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Do you know of any handmade lingerie stores? The thought of vintage lingerie makes me uncomfortable so I am looking for newly made vintage inspire.

ACK, same here. more power to the bold ladies who feel comfortable rocking real vintage lingerie … but it gives me the heebie jeebies a little bit, too :)

ok, vintage- or retro-style NEW lingerie. i think i can try to help! followers beware – if you click thru these links, some of the images may be NSFW.

  • i’ve featured some of luvahuva’s items in the past here on EFOTD, and i can’t get over how pretty their pieces are. this lace-accented slip has a hint of vintage-y lines.
  • dottiesdelights: SUPER retro. think pin-up style. i love their product photography, and this valentine’s day set is my absolute fave.
  • franticaboutfrances: ‘pin-up girl lingerie’ with a knack for cute patterns & bullet bras. this one MUST be mine!
  • econica carries underthings that include retro-style briefs, but my favorite thing about some of their listings is that they are made from freaking CASHMERE. swooning.
  • i like the long-line bra styles over at ontheinside, like this nude one.
  • majoreylingerie has some vintage-y styles, like this gold and black one. love.
  • ddsllgirlsstore: high-waisted underoos, in plush fabrics like lace and velvet. LOVE this hunter green & khaki set with tassels.
  • julbyjuliagasin carries a few retro bra-and-undies sets with little patterns and lace.
  • bettybluesloungerie doesn’t have any bras & undies, but they do retro loungewear. check 'em out – the nell teddy is amazing!

let me know if this is a good enough start, anon. if you need more help just hit me up with more specifics.