betty x don

yayitsjenni  asked:

When Don and Betty were married, why couldn't they open up to each other? They both seemed to be fundamentally unhappy people but they also seemed to be happily married and in love. They were always physically intimate but I don't think they were ever emotionally intimate. They didn't seem to know each other. Its so weird to me how a married couple with an active sex life can't even talk to each other.

To adress the last sentence, their marriage is very staged. It feels so polished, with the big house, three kids, a dog, a fancy car. But the closer you look, the more rotten it gets.

Don costantly hurts Betty. He shoved her against a wall when he felt like she was disrespecting him, he pushed her, he called her a whore, he forbade her wearing a bikini she bought. When it was clear she wanted to leave him, he tried to persuade her not to, then he threatened her. He minimized her feelings. And that’s just first that comes into my mind.

Don doesn’t really care about Betty as long as she’s there. He was afraid of losing her, because it would mean he would lose the “perfection”. He was in denial to the very end.

Sometimes it felt like he was genuinely surprised when Betty showed some character. When she said something funny, or yelled back. Don then gave her this very amused look. I could be misinterpreting this one, of course.

Also, Betty knew Don’s cheating on her. She just didn’t want to confront it, but after the Bobbie Barrett fiasco it was kind of inevitable.

Sure, there wasn’t lack of sexual activity between them. I think it makes Betty feel better about herself. She believes her worth is measured in how many men oggle her. In her defence, she was raised that way (she keeps mentioning her mother who was, as we could see in The Fog, not very nice to her). Anyway she smiles when Don tells her she’s beautiful, she kind of lured it out of him.

In their reunion sex, we can see that she’s content. Finally, she doesn’t expect anything of Don. She has his appreciation but she doesn’t depend on it anymore. It’s very refreshing. Here, she’s not mad. It’s just a statement. “I can only hold your attention for so long.” 

For Don, sex is… well. 

I think they couldn’t connect emotionally too. 

Betty was always quiet about her sadness. She breaks down in front of Glen, but she quickly puts herself together. Then she’s bitter about it (“My people are Nordic.”) but not a word to Don. She never tells. It’s a sign of mistrust and discomfort. So all this results in a big breakdown in season three. We can see her walking around her house soullessly for days. Don just gets to her

And Don never shares his thoughts with her. He comes and goes as he pleases and he never discusses anything with her. He’s doing the same to Megan.

He’s very closed off, which is understandable, but we know that he is capable of opening up (with Anna). So I don’t know what the problem is. 

I’m sorry, this is a giant rant and might not even be true. Maybe share your own opinions?