betty sanders

You know it always amuses me when I talk politics with anyone the most they can say against Bernie Sanders is that he’s old. Like not that his policies don’t make sense, not that he doesn’t seem sincere, not even that they disagree with his campaign. Just yeah but he’s old.

Like so’s Betty White and she’s still kickin’ it.

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Blanche: “Why are y’all lookin’ at me like that?”

Rose: “Coco and I agree; you wear too much make up.”

Coco: “Honey, Miss Piggy wears less rouge.”


Brini: “Oh yes, dear, you look just like a constipated peach.”

Aunt Barbara: “Oh my. She is right!” *chuckles*

Dorothy: “Blanche, maybe next time you shouldn’t use a feather duster as a blusher.”

Lypsinka: “7 out of 8. You lose, Blanche.”