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Title: Don’t Run Away
Summary: Just after his father convinced him to stay, Jughead goes back inside to look for his girlfriend. It’s going to be a long night for those broken lovers.
A/N: Okay. This is my theory of what happened in between the party and their meeting at Pop’s. It was so unfair of them not to show it, therefore, I felt the need to write down the vision I have in my mind. This one goes as far as the time they leave Archie’s house, so tell me if you think I should continue! Hope you enjoy, and please, send me some feedback!
The party was already a mess, but shit hit the fan only after his knuckles crashed against Chuck’s cheekbones after those stupid words came out from his lips. The former player- football player- decided to tag along with Cheryl in her stupid revenge plan, and much to their delight, chaos was created in what was supposed to be a small, unwanted birthday party. People ended up hurt, physically and emotionally, and even if his face hurt like hell, his heart had never been any tighter than at that very moment.

Jughead was a train wreck, with blood coming out from his bruised face, and all he wanted to do was to go home, wherever the hell that might be at that very moment. He left the Andrew’s residence as a soldier who returns from war- broken and troubled- and he didn’t want to look back on his decision to leave. He didn’t belong there, he knew. Yet, he could feel a strange force pulling him back inside.

It was pulling him towards her.

But his feelings had already caused too much trouble for one troublesome night.

He had to leave. And that was exactly what he was going to do before his father decided to  interfere.

“ Where the hell are you going?” FP bumped on his shoulder, taking him off the flow of people leaving the house.

“What!?” Jughead screamed, anger filling every letter of his statement. His troubled expression shocked his father, for never before had he seen his concealed son so troubled because of a stupid party. “ You gonna give me some advice on my right hook?”

The South Serpent let out a sigh, feeling somewhat annoyed to see that his son’s sarcasm was still present at such a crucial time. That boy really has no cure, and he would make sure to put some sense into his stubborn head. “ I want you to go back inside and talk to your girl.”

“ I don’t think it’s gonna work out. We have irreconcilable differences.”

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DON’T DRINK THE DAMN SMOOTHIE FFS. I can literally smell the bullshit coming out of the Blossom’s mouths…  fuck. 



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hahahaha I feel like we’re just gonna see this Ronnie in fanfics XD Even if it does seem she’s in for Betty x Jughead, I don’t know if she won’t be that much of a help when things get a bit shaken… FP, though… I feel like he will be the best shipper XD

Please Don't Take The Girl

Ok since so many people are following me and I am SOO excited about it. I am writing a fanfic. I am a huge fan fic writer, mostly Livejournal. But here we go anyway. This fanfic is based on Tim McGraw’s song Please don’t take the girl. It’s a great song and good for a listen. Also, Riverdale is located in Massachusetts. Just cause I say so.

Jughead Jones stood next to the gate with his best friend Archie Andrews. He and his daddy Fred was taking Archie and Jughead fishing. It was supposed to be just the boys, but a tiny little girl was walking over with a pink fishing pole. She was gripping the hand of a woman that looked like a witch. She stopped in front of Archie’s daddy and smiled a smile that looked like it was going to break her face. “Thank you Fred for doing this, Betty needs more stimulation. Something other than nose in her book.”

Archie’s daddy smiled and nodded. “Not a problem Alice.”

The grown-ups kept talking and Jughead stared at the little girl. Her eyes looked like grass, her hair looked like sunshine. And when she saw his staring, instead of glaring she smiled a huge smile. He felt his stomach drop like the time he went on a roller coaster at 6 Flags in Boston. Her mom finished talking to Archie’s dad and started rubbing sunscreen on Betty. Archie muttered next to him. “Why does it have to be a girl? Why not Reggie or Moosie? Yeck.”

Jughead just smiled. “I don’t mind. She seems nice.”

Archie snorted. “She will probably scream at the worms.”

But as Betty walked over to them, Jughead just smiled. “I don’t think so. I am glad she is coming.”

Archie shook his head. “Your weird Jug.”

Jughead was still glad she went, especially after Betty caught 4 fish and pushed Archie out of the boat for his whining.


Jughead held Betty’s hand as they are popcorn and walked down the street. They had watched a great movie and now we’re heading home to their Brooklyn Apartment. Both were currently students at NYU. Betty was ankle deep in veterinary studies. While Jughead was doing a major Journalism with a minor in English.

They were almost to their apartment when they passed in front of an alley. As they walked, a figure darted out from the shadows. The figure grabbed Betty by the arm and yanked her back, a flash of a silver gun against her temple. “Let’s be cool man. Just do what I say and you and pretty girl here walk away.”

Jughead nodded and dug into his pocket even as the guy started to growl. “Take my money, take my wallet, take my credit cards. You can have this watch my grandpa gave me. I have my cellphone and my wedding ring. Take it all. But please let her go.”

He held out his offerings and stared the guy in the face even as Betty shook. The minutes stretched like years until the guy finally grabbed the items and ran for it. Jughead immediately grabbed Betty into his arms and held her close as she sobbed. She clutched his shirt and looked up at him with her tear streaked face. “Your stuff Jug.”

He shushed her gently. “It’s just stuff Bets. It can be replaced. You are not so easily replaceable. Besides, that wallet was an ugly color.”

She laughed through her tears.


Jughead paced back and forth in front of the hospital door. He had been outsed in the middle of his baby’s birth. Alarms has gone off, and doctors had swarmed and gave him the boot. He growled and paced harder.

The door suddenly opened and the doctor appeared. Jughead smiled but it faded as the doctor’s face remained grim. Jughead grabbed his arm. “Doctor Aarons what-”

“Jughead. You have a beautiful baby girl, healthy. But your wife. She is fading fast. The placenta detached and it caused her uterus to rupture. She is bleeding out and to do surgery at this point wouldnt be helpful. So my suggestion is to sit with her and be with her until the..end.”

Jughead didn’t remember going into the room or taking Betty’s hand. He came into himself though, next to her bed and holding her hand. Her normally rosy skin was sheet white, she was cold. He held her hand and sobbed softly until finally he raised his eyes. “I don’t know if anyone is listening but this is Jughead Jones. You have never gave me a break. But just this once, I am asking for one. Take the very breath you gave me. Take the heart from my chest. I will gladly take her place, if you make this my last request. Take Jughead Jones from this world, but God please, don’t take my girl.

Hours later, after dozing off while still holding her hand, he started awake to a nurse touching his shoulder. He looked over at the empty bed and tears filled his eyes. "Is she-”

“Your wife is in surgery Mr. Jones. About 45 minutes ago, her vitals came back up. The doctor decided to operate. It’s probably going to be touch and go, but he is pretty confident that she is going to make it. In the meantime would you like to meet your daughter?”

He just noticed that behind the nurse was a tiny pink bundle in a plastic bassinet. He stood up so fast, he actually hit his head on the window. The nurse tried to check him, but he blew past her to the bassinet. He lifted the bundle up and sighed softly. “Hi Nevaeh Miracle Jones.”

He really hoped Betty would like it when she came back.

Hop you guys liked it!!