a choice to either save innocents or save Tom, as asked by Red. As a result of it Liz finds his go box.
  23. Tom is unaware for weeks that Liz found it. When he does he asks her to take him in to clear the situation. He is taken to the Post Office, and Meera Malik, former CIA undercover operative and a trained interrogator does not find anything strange at all.  He is deemed innocent.
  24. When Jolene gains entrance to his life and is able to observe Tom and Liz and later reveals herself to be Berlin’s operative, sent to question Tom because Berlin is already having doubts about him and his loyalty, Tom is forced to kill her and the tracker hired by Red to follow and eventually abduct her. She could relay to Berlin that Tom was not married to Liz as a job (He refers to Liz as “his wife” and to their abode as “my house” in her presence). When Liz discovers his watch post he is forced to liquidate it, and escapes by hitting Liz to stun her. He manages to destroy most of the evidence, but leaves behind uncle Flippo. 
  25. When he sees Liz in the National Archives as he is trying to make a drop of his code book, he goes home, cooks dinner, and has the music box that Red gave her out. When Liz says her father gave it to her, he knows he has to leave.  Red delivers him again to Liz tied to a chair by extracting him from a safe house using the Pavlovitch Brothers.  After Liz breaks his thumb, he manages to escape, and makes good on his threat to Red to tell Liz who killed Sam. The envelope with the evidence has the box’s symbol on it. He kills Red’s operative sent to follow him and sends Red the neck tattoo.  
  26. When the plane carrying Berlin crashes, leaving fake Berlin in charge, he asks Tom for a list of the task force. Fake Berlin has a grudge against red and seems to have no compulsion about killing Liz. Tom produces a true list, and then tracks Liz. After fake Berlin assassin has killed Meera and hurt Cooper, and when fake Berlin is after Liz and Ressler, Tom takes Liz and goes to fake Berlin lair.  Seeing the dead guards, he still goes in, with Liz at gunpoint.  he never demands Red untie fake Berlin, only that Red put the gun down, which he does not, until fake Berlin demands Tom kill Liz, and he puts the gun to Liz’s head, forcing Red to kill fake Berlin. He then superficially wounds Red to stop him, and the whole thing results in him being shot 3 times by Liz.
  27. he is saved by Liz and taken to a ship and chained.  Liz interrogates him for 4 months, yielding information such as the bank where Berlin keeps his money: Monarch Douglas Bank. He never tells Liz about Red hiring him. When Eugene Ames seems unusually interested in examining the ship to the point that he comes back the same day that a federal agent told him the ship was fine, armed and without filing a proper report (suggesting he was doing so as a side job, as the wife reports he is a gambler) Tom kills him to prevent him from reporting Liz. 
  28. He gives Liz information on how to find Berlin, and is set free. Red gives him an envelope. Red warns him never to see Liz again.  
  29. Tom takes a job in Desdren finding out who in a neo-nazi drug dealing group murdered Sarah Hastings.  Red finds him and delivers the message to come bak to take responsibility for the murder of Ames. He does, but is set free by Connolly who needs the whole thing to go away because Liz is already been targeted to help with Peter Kotsiopulus plan in 2017 to ignite the cold war with Russia, by outing her as a Russian sleeper agent, Masha Rostova.
  30. The Major tracks him and is about to kill him because he went to the feds, when the Germans get them both, and when they threaten to find Liz and hurt her, he gives them information in trade for not hurting Liz, and leaves the Major behind.  The Major is seen later on, putting a hit on Tom again.
  31. Tom is forced to burn all his known identities (probably the ones the Major gave him) and goes to Liz for help, wanting the clean passports, which suggests those are not related to the Major.
  32. Tom helps Liz track self companies, and then tells her Red hired him. And more (we have no idea what is the “more”). And then helps defend Red when he is shot ands his warehouse is under attack.  
  33. Liz calls him and asks all he knows about Reddington. We have no idea what he told her.
  34. After Liz is being hunted he offers Red to take her and disappear, and leaves in the boat, but turns arounds when he hears Liz killed Connolly.
