Riverdale Core Four at Poptates. The tension between Archie and Jughead seems to get even more intense….but then again…both of them are trying to protect their dads in their own way….finally new episode tomorrow on CW!~ [promo vid]

We're okay.

Betty had a way about her, something in her warm green eyes that made every single thing that came out of her mouth make sense. Every time she spoke he believed her. She wouldn’t lie, she wouldn’t hurt him. So when she told him he was okay, he had no choice but to believe her.

He could still remember the first time, those two words had come out of her pretty little heart shaped mouth. He had been six years old and was playing in the sandbox at recess, his favorite action figure destroying the sandcastle he had built, Archie was off somewhere getting a drink from the water fountain when Reggie Mantle approached Jughead, an ugly smirk on his adolescent face.

“What are you doing jerkhead?” Reggie had laughed, reaching for the toy

“It’s Jughead” he pouted pulling his G.I Joe out of the grumpy boys reach.

“Well I say it’s jerkhead and I want your doll.”

Jughead and Reggie fought and tugged on the little army man, before Reggies eyes lit up and he released the doll, sending it flying into Jugheads face, the edge of its head smashing directly into his nose. He could see the blood streaming out and he wanted to cry.

Reggies eyes got wide and he almost looked sorry before he ran off “you wanted it back” he shouted over his shoulder. Jughead was panicking, there was so much blood and he felt the tears well in his eyes,
suddenly a pretty blonde girl with a light blue flowery dress was kneeling in front of him and digging in her backpack

“That Reggie Mantle is such a butt face, I saw him throw that toy at you.” She pulled out a tiny pink pack of tissues and with her little six year old fingers she tilted his head back a little, placing the tissue under his nose and holding it over him.

“I’m Betty Cooper, I know you can’t really talk but that’s okay, because I already know you’re Jughead Jones, you’re Archie’s friend, he’s my neighbor.” Quickly lifting the napkin she took a peek at his nose and smiled satisfied

“That wasn’t so bad, quicker than most nose bleeds! You’ve got one tough nose.” She smiled softly and giggled, balling the tissue up and putting it in her used up brown paper bag.
Jughead just stared at her, he couldn’t believe what had just happened, an old tear betrayed him and fell down his cheek.

Little Betty Cooper brushed a finger over his cheek and smiled so sweetly he felt his heart ache

“You’re okay.”

With that she skipped away and headed over to play with Kevin Keller.

That hadn’t been the last time she had uttered those words to him in times of stress.

The day his mother left, he had borrowed Fred Andrews ladder and climbed the Beautiful Blondes window, tear stained cheeks and missing beanie she had held him in her bed as he cried, rubbing his back and whispering softly in his ear. Later that night as he was climbing out her window, all cried out and filled with Betty’s infamous “Broken Heart Brownies” she had wrapped a hand around his wrist and looked him straight in the eyes.

“You’re okay.”

He simply nodded, just like had that first time.

And then there was the time that he had confessed his true feelings for his gorgeous best friend through a kiss in her bedroom after an insane weekend.

He had been a bundle of nerves, pulling away, his chest pounding and fingers shaking at the thought of losing his best friend over his own selfish behavior
But she had just placed her forehead against his and smiled

“Hey, you’re okay.” And captured his lips with her own.

So that brought them to today, walking through the trailer park, his fathers dark secret revealed by his own best friend, the anxiety he felt at having to explain his families choices, the fear he felt at losing Betty over something he couldn’t control.

But she was there, beside him, assuring him that it didn’t matter, telling him she believed in him, and after he had brought her in for a searing love filled kiss she had breathlessly pulled away and he smiled, whispering against her lips in utter relief

“We’re okay.”