Submission #1681

When Betty found out Bruce was living with the Avengers, she moved right in. Bruce was worried how the rest of the team would react to her staying with them. But everyone got on with her really well, especially Natasha, Darcy, Jane, and Pepper. She even charmed Nick Fury. Bruce wonders what he did to deserve her. 

Submitted by lilybearjones 

let’s talk about college-age bruce banner, though. punk!bruce with bedhead who’s all sharp angles and gangly teenage limbs and wears t-shirts with slogans on like “what would marie curie do?” and “alan turing died for your sins” and “rosalind franklin was cheated” and “queer science”. bruce rolling into professors’ offices an hour late, and they think they’ve been sent the wrong intern until he corrects their work with an apologetic smile and instead they wonder if they’re supposed to be his intern and no-one told them. bruce volunteering at student union late-night helplines because dreams of home keep him awake and he’d rather help others than dwell on it or hurt himself again. bruce crashing into betty in the corridor when he’s running to class and she’s furious but has no idea who he is until he finds out her dorm number and turns up with coffee and daises to apologise. bruce and betty going on dates to the observatory and terrible coffee shop libraries and reading dog-eared paperbacks and thinking they’re so cool and not at all pretentious (they are wrong). betty threatening to leave bruce on the side of the road if he wears his “who the fuck are watson and crick” shirt to meet her father for the first time. college bruce.

underdogs with good intentions, a betty/bruce fanmix for happy memories, tearful reunions, and all the years in between.

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so nice so smart - kimya dawson // anything for you - ludo // samson - regina spektor // daydream in blue - i monster // i’ll never be lonely again - ludo // vanilla twilight - owl city // love love love - the mountain goats // annie oakley - miniature tigers // deer in the headlights - owl city // my moon my man - feist // i say a little prayer - aretha franklin // you’re my only home - the magnetic fields // i and love and you - the avett brothers // lucky ones - lana del rey // hello my old heart - the oh hello’s // i’m sorry i love you - the magnetic fields 

things i will absolutely include in the bretty punk au when i actually get the chance to write it

  • republica
  • bruce’s tiny, battered motorcycle
  • betty having to wear bruce’s ripped, covered-in-badges labcoat because her own one is missing and absolutely despising it
  • class rivals
  • they both end up being erik’s interns/academic kids
  • bruce obnoxiously making out with boys at parties in her flat
  • betty stealing all of bruce’s cigarettes and finding all of his stupid hiding places for them and replacing them with like, herbal sweets
  • that one time bruce saw her walking home and was concerned for her safety but ended up getting pepper sprayed when he tried to approach her
  • an endless stream of science pun t-shirts
  • “i can’t believe you’re at this concert”
  • “you’ve got the one book i need from the library and i am fully prepared to do drastic things to get it”
  • paper coffee cups with “i’m sorry i’m a dick” left on betty’s desk
  • “what do you mean someone beat you in a test only i’m allowed to do that”
  • really angry sex
  • “i can’t remember if we’re still dating after last week but regardless i do remember that it’s our anniversary today and you are going to let me give you these flowers”
  • chance meetings at feminist/lgbt/socialist protests “what are you doing” “holding up a banner” “not funny PUT ME DOWN”

i put some republica on my ipod today and now all i can think about is bruce/betty because “drop dead gorgeous” is the ultimate song for those two in college, punk!bruce and angry ex-military school betty who is so well put-together and has led a relatively privileged life and doesn’t understand why her lab partner/best friend/ex-boyfriend is such a dick but loves him anyway

like they probably break up every other month until they turn into proper adults who admit they need and love each other

but before that, punk au with a republica soundtrack 

i mean, come on

“i know my ex-boyfriend lies, oh he does it every time, it’s just his permanent disguise, yeah yeah but he’s drop-dead gorgeous