“And who, I wonder, is Quill when she’s free?” - “I am war itself.”

prompts for all the bittyrans fics i am way too tired to write
  • bitty & ransom start fake dating to make jack&holster jealous but theN IT TURNS TO REAL DATING AND THEY FALL IN LOVE 
    • bonus points for jack/holster in the bg
  • the #betterbittybootybureau was ransom’s really poor attempt at flirting
    • realizes halfway thru spring semester that complimenting bitty’s butt is a very platonic bro thing to do when u live with b. shitty knight
    • has to clarify that he thinks bitty’s butt is nice in more than a Bro way
  • they go for PSLs on the regular & have a secret handshake - on par with bitty & jack’s annie’s dates
    • idk man i just think their PSL dates would be mad cute
  • the ghosts are harassing ransom but holster went home w some girl so rans has a choice between asking bitty, jack, or shitty if he can bunk with them and bitty is clearly the safest option and ofc he lets rans share his bed everyone has bad nights and then they wake up cuddling (with senor bunny betweeen them!) and realize their FEELINGS
    • the ghosts did this on purpose. they are crafty.
  • bits and rans go shopping together for winter screw/hockey banquet/whatever and compliment each other’s style choices and get starbucks and just have a nice mall day and maybe hold hands a bunch?? idk??
    • bonus if they drag holster/the frogs along because 90% of smh cannot dress themselves
  • holster barrelling ahead sophomore year to hook bits up with a date for Screw and ransom being reluctant and usure why??
    • (it’s bc u like him doofus)
    • idk pining and dating other people and then FEELINGS
  • ok ok but in the last two updates rans was the most vocally concerned about bitty and, like, bitty is concerned about everyone all the time so just! them taking care of each other in little ways
    • bitty making sure rans eats in coral reef mode
    • ransom making sure bitty has someone to talk to so he doesn’t bottle up his emotions
    • bitty taking care of sick ransom w homemade soup and tea and Love
    • just! mother-henning the shit out of each other until they fall in love and then way past that too
  • dancing!! at!! parties!!!! 
  • ransom appearing on bitty vlog after months of begging
    • “ i am THE expert on ‘swawesome cool bro chill bro stuff, you know that!”
  • ransom/bitty pls
  • thank u for ur time



The following are photos from my research on young shamans in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. All photographs are with permission for publication and full approval of the shaman.  

The shaman prepares to put on protective mirrors prior to calling his ancestral spirits

A family member, acting as attendant, helps the shaman adjust his massive ceremonial regalia, weighing betweeen 40 and 50 kg (88-110 lbs)

Fully possessed by a Grandfather Spirit (male ancestral spirit) , leaning forward to give consultation and advice. The blue mat is where private consultation attendees can sit to directly address the spirit.

The shaman prepares his drum by anointing it with milk and/or vodka

Wearing a different maihavch, or mask/headdress, grandmother spirit addresses an attendee (cropped for privacy)

Prior to becoming possessed by his spirits, the shaman drums to call the spirits into the sacred area. His attendant burns ganga (wild mountain thyme) around the sacred area.

As the shaman begins to drum, the attendant braces his. At the moment the spirit enters his body, his movement will become very strong.

Grandfather Spirit addresses the collected attendees

ItaSasu Sleep Headcanons

~ Itachi and Sasuke have been sharing a bed since Sasuke was a baby, because Itachi was the only one who could calm him down when he woke up at night.

~ Sasuke is the heavy sleeper who sleeps until noon if he can, while Itachi easily wakes up by the smallest sound and is a morning person. He usually gets up hours before Sasuke.

~ Sasuke generally takes up most place in bed, using Itachi as a pillow (or even unconsciously stealing Itachi’s pillow). Itachi doesn’t really mind.

~ Itachi often watches Sasuke sleep and likes listening to his breathing. It calms him down.

~ When Sasuke was a child and couldn’t sleep, Itachi would sing a lullaby to him that he learned from Mikoto.

~ Sasuke is the little spoon and Itachi is the big spoon.

~ They mostly sleep facing each other. Sasuke likes placing his head in the spot betweeen Itachi’s neck and shoulder. Itachi often has his arms wrapped around him because he wants to feel that his Otouto is safe, and he loves the special smell of him.

