between her

He’s mapped out every freckle on her skin, the distances and angles between them as familiar to him as the constellations are to an astronomer. The soft dip between her shoulder blades holds a tiny mole, almost microscopic. It’s something she hates: she feels like it ruins the plane of her back, that it stands out and draws attention. But he loves it. To him, it’s the sun the rest of her freckles revolve around.

The first time he kisses it, mouth closing over the skin in quiet adoration, she lets out a low gasp and tilts her head backwards. His hands slip lower down her waist, thumbs tucking into the top of her jeans, the tips of his fingers resting over her hip bones. With her back pressed into his chest and his arms containing her, Jughead feels like he could define her very shape at that moment.

Betty twists herself around so that she’s facing him. Her eyes are full of unspoken things and he slowly intertwines their palms and lowers her so that she’s lying on her back, surrounded by her fluffy pillows.

“My mom will be home soon,” Betty whispers as Jughead leans in to kiss the spot just under her ear.

“I know,” he replies, catching her lips with his and kissing her so gently she feels like her soul might break. When he pulls away, his eyes are so sincere, her heart feels full. She raises a hand to his face and traces his cheekbones with a fingertip.

“Juggie –“ she starts, her breath catching with the weight of what she’s about to say. It’s not like she’s never said it before. She has. To Archie. To Veronica. To her parents. Even to Polly. But this time it’s different, this time it means more than it ever has.

“Juggie, I love you.”

Jughead’s face breaks into a smile so genuine and happy that she can’t help but pull him in for another kiss.

“I love you too, Betts,” he breathes against her mouth, repeating it with each kiss he trails down her neck while she tries to stop herself from smiling madly by biting down on her lip.

And at that moment, in the waning afternoon sun lighting up the soft waves of Jughead’s hair and his safe presence enveloping her, Betty knew that she’d found something she never wanted to lose.

Little Girl

Requests: “I’m really,really sorry I thought I was done honest but I saw the Kai gif thing and now fluff, cooking cupcakes with Kai for your little girls birthday party (yum cupcakes) Please and Thank you ~S” (Credits to gif owners!) 

Kai’s daughter meant everything to him. From being a lost cause, to falling in love for the first time, learning how to control himself, getting married and having a daughter, she was his whole world. Its her birthday. Her fifth birthday to be exact which sort of came as a shock to Kai. He knew exactly how old she was going to be yet he couldn’t believe five years ago he didn’t know what to do in the hospital room.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to say, or how to hold her. Or how to react when he saw her face between the thick blankets for the first time. For so long he was confused with emotion, but he cried. He cried with the biggest smile on his face when he cradled her in his arms. He was wrapped around her finger ever since.

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for @this-too-too-sullied-flesh who wanted the first cs dinner party (with bonus if it’s an engagement announcement) 


“We have enough food, right?”

Next to her, Killian mumbles incoherently, shifting his arm to rest more comfortably. He’s barely awake, his face still in his pillow, but Emma has been up for nearly an hour, and this freaking dinner party is going to drive her insane.

“Did you pick up that bottle of scotch for my dad? I finished the one we had last night, and–”

Killian is apparently awake enough to kiss her, his lips firm against hers as he slides across the mattress to settle between her thighs. He’s warm, his skin radiating heat from sleep, and when he pulls back enough to blink blearily at her, it’s with a soft smile. “Relax, darling. I’ve got it all sorted as you asked.”

“But everyone is coming over tonight, and–”

“And if we served them moldy bread and rotten fish, they wouldn’t even notice.”

His accent is thicker when he’s still half-asleep, or maybe it’s the underlying emotion as he reaches for her hand, the newly-placed ring shining in the early morning light. He rubs his thumb against the metal, and their eyes catch, and it hits her all over again.

They’re engaged. Emma Swan, the sad little lost girl with no home is going to marry the love of her life – the true love of her life.

But first they have to tell everyone, and she doesn’t know why she’s so nervous. Her father likes Killian. Her mother will be thrilled. Regina will say something snarky, and then probably get her some extravagant gift she doesn’t need. And Henry…well, Henry probably had something to do with the proposal in the first place since he rather conveniently stayed at a friend’s house last night.

“We’re not serving moldy anything, love.” Killian is looking at her with a faint amount of concern when she glances up, his voice pulling her from her thoughts. “Roast chicken, with–”

It’s Emma’s turn to shut him up with a kiss, a needy thing that has her gripping his shoulders to pull him closer. Who is she kidding? Killian has had this all planned. The dinner party was arranged a week ago – wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone over for Sunday dinner now that I’ve properly moved in and we’ve a moment’s peace? – and there he was last night, asking her to marry him.

He probably knew she’d never be able to keep it a secret, and if she’s honest, Emma likes that he was so sure of her answer that he already made a plan to tell everyone before he’d even asked the question.

