I don’t really have “kinshifts” per se, because I only have one kintype, but within that kintype there are subkintypes that kind of make it up, if that makes sense? And sometimes I shift through those.

Like, I’ll feel closer to being plantkin one day, or closer to being divinekin another, etc. I’m never more or less of any of these things at any time, but the feelings I have about them kind of cycle?

Right now I feel very close to my selfhood as a sprite. Which is why I’m thinking about slime and Nannasprite and stuff!

I just heard rumor Angourie Rice has been cast as Betty “Brandt”, most probably Betty Brant.

Can’t wait for the media and susequent fandom to start the erasure of Mary Jane now that there’s a “white alternative.”

Before Zendaya was cast it was ’M. J. and Peter 5eva!’ Now that she has been all I see is hate. With the introduction of Angourie Rice, the media and faction of racist fandom can began their lauding and shipping of this girls’ character before the fandom even finds out if she’s an actual love interest of Peter’s or if they’ll pair her with Ned Leeds or Flash Thompson.

It’ll be Snowbarry all over again, calling it.