~ Sasuke would never admit it to anyone, but he loves the smell of Itachi’s hair and skin, which is also why he often nuzzles into him when sleeping. The “nii-san smell” is very calming to him, even as an adolescent.

~ Bonus: Sasuke is a very unruly sleeper and once, as a teenager, he fell out of bed and hit his head. Itachi, after making sure it was nothing serious, was very amused by this.

Huh. I was actually … Kinda happy seeing my days-betweeen-serious-dranks number starting to climb as high as it did.

In sure it’ll climb again once I get paid and can get myself escapisms better than clearance Smores vodka. And I’ll be happy to see it again too. These steps are little but they all count and I’ll take what goodness I can get ✨

A Dress For The Knight

To continue my b-day party, I thought I would self-indulgently post an original short story of mine! This one was a colab betweeen myself and @asparklethatisblue. The art is Val’s, the writing is mine, and we came up with the concept together. This is the story we got into the Buff Babes Zine, now finally available for all to read for free!

*posts story and ambles off to make cake*

Please Enjoy!



Sindri veered away from the door to the little dressmaker’s shop and walked past it for the second time, palms sweating, before she took herself firmly by the scruff of the neck and marched herself right back to it. Alfregg said this was the place to go, so go to it Sindri would. She would not flee from this battle like an unseasoned stripling, even if the beautiful dresses on display in the window were certainly not intended for a dwarf of Sindri’s build. She took a deep gulping breath to brace herself and pushed through the door into the shop.

It was warm inside, cozy and homey in comparison to the larger tailor shops Sindri had attempted in the past. Bolts of fabric in all shades and materials lined the walls as both decoration and storage, joined by swatches of fine needlework. The air smelled of spiced tea, comforting and familiar, and Sindri had taken several bemused steps deeper into the shop before she caught sight of the proprietress.

The dressmaker was a dainty little thing, perched on the edge of a stool as lightly as thistledown to be wafted away with a breath of air. She hardly even had a beard, just fuzzy sideburns to either side of her pointy chin matching the weightless poof of pale hair on top of her head. She obviously had faery blood, and was the polar opposite of everything Sindri was.

Sindri very nearly turned tail and ran.

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I love protective chloe so much I love it when she stands betweeen max and whoever wants to hurt her, I love it when she motiones max to stand behind her even tho she’s just as scared as max she tries her best to protect her

Took time ⌚️

I hate how niggas treat women man. That’s the difference betweeen a man and a nigga. A man is there to love, respect, care, hold, protect and be loyal. A real man has vision, he’s not blind. A real man sees the beauty in a woman, the love and her heart that he has in front of him. A nigga is blind. There’s no appreciation, no real love, no real care, it’s all temporary. How could you have any of those traits if you can’t see what’s yours? How could you cheat on someone who loves you? I will never understand a cheater. I never will. How can one “love” but want something else? All your doing is lying. I will never affiliate myself with a cheater or someone who has. If you cheat I realized the mistake I made giving you my heart. I thank God for letting me see that mistake and to heal me and to make myself stronger. There’s no need to feel some type of way over someone that didn’t care about you at all. That person will receive there burden. It takes time to get stronger. God has a plan for everyone. It’s your job to peruse that path and make the right choices. I’m sorry that nigga did this to you @wolftyla I wish I was there to comfort you. To talk to you. I know how strong you are though. I know there’s people in your corner. Most importantly God. I know you’ll grind harder than before with your supporters behind you getting stronger every day. Don’t let these niggas fuck with you. I know you know the difference. I’m never gone switch up I promise that. I’m gonna be here for you just like your supporters will but just know I mean it in a different way. Love you Tyla ❤️

I have made several bad decisions throughout the years:
  • Watching Glee till the end in hopes that shit would get better;
  • Start watching OUAT for Swan Queen in hopes that Swan Queen would become canon;
  • Stopped watching The 100 after season 1 (good decision) but then started watching again because Lexa was introduced and Clexa had hope (bad decision);
  • Helped Agent Carter get a season 2 because I thought this show would be different and even though Cartinelli would not become canon I had hope that we would still be treated like a legitimate ship and be treated well by the writers only to have Angie written off the show;
  • Still keep believing Emison is endgame when Marlene keeps throwing shit at them and only does queerbaiting;
  • Betweeen many other.

