etsyfindoftheday | movie-inspired valentines | 2.3.15

‘lamp lover’ brick tamland valentine by bettyturbo

today’s three valentine’s day finds are all cards inspired by movies — this one comes from a personal favorite, anchorman … bettyturbo suggests when you’re not quite ready to say, 'i love you,’ you can always just say, 'i love lamp’ instead <3

The President of Los Angeles’ Premiere Pizza Club is absolutely THRILLED to be included in this new fashion+food-themed ‘zine by the one and only @bettyturbo !!! Get one for yourself!! #EATFASHION #bettyturbo

etsy find of the day 2 | 4.17.12

ron swanson tribute card by bettyturbo

as a megafan of nbc’s “parks and recreation,” i have an affinity for all things ron swanson. bettyturbo’s illustration is spot on … and i love the random wordcloud. now … if only she could customize one that simply says, “you had me at meat tornado.” <3