  35. Harold Cooper tasks him with finding Karakurt, hiding with his brother in law, a Russian mafia guy who runs illegal fight rings, drugs and extortion and is wanted by the FBI who never has been able to pin anything on him. He does this using Asher Sutton, a rich guy who refused to throw a fight, and in doing so, became an enemy, and extorted of 20K a month. The detective hired by Mr. Sutton ends up in pieces in the mountains, a warning to him the same would happen to him, should h not pay.  As we meet him, Asher is already having difficulties making his payments, and is eventually found due to Tom’s actions, and both he and Tom are dragged to a fight to death (probably the last use of a extorted man with nothing left to bleed out). Tom refuses to fight, but Asher does not and is killed by Tom. Tom later kills Volkens and his men, and drags Karakurt back to Cooper.  When Solomon is on their tracks they manage to save Karakurt and get Solomon is custody.  Tom talks Ressler our of killing Solomon in cold blood.
  36. When Liz is exonerated and comes back to him a week later, he proposes to her in open air.   Red warns him not to marry Liz.
  37. After Liz he finds out she is pregnant and is thinking to have the child adopted.  He has a job lined up in Boston, which is taken by Red when he finds out Tom wants Liz to move there, which prompts Liz to take firm steps to have the child adopted without consulting him which promote him  to reach out to Gina, and it results in him being shot by Gina men and burned.  He escapes and somehow is saved from the jewerlers. It is suggested Red saved him as Nik Korpal, who works for Red now, told Red. Since the booty was $22 million, to let that go must have cost whoever payed for it a lot more than that. (could be Red or Howard Hargrave)
  38. On their wedding day Gina tracks him and delivers him to the Major, who is about to kill him, when Gina kills the Major instead, and leaves Tom to dispose of the body.  Tom tells Liz about this before the wedding and gives her an out if she wants it. When the wedding in attacked Red asks him to take her out.  
  39. He is then complicit in faking liz;’s death. His job is to stay, neutralize the threat (which Kaplan seem to imply is all Red’s fault) and then leave with Agnes to Cuba where Kaplan took Liz.  He conducts 2 operations: the bank robbery &  the mission to get the retinal scan, and is saved from killing his mother by Red who delivers the information of his real identity, and warns him never to say anything to Scottie.
  40. When he gets there, Kirk had not been killed and he was being tracked by Kirk’s man which leads them to Liz. All 3 are abducted and Kirk gives 2 times specific orders to kill Tom.
  41. He conducts 4  operations in the retrieving of Agnes: a covert one with Liz to steal information, one to extort information about Kirk which yields the FSB file on Kirk, and with it the information that saves Red’s life, and the fake DNA test that Rostov is Liz’s father. (which seems to puzzle him), one assigned by Red in procuring the virus to trade for Agnes and a fourth covert one behind Liz ‘s back to trace the server and get Agnes back when Kirk set the monitor  (something Red describes as cruelty).
  42. He then works with Dembe to save Red by procuring patient zero.
  43. When his father appears to have died in the plane crash, he starts researching what happens to him, and uncovers some information about his past, including Richard Game. Red warns him again to stay away from Scottie. 
  44. On the day when he has another interview for a job as a teacher,  he receives a call about a will reading. He goes to NYC, is directed towards a meeting in park with his father, and directed to go undercover at Scottie, also by withdrawing his information of his real identity from him, aligning Red with Howard. He does, and witness Scottie mourning of Howard and her signing the death certificate for him, which delivers the entire control of the company to her. 
  45. The whole fight between his parents revolves around a working quantum computer developed by Richard Whitehall, which Scottie says she fears because of the loss of privacy, and Howard seem to relish. Howard was working with Whitehall from the beginning, and Scottie had abducted Whitehall. Kat, a trusted employee warns him that “he did it”. Scottie ends up in jail, after having Tom tortured by Solomon, but with the intention of letting him go after he yielded all the information, after knowing he is her son. (she called off the hit on him).  He later learns that Howard may not be as innocent and Scottie not as guilty.
  46. As a result of this he considers Nez Rowan a putative sister. Howard proved to be just like Red in his ability to strategize. 
  47.  It is revealed that Howard was born in Poland, during the cold war, which implies either he or his family changed their name, or he was adopted.
  48. Tom is last seen retrieving the suitcase with the bones Kaplan left and talking to someone about Kaplan instructions.

