Adventure Time Dailly #33: I hope Ice King (not as Simon, but as Ice King) ends up being the one who helps Betty regain her sanity

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Vintage photograph-style - or at least my sad attempt at it. :P (Wish I’d had the time to draw a third picture, but alas… real life got in the way.)

Drawn for Ghosts in Amber by fullofleaves. :)

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Paying the Price for Power

[Submitted by zebraarmistice]

Something I thought was interesting about the vampire king was that he had bird feet for some reason. Maybe it wasn’t that significant and it wasn’t a detail that anyone drew attention to, but i couldn’t help but notice the similarity to this guy:

External image

Urgence Evergreen (s6e24)

So i got to thinking about what these two had in common that might account for this, and then i remembered something the vampire king says in (s7e8) Vamps About:

“…You’ve got power now, I see it. But you haven’t paid a price. It’s making you crazy.”

One of the bigger themes of Stakes, which i feel can be taken as a declaration of a greater cosmic/narrative rule of the adventure time world: “if you don’t pay some price for power you get crazy.”

Now, both Evergreen and the vampire king are characters who have power (and if this assumed rule is being followed) seem to be experienced with having power and have already paid their respective prices for it (with the bird feet and other oddities being possible physical side effects)

But I can think of at least one person who hasn’t paid a price that we know of:

So if the crown can be thought of as a source of power without a price, then this rule may point to the cure for Simon’s madness that Betty is looking for. Maybe all he needs is bird feet?  ¯\_(“ 3)_/¯