But there are exactly 2 decisions I do not regret:

  • I started watching POI for Amy Acker and somehow ended up with a queer ship that is being treated right by the writers;
  • I DID NOT START WATCHING SHANNARA CHRONICLES even when I saw gifs of Princess Rover and wanted to watch it so bad but I had a good judgement and knew that I would only be queerbaited once again and shit would go down hill and I would get crushed so I didnt watch it.
In Between

a/n: xx-cigarettes-and-suicide-xx. I wasn’t sure about this one…

Things had been a whole lot quieter lately. With the boys off the road and free to pursue their own interests, it meant that the constant bustle and hectic schedules were no longer an issue. You know there was a bittersweet air about it all for them. On one hand they were finally getting a well-deserved break but on the other hand they were stepping away from pretty much all they knew. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’d been hard at work almost non-stop since their start.

“You ready?”

You glanced up into green eyes and couldn’t hide your blush. He smiled, knowing all too well the effect he had on you.

“Mhm,” you stood, shouldered your bag and followed Harry down the hallway.

While he led the way you took the opportunity to appreciate just how well his pants cupped and fit him snug in all the right places. The man sure knew how to wear the hell out of a pair of golf pants.

Just as you were about to look away he glanced at you over his shoulder and caught you. His lips stretched into an amused smirk and all you could do was roll your eyes at him.

“You should probably leave that here,” he came to your side, relieving you of your handbag and placing it on the front desk, “It’ll be here when we get back,” he reassured as the receptionist took your bag and placed it somewhere behind the desk.

This was your first time playing golf and it showed. You followed Harry around like a puppy as he went through the motions of getting you both set up for the afternoon.

You stepped out of the country club side by side, looking like quite the pair of experts, appropriately dressed for the occasion. Your personal caddy sat behind the wheel of a golf cart waiting to take you out onto the grounds.

Ever the gentleman, Harry offered you his hand in support for you to get into the cart even though it was barely 6 inches off the ground.

“I’m pretty sure the boys might have started without us,” Harry voiced once the vehicle was on its way.

“They can do that?” you asked.

“We’re not really playing an actual game since I’m just showing you how to play, so I guess they can,” he shrugged with a dimpled grin.

A flurry of butterflies awakened in your stomach when the golf cart went over a slight bump, jostling the two of you and causing your arm to brush against his. You bit your lip to keep from grinning when you noticed Harry didn’t bother to right himself, but remained leaned against you.

To everyone else your obvious crush seemed ridiculous since it was openly reciprocated. No one could understand why the two of you hadn’t just gotten it over and done with and made the jump from friendship to relationship. To be honest you didn’t really know why either.

For a long time you held your busy schedules liable. There was no way a healthy relationship would prosper, but now that wouldn’t be much of a reason anymore. You didn’t know what kept the two of you from making the leap that everyone else thought you would have made years ago.

Even still, you weren’t complaining. You loved the dynamic of yours and Harry’s relationship. The unspoken feelings between you only strengthened your friendship in your eyes.

“Oi, took your sweet time, didn’t ya?” Niall’s teasing brought you out of your reverie.

You glanced up at him. Clad in white, dark sunglasses covering his eyes, and with his club slung casually over his shoulder he looked every bit of the golf enthusiast he was.

“Hey Ni,” you stepped out of the cart to stand next to him and glanced at the sprawling green turf. A light breeze fluttered your skirt and you had to admit the scenery was very picturesque. You could see why the boys sometimes came to the club to relax with a couple rounds of golf.

Speaking of…

“Where’s everyone else?” you’d seen Liam and Louis exit the club with Niall and now they were nowhere in sight.

“They went ahead with their own game. I decided to stay back and teach you a thing or two ‘bout golf,” he grinned widely at you.

You spared Harry a quick glance and caught the tail end of a frown. Although your face gave away nothing, you knew that Harry was less than thrilled at Niall’s words. The whole reason for Harry inviting you to play golf was so that he could teach you the sport. Hearing Niall attempt to take over his role did not sit well with him.