I feel FOR SURE that someone much smarter than me and with more energy/effort is going to disprove this but I just want to throw my headcanons out there for the way the Steven Universe locations are playing out!

So far it looks like the Strawberry Battlefield is somewhere in Norway (see the pink circle). The closest landmark I can think of looking at a close up map of where Buddy seemed to be aiming for is the Dekkjene Nature Preserve. Of course this is just conjecture, as we don’t know whether Buddy traveled further down the fjords inland eastward etc, however this location seems a fitting match for the sprawling green area depicted in the show!

The “Sand Castle” (one would assume the homeplace of the Desert Glass gem), would be, if one assumes the map to follow the major coastal outlines, somewhere in the Libyan Desert, which forms the North/North-Eastern part of the Sahara Desert (see the orange circle).

The Beta Kindergarten, as referenced in “It Could’ve Been Great” by Peridot while on the moon base, is the insertion point for the Cluster, and is cross referenced from this screenshot. 

Uh honestly it looks kind of like it could be right around Las Vegas! For real though, it’s more likely in the Death Valley National Park, as it has, and I google maps quote, “3.4 million acres of desert & mountains”. Seems about right for what we saw in Beta/Earthlings/Kindergarten Kid! (see the red circle). 

Not pictured on Jaime’s (I mean Buddy’s) map is the site of the gem ship, which we saw a map of in “Friend Ship”.

It looks like it’s riding the border between Venezuela and Colombia (closer to Colombia), south of the Lago de Maracaibo. (see the lilac box).

I would hedge my guess that since travel (done by car, train, and walking) between Beach City and the Prime Kindergarten seemed to take less than a day or so, that this point marked in the map is the Prime Kindergarten. It looks as if this point is slightly to the south-west of the Great Lakes Michigan & Erie, and the map seems to be tilted/skewed slightly, and I would more likely go with somewhere between Kansas/Iowa/Nebraska/Missouri. If we factor in travel time (it seems like Steven and Amethyst got on the train in the late morning, let’s say 10 am), and we estimate that after talking during the sunset, they spend the night on the train to arrive in the early morning, although light is hard to distinguish given how dark the Kindergarten is. I did a shitty look at an Amtrak train schedule between Ocean City (Beach City’s ROUGH equivalent) and Mt. Pleasant in Iowa (I’m being REALLLL rough here with location estimates folks), and it was approx. 35 hours travel time. HOWEVER, this was on passenger lines with stops and train switches. I’m Canadian and honestly couldn’t tell you what the baggage/industrial trains run at down there. Let’s say for the shows sake that they only take 20 hours and don’t have to switch trains, which would put them arriving at the Kindergarten at 6 am the following day. I want to mention that I’m assuming that since Steven is tired at the Kindergarten but not actually falling over, but says that he really wants to get home to sleep, that they’ve been up all night. SO! Let’s say that for our little shitty estimation situation sake going on up here ^ that the Prime Kindergarten exists in the South-East corner of Iowa. (see the green circle).

Referencing “Cheeseburger Backpack” with Garnet stating “it’s a three hour paddle home”, I’m going to put the Lunar Sea Spire here, off the coast kiiiiind of near Maryland. (see the light blue circle).

