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What If?: Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

“This little thing? I’d hardly call this a bomb. This is just to set off the packs of thermals upstairs in the gym. Those are bombs. People are going to see the ashes of Westerberg, and say there’s a school that self-destructed not because society didn’t care, but because that school was society. The only place Heathers and Marthas can truly get along is in Heaven!” J.D. spoke to Veronica, anger clearly in his voice. Westerberg High, it deserved to go. He had thought of highschool going away, and that one thought inspired him. Like he said before, those assholes are the key, they made Veronica blind, even messed her mind up. Them, the students of Westerberg High have taken Veronica from him, and they will all go away now.

“I wish your mom had been a little stronger. I wish she stayed around a little longer. I wish your dad were good! I wish grown-ups understood! I wish we met before they convinced you life is war! I wish you’d come with me—” She responded, tears coming out of her with each line she said. Veronica, she was infected, the girl loved J.D. a lot. Seeing him like this, it-it just wasn’t right. All she wanted was for them to be seventeen, to be a normal, dorky couple. They’d do all sorts of stuff: see bad movies, sneak a beer, watch t.v., bake brownies, maybe even go bowling! Couldn’t he see what Ronnie had wanted for them? Even if they were damaged (really damaged), they could work through that, Veronica would do everything in her power to help J.D.! But, seeing J.D. like this, him speaking to her like that, now that was the girl’s breaking point. Everything she had said to him, she meant it all, Ronnie had to say something for the male to stop. After saying what she felt, Veronica just dropped down to her knees, covering her already crying face.

“Please J.D., we can stop this, t-this isn’t the way.” Cried Veronica, as she begged him to just defuse the bomb. At this time, at this moment, J.D. could see the damage he had done to Veronica. Veronica Sawyer, the love of his life was breaking down in front of him. Who caused this? Jason Dean himself, he had damaged the only light in his life. He hadn’t really thought this through did he?

“V-Veronica, please, don’t cry, I’ll stop this, once and for all.” The now regretful male said, crouching down to Veronica. He had removed her hands away from her now puffy face, and just stared at her. Veronica was the last person J.D. would ever want to hurt, and the fact that he had done just that really messed him up. Examining Veronica’s puffy face, seeing the sadness he had brought to her, he knew what he had to do.

Standing up from where Veronica was, he walked over to the bomb. The damaged girl watched Jason’s every moves, seeing what she had wanted him to do. With the press of a few buttons, it was defused, it was done. Veronica Sawyer had changed Jason Dean, she had changed his heart. Everything he had done, he did it for her. She meant a lot to him, he couldn’t go through life without her. Life was meaningless without Veronica.

J.D. grabbed the now defused bomb, and slammed it on the floor. Bits and pieces of it had flown to different areas in the boiler room. It truly was over, Westerberg High would remain.

“Veronica, it’s over now, I’m sorry for all of this, I can’t believe I hurt you like that..” Jason said aloud, looking away from Veronica. With the bomb gone, his plan gone, he had realized what he was going to do. Just thinking about it, he felt stupid, but he couldn’t help it, the boy was damaged. “I understand now why you chucked me out like trash, and I don’t hate you for it.”

Rising from the ground, Veronica ran to J.D., holding him tight, basically clinging to the trenchcoat wearing teen, “T-Thank you for this, J.D., thank you.” She cried in his arms, J.D. rocked her softly, calming her down. “I know we’re both really damaged, but if you’re in, then we can both get help, and work through this together.” Jason Dean nodded, showing Ronnie a soft smile, he was willing to get the help he needed just for her. Either way, he desperately needed it, and he wanted to get better for Veronica.

After the pep rally finished, the pair walked up into the gymnasium, seeing as it was safe to walk out. J.D. and Veronica removed the packs of thermals hidden behind the bleachers, and threw them all away. This was over, Veronica could finally be seventeen with him, Jason Dean. They exited the school, riding away on J.D.’s motorbike to his house.

“Our love is god, Veronica.”

“Our love is god, J.D..”

The two were finally going to be seventeen.