Which is why she decides that worrying about the menu is probably not the best use of her time when they’ve got the house to themselves, and Killian’s bare skin is on hers. He must be of a similar mind, his hips grinding against hers as the kiss deepens as his fingers dance along her waist and up over her ribs.

It’s a pleasant way to pass the morning, and in the end, it turns out the Emma really shouldn’t have worried about anything. The moment her parents walk through the door, Mary Margaret zeros in on her left hand, nudging David before he’s even started to take off his coat.

“I was right. Pay up.”

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Perhaps a protection of privacy. But, Caitriona even looks more comfortable posing with JJ than Tony

Cait appearing more comfortable with others than with Tony at an appearance that involves Tony is not an unusual observation, anon. But what could it mean?

Cait is on record saying that her personal relationship is private. That it is just for her. If she was trying to protect the privacy of a relationship between her and Tony the way to do that would be to leave him at home out of the limelight- not to take him to all her professional appearances and then to proceed to treat him as a friend cum assistant.

Her treatment of him is quite consistent across all of their appearances together too. And it is never suggestive of any physical closeness or intimate relationship existing between them. She treats him as a friend and also as an assistant- and nothing more. Every time.

Cait is an actress, and also a model. She is aware of the power of body language. It is her stock in trade so to speak, so I am sure she is aware of how her actions towards Tony appear. And is also aware of what they say to those who are watching about who he is to her. And I think that the message she conveys so consistently every time we see them together is the message that she wants to give concerning Tony and her. And it says, loudly, “Just Friends”.

So while I do believe that Cait is protecting privacy here, I believe that she isn’t protecting anything between herself and Tony, but rather is using Tony’s presence to protect the privacy of her real relationship.with another man. A relationship she keeps strictly out of the public eye.

And it is rather interesting that the man who rumor consistently places as that man also uses this same technique with his “appearance partner”…


The Recon squad Gladius

( This squad had a leads of misfortune, but than again who doesn’t in the savage Commonwealth? Lost many good ppl, now only them, a very small group. They made their base at the Cambridge police station.

Paladin Danse, the leader. This man live and breath the Brotherhood. Wearing this massive armor like I wear a silk nightgown. Seriously.

Haylen, she is a cute button, might something going on between her and Rhys well at least from her point of view. Follow order without question. Adoring the leader like a demi-god.

Rhys…rude arrogant. Flashing his skill in words but sit on his bum all day. Aham, I get you mate, you’re the best.

And this is the squad I temporarly joined into to help them)

I have a strong believe that Polly Cooper might not be as “ill” as we think she is. Don’t get me wrong; she was suicidal but I think as time progressed she got better.

However I think that her parents are still keeping her away from Riverdale because they are afraid that she will be harmed by the killer (maybe they know more about the killer).

Maybe that is why they don’t want Betty snooping around; because they are making it seem like Polly is still sick, still under treatment when she shouldn’t be. When that place is only making her more isolated and crazy.

Polly got better but staying in that mental place for so long without people realizing the “real” thing that happened between her and Jason made her worse again.

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Two things I want for the Aristocats au bc it gives me life: Allura's full name is Princess Allura, and Coran, Alfor, Shiro, and the kittens switch between calling her Princess and Allura, and also!! In the movie their owner dances with the cats in her arms so imagine Coran and Alfor doing that with the kitties!! I love this gosh darn furry au...

@klanced im Crying that’s so cute,,

one adorbs thing about skye: her owner taught her to do carrot stretches, and so she begs for treats by doing things like reaching around to touch her hip with her nose, or sticking her nose down between her legs

when I started marking and treating her for being good in the crossties, she went !!! and started reaching around trying to do her neck flexions to earn more treats and it was really fucking cute

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Hi im new! I saw some of your thoughts about Lena but I have also seen people say she hates aliens. is that true?

Hi new! I’m Brittane! I am not sure if you mean new to the fandom or just my page but either way, I welcome you!

Long answer- I have had some thoughts about your question in the past. I don’t know if you read any of the amazing fan fics out there, but I know there are quite a few that mention Lena does hate aliens which contributes to some of the more angst related themes between her dynamic with Supergirl. Of course that is through the personal narratives of the author and does not necessarily reveal their thoughts on Lena’s canon feelings or apply to canon in general. The beauty of fan fiction!

Some assume that she hates aliens due to the alien detection device that she developed. However, her initial reason for doing it was not because of a hatred or fear of aliens, but because she hoped it would bring in a profit and help the general human populace. It should also be noticed that the device was never released (either because it is still in development or because Kara’s words got through to her. I’m thinking the latter.).

