All Four Deciduous Arbori Are Now IN STOCK!

I am just finishing up the last of my restock.  Currently, all four variations are available in the shop.  Adults, Saplings, and Seedlings are all available in your choice of Acer/Maple, Sakura/Cherry Blossom, Betula/Birch, and Quercus/Oak.  Some are much lower stock than others and this will be the last restock I am doing for a while.  Be sure to snag what you want while it’s still available.

Pick up your own Arbori NOW in my shop!


Plant of the Day
Friday 23 January 2015

A useful British native tree Betula pendula (silver birch, lady of the woods,
weeping birch) is an elegant relatively short-lived deciduous tree with slender drooping twigs. The habit and white bark, that becomes black and rugged at base, are major parts of the trees display value. Plants can be single or multi-stemmed and make excellent informal groups. This tree will grow in a wide range of situations and due to the light shade cast by the canopy of leaves it can be underplanted with herbaceous plants and bulbs.

Jill Raggett

Betula, Birch- Fine Silver Real Botanical Leaf Pendant Necklace with Amethyst CZ- by Quintessential Arts

Handmade from a leaf of the beautiful old tree growing outside my bedroom window. This particular leaf is adorned with a handmade setting for a stunning amethyst cubic zirconia, and set off nicely with a tiny freshwater pearl.


Plant of the Day
Tuesday 9 September 2014

A tree with a distinctive habit Betula medwediewii (Caucasian mountain birch). This unusual and rare multi-stemmed tree or large shrub has metallic silvery-yellow stems which stand out in winter. The ultimate height is 3-5 metres but multiple stems mean it has a wide canopy. The leaves will be a rich golden colour later in the autumn. I keep imagining this specimen at Cambridge Botanic Gardens under planted for spring with snowdrop and anemones!

Jill Raggett