Since it didn’t seem that they were flying for a huge amount of time, I’m going to bet that the Galaxy Warp is the closer point marked on the map, however I could definitely be wrong here so it’s just my headcanon at this point with no further evidence! (see dark blue circle).

I want to say that the Sky Spire is likely here, as the landscape seen in “Giant Woman” suggests that they are in a mountainous region. Using the Moon Base map’s point for the location (not visible in Buddy’s map) and cross referencing with a real world map, if you look at the border between Laos and Burma and then run your eye straight north into China, that seems to be the best way to approximate the location, using the Brahmaputra River as a guide for how far east to look. (see Moon base map for the dark green circle).

And I’m just throwing a shot in the dark here, but I’m assuming that since Pearl thought Buddy for sure couldn’t fly, she wouldn’t have put the marking for the Sky Arena on his map. I would also like to think that since Connie doesn’t need to be wearing warm clothing while up in the sky arena that we are in a somewhat warm place. SO. I’m putting the Sky Arena here, on the south-eastern edge of Bolivia. (see the purple circle).

SO. That leaves us with 7 undesignated marks on Buddy’s Map and 6 on the Moon Base Map.

Anyone care to add their headcanons? :D

[20140925 Weibo Trans] The Story of Time: 2012 - 2014 where Luhan takes his his hardship lightly (PART 3)

trans: epikey@tumblr | source : Luhan Baidu Bar Weibo

(t/n - I screenshot the photos to make the post as cohesive as possible. If you want to see the original post, please click on the source. Words in italics are from the photos. Words not in italics are the words from Luhan Baidu Bar.)



20140515 - 20140611 :hectic schedule and continuous sickness and injuries

140515 - 140528 daily practice, leaving the company deep into the night
140523 - 140525 EXO Seoul Concert
140525 News press conference
140526 idol sports competition, indoor footsal

I won’t dwell much into the confusion and chaos before and after the Seoul concert, but it was heard that they’ve put in a lot of work due to the changes. His first time, the first tour.
He put in all his effort into performing, concentrating in singing, through this he proved that the war between dreams and reality, the final outcome is that he won.
We thought that after their continuous practice and exciting performances, the company will reward them with a few days of break. Who knew that right after it was him attending the sports show as a representative of his company, although it was a performance match, he was exceptionally earnest, kicking in 4 goals all by himself.
A lot of people praised his heroic skills and dashing looks, but there were very few who asked, are you tired, fight on.

140601 TLP in HK D1
140602 TLP in HK D2
140605 MCD
140607 Dream Concert
140607 Music Core
140609 Samsung Music signing session
140611 Happy Camp Recording

140517 Leaving the company late at night + looking gaunt and tired

20140601 HK concert, hurt his leg

Along with the start of their tour, it was also a journey of him as a rookie actor.
So while he was rushing to follow the concert schedule, he was also rushing to film with the production crew. For a singer idol, the first concert will be exhausting and only when you put everything into it will the handwork you’ve out in for the past 2 years pay off. For a rookie actor, everything starts from 0.
Double the hardship he must carry, double the pressure he must press down in his heart.
It may seem as if he earned everything easily, but if you looked at the small anecdotes of him, you’d understand that only the darkest night can show the brightest star.

20140611 recording for Happy Camp while he was ill | being at the base as the support for everyone on top

Weibo 20140612 13:07

Members comments about Luhan: “Sometimes when he’s too adamant it scares us, we hope that Luhan won’t endure everything (silently).”

That Luhan went on numerous variety shoes, the final broadcasted show and what was filmed by the fans were always like two parallel worlds. The him that was shown on broadcast was quiet, only showing a sudden reaction sometime in the corner, afterwards people only remembered his clean looking face and little words. However, in the things filmed by fans, he was dedicated, he was immersed, he was lively.
The whole time he followed the movement of the show, even if there were parts where he was not the main character, he’d always smile and show support.
When someone didn’t understand, he would go up and translate. If someone stumbled and fell, he could go forward to help the person up.
He’d also turned discretely with his back towards the camera and coughed; he’d also grit his teeth and endure when he had too much weight on him.
A true side of him came alive from the little details, just like the unique way he chose to face the world. Even if he needs to grit his teeth and advance forward, he’d have to quietly smile.

