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Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank

You were special.

The sun touches everyone, but when it touched you it was different. I could see the photons dancing on your skin.

The sun made you shine as if to brag to the other stars, “look what I’ve created!”
And surely the other stars were jealous; your being was unmatched.

It was as if all of nature and all of the sun’s power combined to make you beautiful. Your mind was gorgeous. Most people have brains between their ears but I swear you had galaxies.
Your smile, beautiful; your fingers, delicate; your legs, sturdy; your thoughts, heavenly; your heart, brave; your being, perfect.

No one could convince me that perfection is impossible. You, my love, are special. Even if I don’t get to see your skin anymore, the skin that makes the stars jealous.


You could say I miss you




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Signs & Wonders


She fights the adrenaline that wants to make her fingers shake, breathes into it until the world sharpens around her. She will save him.

She looks up at O’Connor, bloody and slumped against the door frame. It’s a wonder he hasn’t gone into shock yet, but with Mulder bitten and bleeding on the floor in front of her, concern for O’Connor is not exactly at the forefront of her mind.

“Call for an ambulance. Now.” Turning her attention back to her partner, she finishes unbuttoning his shirt and surveys the bite marks marring his chest and abdomen, plus the nasty one on his jaw. Jesus, there must be eight or ten, at least. His dark pants make it impossible to tell if there are more on his legs that she can’t see yet.  “Hold on, Mulder. Help is coming.”


“Gracie told me. It’s okay. She’s safe at the hospital, and we’ll catch Mackey. But right now we need to take care of you. Just try and stay calm, okay?”

His gaze wanders, eyes unfocused, and she hurries to remove his watch so it can’t cut off circulation to his hand once the wounds start to swell. She takes a minute to check his vitals; he’s slightly tachycardic already, and his breathing is becoming ragged. As she watches, tremors begin to develop in the muscles of his hands, mild for now, but they’ll get worse. He needs antivenin, and soon.

“Scully–” The pain in his hoarse whisper is evident, and her chest constricts.

“Shh, don’t try to talk, Mulder. The paramedics are on their way.”

“No… something I need to… to tell you…”

“Whatever it is, it can wait. You’re going to be okay. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

“Med… medication…”

She runs a hand through his hair, noting with concern that it’s already damp with sweat. “We’ll get you something for the pain, and I’ll make sure you get antivenin started as soon as possible. Don’t worry.”

He shakes his head, becoming more agitated, and if she can’t calm him down, he’s going to make himself worse.

“Possible c-conflict…” His eyes roll back in his head, and she mentally adds delirium to the list of symptoms she’ll have to give the EMTs when they get here. He must really be out of it if he thinks it might be a conflict of interest for her to take a role in his medical care, given how many times she’s done it before.

The knot of worry in her stomach releases only fractionally when she hears the whine of sirens in the distance. Mulder’s still conscious, but barely. She leans down and presses a quick kiss to his forehead.

“Hold on, Mulder. Please just hold on.”


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Ichigo: asks Orihime if she could spare a little time to talk to him.

Orihime: gives him all the time in the world.

This, I think, pretty much sums up both their personalities as individuals as well as how they function as a couple. More to come after the cut.

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  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun, please go to sleep. It’s close to midnight.
  • Akashi: I’m almost at a 100%. Just finishing this last chat and then I’ll be on Day 7.
  • Kuroko: Why are you even playing?
  • Akashi: I’m doing this for the plot.
  • Kuroko: I think you have a problem.
  • Akashi: Shh! I’m getting a phone call from 707.
  • Kuroko: But he’s not even ――
  • Akashi: Tetsuya, please, if he’s calling me at this particular hour it must be important.

Seeing your own progress isn’t always easy.
Unless you’ve been through this process, it’s difficult to understand.
It taken me months to realize how much progress I have made.
Even when I would put side by side photos, it was hard for me to see a difference.
Yet everyone around could see it.
What happens with weight loss, and more so with rapid weight loss is that their can be a “lag” time between your brain & your physical transformation.
It’s where your internal conceptualization of what you look like, doesn’t catch up for weeks, or even months.
It’s the inability to conceive what you actually look like.
It’s a disconnect between how you feel in your body and what you think you look like vs. what you actually look like.
Some of us will catch a glimpse of our reflection and not recognize it.
Others will go shopping and still pick clothes of the rack 8 sizes up from their new size.
And when sometime hands them their actual size they’ll say something like “oh I’ll never fit into that”.
It’s a weird concept but it’s real.
It’s a slow, organic transformation but eventually inside inside will catch up with your outside.

Sometimes it seems like your ADHD friend is being totally random with the things that come out of their mouth. Here’s a helpful diagram of whats actually going on. Usually. This is a good day. sometimes this is jumbled up, sometimes it’s at X10 normal speed. sometimes it goes backwards. sometimes there’s five of these layered on top of each other. On top of this, it feels like there’s a film between your brain and the rest of the world, or cotton, or a sheet, etc.

Not all of it make’s it out of our mouths. Most of the time, given how neuroatypical people are treated by society, they’ve figured out how to internalize most of this. When we don’t get the words out though, they have to come out as stimming. Leg jiggling, tapping, and self harm are the most common but just like with any stimming, there’s no real limit (outside of physical ones).

The next closest thing I can think of that matches this is bipolar mania, though that’s not to say they’re the same thing.

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Pls someone help Hinata, he can’t resist his boyfriend’s charm

I wish that every time people posted gross/rude things to the casts insta, I could spritz them with a little spray bottle. ‘No. Stop it! Bad.’

It makes me cringe soooo much, and it’s the part of fandom culture I hate. Just leave them alone, they’re normal people, and a lot of them are teenagers! Why would you want to embarrass yourself like that? I will never understand it.

But I have lived many sad, empty days and racked my brain between dawn and dusk over problems that are thoroughly counter to personal life. I lived like an ascetic, and this has certainly made me strong; […] At night I dreamt childish dreams: I dreamt that we walked side by side, hand in hand in the sunshine through green valleys, that we picked flowers on the banks of streams and listened to the songs of the birds.
—  Halldór Laxness, from The Great Weaver from Kashmir (Archipelago Books, 2008)

When Bokuto falls quiet, Keiji listens.

It’s not to say he doesn’t listen any other time, when Bokuto is chattering on and on about volleyball practice, about getting a snack from the konbini after volleyball practice, about the new ghost story Komi told in the changeroom before volleyball practice. Bokuto has next to no filter between his brain and his mouth, but it’s nice, in a way, once you get used to it. Like having the radio on in the background when you do your homework. You just notice it more when it’s gone.

Bokuto is a loud person. Even his silences are loud. 

So Keiji sits with him, quiet in his own patient way, close enough for his friend to know that he’s there for him. Close enough to touch, an anchoring presence, if he needed it. 

When Bokuto is quiet, Keiji stays.