between brightness and me

In my experience, what every true artist wants, really wants, is to be paid.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Soul Music”
Home Away from Here
Touché Amoré
Home Away from Here

This place looks better from a passenger window
Or when stared at from up above
But when you’re chasing brightness
You’ll lose concern with the damage done
It’s not my fault
I’ll try to call
No ties, no roots, I’m fine.

Touche Amore

Amends | Touche Amore

What have I seen other than what the bottom looks like
Stuck somewhere between the gloom and the light
When you’re working towards building back those broken boards
You sometimes lose your footing you often find yourself
Putting off everyone while finding comfort in other songs
To distract the fact that you’re actually disappearing
I have no excuses that I can offer
Just the hope that your forgiveness will hold back the water

For what its worth, I’m sorry
And at the end I swear I’m trying

Method Act
Touche Amore
Method Act

These days I just try to keep to myself
well aware I’ve lost touch with everyone else
I understand that I’m fading away
I’d rather play dead than play catch up
Because no one really cares all that much
I can’t keep having the same conversations
I look to the floor to keep concentration
focused hard on every single word
my nails are dug deep and my stomach hurts
I am selfish it seems, but I’m trying my best to breathe
hoping you don’t notice as I keep laughing

ios11 keep makin me get confused between brightness and volume on the control center…i jus wanted to turn the brightness up and instead everybody heard the big time rush song i was listening to

BTS Aesthetic Ship ~> Taehyung 👽

Requested by  cyber-al1en 💕

Your Aesthetic :

Kisses filled with burning desire. 

Ice Cubes Melting on soft skin.

Messy handwriting squeezed into the corners of pages. 

The feeling of bare feet on a cold tile floor. 

A slow drive through a small town. 

Ears tinged red at the tips. 

Hosting barbecues for the neighborhood. 

Yellow cat eyes glowing in the dark. 

Unmade beds. 

Numbed lips.

Gold Accessories as gifts for loved ones. 

Your Song : Critical Beauty (예뻐죽겠네) by Pentagon. 

Don’t look at me like that
Don’t keep asking
Where did you learn that kind of smiling?
Suddenly I feel hot
I don’t know why but it’s getting hot

It’s obvious, don’t need to say again 
It’s obvious, why do you keep asking?
My mind is obvious

It’s obvious, don’t need to say again
It’s written all over your face
Why are you upset without any reason?
You have a critical beauty

My eyes are on others, Bright signs
Don’t try to find the differences between me and others
I don’t want you to meet silly guys
Just let’s reduce the gap between you and me

Hi there, feel the height
Dive to the sky
As I always do, I’m cold outside and warm inside, Vibe
Every day, I live for you

I’ll gather everything and give you
Everywhere can be Hollywood if I’m with you

It’s annoying
Something shiny one is in my pocket
well, you can try this on your finger
Oh, unbelievable, it just fits perfectly
Oh wait, the same thing is on my finger too

Don’t look at me like that
What do you want to ask me?
How come do you make that voice?
Suddenly I feel hot
I don’t know why but it’s getting hot
I can’t control myself, because of you

~Admins #GEL