20140718 - 20140808 : Schedule becomes more and more hectic

Schedule of 20140718 to 20140808
140717 Beijing capital airport to Shanghai Pudong airport
140718 Samsung 2014 Nanjing YOG start of promotion event
140718 TLP in Shanghai
140719 TLP in Shanghai
140720 Pudong to Beijing South Station (train)
140725 Beijing to Incheon
140727 Incheon to Huanghua
140727 TLP in Changsha
140728 Huanghua to Beijing
140728 Meilishuo signing
140729 Beijing capital airport to Gimpo
140802 Incheon airport to Xianyang
140802 TLP in Xi'an
140803 Xianyang to Incheon
140808 Incheon to Tianjin
140808 EXO Tianjin Aima fanmeeting
140809 Tianjin to Incheon

20140728 chasing after trains

Weibo: It’s really quite tough to catch the fast speed train back to Beijing for his filming. I remembered a weibo posted yesterday that said, he didn’t see himself as almighty or famous, throwing aside his job he’s a typical Beijing boy, holding his lemon tea getting lost at Beijing South Station and slightly panicking as he asked his fans “where is it?”, not haughty just because he’s a star, because he’s advancing all the time for his dream. We’ll always be positive energy.

20140727 Changsha concert, heat stroke

20140802 Xi’an concert

Weibo 20140808 23:49

The moment when Luhan couldn’t stand properly, my heart felt so numb. Lu-ge ah, I don’t ask for anything else. Just that you be okay, take care of yourself, let your leg heal T_T T_T T_T (t/n - I can’t see what’s written in red)

Performing even with a pulled ligament

He rushes to and fro between cities, igniting cheers at every location. The golden ocean subsides in this city only to rush in again at another city. Numerous people can just stay at their doors to wait for his arrival (t/n - stay in their own city), after meeting, after a night of wild cheers, they can bring his positive energy and march forward after that.
A bright sun saves the city that was flooded with rain, but this sunlight that radiates off for ten thousand feet carries clouds above him that had been accumulated.

Practicing hard to do special tricks during the cf filming despite his injured ligament.

20140831 Guangzhou to Korea, difficult to cover up his tiredness

20140905 Arrival at Jakarta airport

The day before this, it was all storm clouds here, rumours were flying everywhere until he finally appeared in a white shirt and black cap, his good friend by his side.
Until a later date when he saw him appear at the hospital, only then did we dare to guess the reason he was apart from his group all alone.
Compared to the physical pain, what’s more difficult is a person’s mentality being unable to withstand the weight. Probably only in the darkest of nights are the most sighs heard. Even with his eyes closed, his heart dared not rest.
In the morning when he woke up with dazed eyes, he tells the dawn that, I’m good, I’m okay.

20140920 - 0921 TLP in Beijing, swollen eyes, wound son his arm, carried on performing
He almost stumbled and fell after his solo because he felt dizzy

The Beijing stop is the last stop of the tour in China, it is also the first time the tour came to his hometown.
Because he was so afraid of disappointing the people of his hometown and their expectations, he went early to practice and only stopped in the late night.
The yellow beams of light gathered together to form the ocean of stars, the girls with light placards - with their tears flowing, they are unwilling to mention his inability to hide his ill conditions on stage, the people who were watching the live broadcast on television gradually became silent as well.
I’m afraid that even this patch of earth will ask, what happened to the healthy  boy that I once sent away with my gaze?
There is no answer.
No one is able answer.

Dolphins Swimming Joyfully by koopshoots Dolphins swimming joyfully in the blue pacific ocean somewhere between San Pedro and Catalina Island adjacent to the City of Los Angeles. Taken while on a whale watching expedition.