Canonically speaking, I will say no. Lena does not hate aliens. A woman that hates aliens wouldn’t go through the things that she has. She has praised Superman, an alien, for his work. She has helped Supergirl, also an alien, in various situations – one of which she created a device to destroy anti-alien weapons, another where she saved all of the aliens in National City, possibly the world, by neutralizing the Medusa Virus. She showed clear disgust and disdain while Metallo and her mother spewed their anti-alien rhetoric both in public and in a situation where she had nothing to gain by speaking out against them. She has spoken out against Lex’s evil deeds in general.

I know some believe that this could all be part of a long con, but really, an alien-hating Lena Luthor had opportunities to rid herself of “the alien problem.” She had the opportunity and really all she had to do is sit back and do nothing. Instead, she chose to face those with an anti-alien agenda head-on. She acted against the best interests of a version of Lena that hates aliens. So it simply makes no sense, in my opinion, to conclude that she hates them and/or is evil.

Short answer - Lena is an adorable cinnamon roll puppy that has done nothing wrong, ever, in her life and she deserves the entire world and Kara’s hand in marriage BYEEEEE

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Hi! I'm planning a cosplay of a character that has a gap between her two front teeth. Do you know of a way that I can replicate that?

Hello there!

There’s two ways to do this:

One is a product called tooth black. This is a mouth-safe product applied to the teeth to make it appear that you have missing teeth. If you apply it to the area where the gap is supposed to be, you can create that illusion. Downsides are that it’ll make your front teeth look narrower (which may look odd) and may wear off over the day.

Two is to get prosthetic teeth, as either a full piece or just the two front teeth. These are fitted with meltable plastic beads and then glue into the mouth with mouth-safe adhesives (like denture glue). I can’t find any full prosthetic pieces in a quick google search, but if you get or make individual teeth (like the individual vampire fangs), you can glue these on further apart from your natural teeth and use tooth black to fill in the gap. The downside to this is that it is very difficult to eat and drink with dental appliances like this in.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff


Iron Man 2 AU: When Sharon Carter is given the mission of evaluating her cousin for SHIELD, she considers it the lesser of two evils after she learns that they might send in the Black Widow if not for her. Tasked with getting Tony to step back on his Iron Man adventures and focusing on solving his palladium problems, along with marking his eligibility for the Avengers Initiative, Sharon must walk the line - between family and doing her job. Tony, from his side, is not making things any easier as he pushes everyone away in his attempts to solve his problems alone. 

“I can’t help you if you act like a stubborn asshole!”

“Maybe I don’t need your help, cousin o’mine!”

Excerpt from Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced With Fred Astaire

At [an April 1990] symposium in Manhattan, Pan refused to address queries that seemed to belittle Ginger Rogers’s ability as a dancer, but he did comment on the celebrated feud between her and Astaire:

“She’s a sweet person,” he insisted. “It always makes me mad when people say they didn’t get along. The supposed feud over the shedding feathers costume in the Cheek to Cheek number from Top Hat was the basis of the story. It was just a laugh between Fred and Ginger. Ginger would say, ‘Feathers!’, and Fred would say, ‘Feathers! Those damned feathers!’ It became a gag. When the press got a hold of it, they tried to make it into a big thing. Sometimes the press drives me crazy. They always make so much out of nothing. As for Ginger Rogers […] she was his best partner because the chemistry was right.”


Read Part 1 and Part 2 before going any further. :)

He’s camping in the woods, she’s hiding from the King’s guards. He goes for a walk, she steals a horse standing outside a seemingly empty tent. He sits by the stream and thinks about his impending marriage, she raids the tent for food and gold. He returns to find his tent in shambles and his horse missing, she gallops through the woods putting as much distance between her and the guards as she can. He runs into the royal guards in his frantic search of the area, she takes a break to look through the things she has scavenged. He rides separately with one guard while the rest go look the other way, she finds a small pouch full of jewelry among the scavenged items.

He urges the horse to ride faster, she hears the sound of hooves and scrambles to hide behind a tree. He sees an arrow zoom towards him and ducks at the last second, she mentally celebrates at taking out one of the guards and prepares to shoot down the other. He turns to look at the prone guard behind him in horror and quickly dismounts the horse in search of the assailant, she listens to the footsteps crunching in her direction and zips out from behind the tree, bow at the ready.

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headcanons for angela's style/look/etc.?

- She wears one of Tim’s old leather jackets all the time
- Her nails are always perfectly manicured no matter what
- Her eye liner Could Kill You
- She either wears stilettos or no shoes at all, no in between
- Her hair is jet black and curly
- Green eyes
- Where does she get her highlight because it’s Perfect
- Belly button ring
- She’s always got on a ton of jewelry
- Skinny jeans or mini skirts all year round
- Crop tops
- Always shows off her lacy bra
- Panties and bra always match