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First of all I’m so sorry I haven’t written anything today, I’ve mostly been sleeping, I’ll try to do better tomorrow! 

But, this post is, as you can probably tell from the title, about mapping out some of the things about the reader for my upcoming Sweet Pea fanfic! Under, I’ll present some of the things I want your help to decide about, and if you have a wish or an opinion, either reply this post, or send me an ask or dm!

 @irishfangirlxx and @jaazzzzz have already let me know they wanna be a part of this, and be tagged in these posts, if you do to, don’t hesitate to let me know! 

So, on to the real stuff: 

The Reader (y/n), will be relatively new to Riverdale, and the fanfiction will take place in her and the other characters Senior year of High School. She moved to Riverdale after Christmas last year, and now the school year have just begun. 

The two main plots of this story will be The Readers blossoming relationship with Sweet Pea, which she barley knows right now, and the fact that she is getting stalked. Think Pretty Little Liars mixed with Tana Mongeau’s stalker stories, lol. 

After some situations in the prologue, Sweet Pea, Fangs, Jughead, Cheryl, Toni and Kevin will help her trying to figure this shit out. Betty, Veronica, Archie and Reggie will also play big roles in the story, but what roles are kind of up to you guys! 

All the ships that are currently canonly dating in the show will be together at the start, and probably through, this fanfic, at least if nothing big changes in the show while I write it. That is Bughead, Varchie… well, Bughead and Varchie lol.  

So, here’s the things you can help me decide! 

The reader, as you know, have only lived in Riverdale for about six months. But we need more details than that! 

Question 1: Y/N’s parents will be absent quite a lot to get the story flowing. Why?

a) They travel a lot for work

b) They left her a long time ago, and she lives with a distant relative

c) They’re divorced, and the parent she lives with is seeing someone new, who Y/N hates, so the parent stays mostly at their new s/o’s place without her 

Question 2: Y/N lives on the… 

a) Northside

b) Southside 

Question 3: Y/N moved to Riverdale because…

a) She’s Jughead’s cousin

b) (One of) her parents grew up there

c) Her parent(s) work situation works better from there

Question 4: Y/N’s best friend in Riverdale is…

a) Kevin Keller

b) Cheryl Blossom

c) Veronica Lodge

d) Betty Cooper

Question 5: Y/N’s doesn’t really get along with…

a) Reggie Mantle

b) Betty Cooper

c) Chuck Clayton 

d) Archie Andrews

Question 6; Lastly, Y/N had a thing going on with this person, flirting and a few dates, but they broke it of in a nice way and decided to stay friends, or so she thought… 

a) Chuck Clayton 

b) Valerie Brown

c) Reggie Mantle

If you’re still reading, thank you! If you decide to answer this I’ll be forever grateful! Please only answer one alternative to each question, and if you send in an ask and I don’t answer it publicly, don’t worry! I simply don’t want my followers who don’t care about this fic to be spammed, but I’ll take note of every response I get!

Betty Cooper

Request: Yes / No  Hi, sorry for my English it’s not my first language. Can I ask about imagine with Jughead and reader and Betty based on a song called Jolene? (Betty as a Jolene) Btw I love your works ❤❤ You are amazing ❤ Anon

Request are closed <3 Have a nice day/night

Jughead x Fem!Reader

Word count: 713

Warnings: Nothing

Y/N: Your Name

Y/F/N: Your Full Name

Song: Jolene by Dolly Parton


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