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What are some of your favorite Old Hollywood scandals?

Oh gosh, don’t even get me started! There are some really sad ones around, but most of these will be about sex. There’s a really good post somewhere with a ton of really juicy tidbits, I wish I could find it but I don’t remeber what I tagged it as. Most of these are from that! Anyway, here are a couple, I’m putting them under a cut because they’re kinda crude. I don’t know how true these are and I don’t know if they’re all “scandals” because most of them weren’t known to the public at the time, but here are some things that I have picked up over the years:

Thank you for this! I could go on and on and on if you like especially about the gays!

Ask me questions about Old Hollywood!

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Classic Blondes are the best

You have the incomparable Jean Harlow

The sassy Mae West

The captivating Carole Lombard

The alluring Lana Turner

The sweet Betty Grable

The magnetic Marilyn Monroe

The elegant Grace Kelly

The effervescent Jayne Mansfield

The sophisticated Kim Novak

The enticing Diana Dors

The charming Doris Day

and the deeply missed Sharon Tate!

Heathers BMC AU!!

Idk if anyone’s done it but here’s my version :

Brooke Lohst: Heather Duke
Chloe Valentine: Heather Chandler
Jenna Roland: Heather McNamara
Jeremy Heree: Veronica Sawyer
Michael Mell: Martha Dunnstock
The Squip: Jason Dean
Rich Goranski: Ram Sweeney
Jake Dillinger: Kurt Kelly
Christine: Betty Finn

feel free to add on !

It’s Always Fair Weather (1955). Three soldiers meet 10 years after their last meeting in New York, and find out that they have little in common now.

This is a cute little musical, with a lot of solid choreography and some charming sequences. It just never quite works for me narratively, and the last act feels really, really rushed and unsatisfying. Still, Gene Kelly is always fun, and it’s nice to see a career woman as a love interest in the 1950s. 6.5/10.

Go Karting - Headcannon

When Veronica was younger she used to go out with her parents a lot to a go karting track. She really enjoyed it but they stopped taking her at around fourteen because they thought she was too old to be doing it.

One day she brings it up with the heathers because they heard something mentioned over the tv/radio mentioning go karting and Veronica is really shocked to find out they had never been before.

So she decided to force them to go out onto the old go karting track she used to go on with her.

Chandler ends up being pretty decent at it. Which was expected since she actually drives and everything. Her problem is that whenever she does crash or looses or something of the sort she gets extremely aggressively competitive. But the others think it’s really funny how she’s so angry about a go-kart race.

Mac is terrible. Like it’s actually incredible how bad she is at it. Somehow she manages to crash into every corner and every other person on the track. The others start to understand why she doesn’t have a driving license. She still enjoys it though and laughs a lot when Ronnie has to pull her kart back onto the track.

Duke was really hard to convince to do it. Mainly because her super bad insecurities were getting the better of her and she thought she’d break it or wouldn’t fit or something. Veronica ends up convincing her to do it by getting in one of the karts with Mac to prove that she’d be fine. They end up sort of regretting after she agrees though because she’s actually amazing at it and ends up winning every race since she tried.
It’s become a monthly tradition for them to go out and go kart for a few hours, stopping for drinks and food during it, of course. It’s like a new competitive sport.


At one point, the whole group goes, including JD, Kurt, Ram and Betty (because Ronnie eventually convinced the heathers to accept her)

Kurt and ram spend practically the whole time purposely crashing. Usually into each other and the others. Ram sometimes continuously crashes into maras car whilst it’s against a wall and imitates sex noises.
Chandler usually hits him for it.
JD always uses a motorbike instead of a car. He says it’s because he’s used to riding them but it’s really because he thinks it’s cooler. He falls off it a lot though because his trench coat gets stuck under it and tips it.
The others try and get him to take it off whilst he is on it but he refuses.

Betty is just a real cautious driver and like she doesn’t mind too much if she wins or looses. She never crashes either but that’s because she goes slowly. This means she never wins ever but she is content on believing she will one day because “slow and steady wins the race.”