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Maila “Vampira” Nurmi & Bettie Page Comparisons

“In still photos Vampira is the antithesis of the famous 50’s fetish model Bettie Page. Page’s appeal has been described as her ability to maintain a girl next door wholesomeness in squalid context. Vampira never wields a whip and she’s far too imperious for some smut peddler to bind or gag. Instead, she fills the most mundane settings with sexual tension and black comedy. Both women embodied the contradictions of an era that venerated the American female but also saw her as a virtual house slave.  

If Bettie page somehow brought 50’s ideas about female purity into the dungeon, Vampira brought the dungeon into the living room, the kitchen and onto the welcome mat where her presumably cowering house guests wiped their feet. The power of these images is the only possible explanation for a small local show’s unprecedented popularity.” - Vampira and Me