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Honestly in my eyes, in 1x13 where Juggie put on the serpent jacket, and Betty was like 'juggie', I personally think she sounded more concerned then angry. I know some people think she was angry, and maybe she was a little, but I think she just seemed more concerned for her bfs safety then anything, and hopefully that will be the same in s2. Worried, not angry.

she was concerned. lili talked about it at a convention a couple months ago. she was asked what was going through betty’s mind in that moment, and lili said she’s scared for her boy  


can we have every scene where these two kiss follow off with Betty getting a realization about a clue or a thought about the murder and then Juggie being startled yet amused by it cos he knows that’s just how Betty is and that’s what he likes about her? xD


I just love how their first instinct is to protect the one they love…