BTS as Ouran Host Club Members

~Okay so I’ve seen a lot of people do this but I didn’t really agree with some so here’s my rendition in no particular order as if anyone cares.~

Jungkook as Haruhi

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  • The most “normal” one of the group
  • Youngest out of all
  • Can’t take the members shit sometimes but is a meme themselves

Hoseok as Honey

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  • Both undeniably cute and have so much aegyo
  • Always screaming;;
  • Their mad/serious side is terrifying like omg

Jin as Tamaki 

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  • V handsome and princely (flashbacks to car door guy)
  • Over dramatic? You bet

V and Jimin as the Hitachiin Twins

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  • Do I even need to explain this one?
  • Basically dumb and dumber
  • Always attached at the hip
  • Both are sooo extra

Namjoon as Kyoya

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  • Super smart but also super dumb
  • Married couple with Jin/Tamaki
  • I swear these boys are gonna give him a heart attack one day

Yoongi as Mori

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  • Dead on the outside, soft in the inside
  • Cares about Hobi/Honey more than himself
  • Perfect example of “Actions speak louder than words”


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