“My two personal golf coaches? Today must be my lucky day,” you joked before Harry could say anything.

Niall’s smile only got brighter while Harry frowned.

As the afternoon progressed and your understanding of the game deepened you began to feel like you were in the middle of a silent feud. By the time you were halfway through your first round you were sure of it.

At first Niall had corrected your balance by showing you just how to distribute your weight in your stance. When his hands gently guided your ankles in the correct position you summed it up to him just being thorough in his teaching.

Then at the next hole Harry fixed your weak grip, claiming the position of your hands on the club was vital in getting the perfect shot. Of course you didn’t mind when he aligned his body behind yours, pressing his chest to your back and covering your hands with his as he showed you the proper way to hold the club.

Then their tactics switched from physically showing you the best way to play to impressing you with their own skills at the sport. Nearing the end of the game, they had all but forgotten they were there to show you the ropes. Instead, it was a competition to see who could get the most holes with as few strokes by the 18th hole.

When you realized what was happening you’d taken to sitting at the back of the golf car, resigned to watching them in silent frustration while receiving sympathetic looks from the caddy. Neither of them noticed.

Finally the game came to an end, and from your stunted knowledge on the sport you figured Niall emerged the victor. It was mostly Harry’s clenched jaw that gave you the hint.

By the time you made it back to the country club you were disenchanted with golf on the whole. What started out as a genuine interest to learn the sport was now a bleak indifference, thanks to Niall and Harry’s antics.

“Hey, how was it?” Louis greeted you in the lobby.

“Well it started out as fun, but these two pretty much ruined it for me,” you jerked your thumb over your shoulder at them, not caring if they heard or not as you proceeded to the locker room.

The room was pleasantly quiet and empty, allowing you to change out of your golf gear and back into your street clothes in peace. You decided to head to the bar and have yourself a tall drink to erase the annoyance caused by your first, and most likely last, game of golf.

Just as you exited the room you turned the corner and almost collided with Niall who seemed to be waiting for you.

“I’m sorry,” he blurted out once you made eye contact.

You opened your mouth to respond, but he leaned over and kissed the edge of your mouth, effectively shutting you up. You stared wide eyed up at him. Though it wasn’t a full on kiss, it was more than just a friendly peck on the cheek and it was a loaded gesture. He pulled back slightly then lingered for a moment before righting himself.

“I like you. I really like you, Y/N,” this knowledge wasn’t necessarily news to you, however his admission was a bit of a shock, “I shouldn’t, but I do.”

You went to speak, but he continued, “I’m not askin’ you to return my feelings because I know you don’t. I just wanted to apologize for getting carried away today and ruining golf for you.”

You stared at each other for a few moments before he cleared his throat, nodded and went to leave, but your movements were quicker than his. You wrapped your arms around him in a hug. He hesitated for only a second before he returned the hug.

When the embrace ended you leaned up and kissed his cheek. You smiled at the immediate creeping in of red.  

“Thank you.”

His small smile mirrored your own. Nothing else was said on the matter for there was an unspoken understanding that passed between you.

As you both headed back into the lobby area you chatted about the possibility of giving golf another chance. You spotted Harry near receptionist’s desk with your bag on his shoulder.

You couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. Of course he would be able to pull it off and look undeniably sexy.

“I think I’m gonna play another round in with the boys,” Niall said as he spotted Louis and Liam at the other end of the room.

“Don’t go too crazy,” you teased as he departed.

You continued on, walking up to Harry and feeling every sense heightened under his gaze.

“You hungry?” was all he asked.

“Starving,” you replied with no hesitation.

You both wordlessly turned and headed towards the dining hall. You knew there was no reason for the two of you to walk so closely together, but then his fingers gently brushed against yours, one, twice and then tentatively laced with yours. Out of the corner of your eye you saw him glance down at you, and his smile was almost tangible.

His thumb traced small circles on your inner palm and the butterflies in your stomach began fluttering about again. Neither of you had put a label on whatever it was between you, but you were content with that. You were more than just friends, and yet, not quite a couple. You were both exploring the place in between and while you had no idea where you’d end up you were having a great time figuring it out.