betty kelly

Classic Blondes are the best

You have the incomparable Jean Harlow

The sassy Mae West

The captivating Carole Lombard

The alluring Lana Turner

The sweet Betty Grable

The magnetic Marilyn Monroe

The elegant Grace Kelly

The effervescent Jayne Mansfield

The sophisticated Kim Novak

The enticing Diana Dors

The charming Doris Day

and the deeply missed Sharon Tate!

idfk don't ask me
  • kurt: ram, it's been two years! and you still haven't said no homo after, you told me, I have a nice ass.
  • ram: -sighs- kurt, we're dating wtf.
just Jduke things #2 modern headcanon

a Little something that happened between me and @the-void-talks and we talked about this as well!!  if Duke texts J.d and makes a Typo he will go out of his way to make fun of her for it, if it’s a group chat he will name the group chat after her typo.. her boyfriend never stops I swear.

another thing that’s funny is their ringtones for each other and no. it’s nothing like “Your Boyfriend/girlfriend is calling” for J.d it’s “Your stalker is calling” and for Duke it’s “your psycho Girlfriend is calling” they don’t like their ringtones, but kept them to piss each other off.


The Dolly Sisters (1945) - Betty Grable as Jenny Dolly and June Haver as Rosie Dolly wearing matching outfits, which include a black chiffon long-sleeved blouse, worn over a satin bodice with sweetheart neckline, and a satin skirt, worn over wide-cut chiffon trousers. Both of them wore long night robes with fur collar and cuffs: Grable wore a baby blue one and Haver a baby pink one.

The costumes were designed by Orry-Kelly.