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Medical Officer Ch’ch’tk answered the frantic summons to the communal off-duty room. Call-me-Betty-Jo had come back from visiting home and according to Lrangaka, she was injured. Ch’ch’tk was not in a great hurry as Lrangaka tended to lose fur every time CallMeBettyJo did anything other than eat or sleep. And sometimes then. Xi shuddered at the memory of the C18H27NO3 incident. Xi thought Lrangaka was going to end up bald, not an attractive look.

Xi heard CallMeBettyJo’s adorable utterances, “I’m fine, I’ll be glad to show you as soon as it’s healed up some.” That did sound alarming. Xi hurried a bit more. Lrangaka was shedding fur again as CallMeBettyJo was fending off Xir’s truhands. Xi was wringing xir’s falsehands and reaching for what looked like a bandage on CallMeBettyJo.

“CallMeBettyJo, you are injured! Why was I not informed!”

“I’m not injured. I just got a [no translation]. It just needs a little more time to heal. But to ease y’all’s minds, I’ll show you.”

CallMeBettyJo peeled off part of her bandage; that couldn’t be safe. Her skin was colored underneath it.

“Y’all like it? It’s a [flying avian] on a [mammal plantfiber]. A little touch of home.”

Ch’ch’tk tried to understand. “You painted your epidermis?”

“I did for awhile, to see if I liked it enough to make it permanent. This last trip home, I took the plunge.”

Almost afraid to ask, but bearing up to xi’s responsibility to the health of the crew, “How is it made permanent?”

“Oh, the artist sticks a needle feeding ink into my dermis. Once the skin heals, it’s all good. I can’t wait.”

“Is this a rite of passage? Religious significance? Part of adulthood?”

“Naw, I was just a little homesick.”

With a sigh, Ch’ch’tk began xi’s efforts to soothe Lrangaka and prevent further fur loss.

Betty Shelby will return to work five days after her acquittal in Terence Crutcher’s death

  • In America, you can be acquitted of manslaughter for fatally shooting an unarmed black man one week, and the next week you can return to duty.
  • That seems to be the story of Betty Jo Shelby, the Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer found not guilty Wednesday of first-degree manslaughter in the September shooting death of Terence Crutcher. Shelby plans to return to work on Monday, the Associated Press reported. Read more. (5/20/17, 10:31 AM)
Officer Betty Jo Shelby was acquitted for one and only one reason - she’s white.

The video literally showed that she was 100% guilty.

There is never a reason for a police officer to shoot someone whose hands are up.

And if any fucking Conservitard comes on here you will be burned to a crisp and then blocked. Your opinions are unwanted. Go tell your lies to your white trash friends or your white trash masters.

Dressing for the skies with Hera Syndulla

It’s no secret that Hera Syndulla is my favourite character - take on an Empire and fight to death favourite. Yet, somehow, I have never written about her look beyond a single vague half-meta-half-ficlety thing. In part this was because I felt that her look was self-explanatory enough to speak for itself, but certain official writings and a few comments I have received suggested otherwise and gave me impetus to finally create this blog.

It’s Syndulla Sunday (just), so let’s get to it.

In its main, Hera’s costume is simple: an armoured flightsuit. It’s utterly pragmatic, designed for comfort in the pilot’s chair, ease whilst crawling around an engine room and protection whilst out in the field. The paler neckpiece is almost certainly a helmet seal for inevitable incidents. It is simple, and showcases to the galaxy the role that she plays whilst making her as unobtrusive as a Twi’lek can be in an Imperial galaxy. Perfect for allowing Kanan to play the lead. There is a lot of history built into this look, though. History of the galaxy far far away and our world.

Her armour in her s1-2 look neatly alludes to a leftover of the Clone War, hard and soft pieces combined, particularly in the seemingly floating pauldrons and gauntlet gloves (see yesterday’s Hondo post.) These shapes are echoed in S2 episode Homecoming when we finally see Cham, Gobi and Numa, but with obvious differentiations. In the Clone Wars the Rylothean Twi’leks seen appear to wear more traditional fashions, Cham being an outlier layering armour over a more formal look. When we catch up to him those traditional looks appear to have evolved directly to incorporate armour; unsurprising given the endless turmoil on Ryloth. Hera’s incorporation is similar but noticeably different, as is her colour pallette of warm colours against their cool blues as she has broken away and forged her own path of rebellion.

Naturally Hera’s flightsuit is a callback (callforward?) to the X-Wing pilots of the original trilogy in its basic composition, particularly in the webbing details and allusion to the lines of the OT mae wests. The silhouette is much more grounded in history whilst acting as a proto-precursor to Alliance flightsuits. The fuller volume and high-waist of her flightsuit feels like a direct reference to American WW2 WASPs - Women Airforce Service Pilots - one of whom was Jacqueline Cochran (note, Trek fans!) who was the first female pilot to fly a bomber across the Atlantic, and to later break the sound barrier. What better model for the only pilot to ever outfly Darth Vader, and the first pilot of the B-Wing?

Left: Bless that nerd; Right: WASP’s, including Jacqueline Cochran second from the right.

Hera’s flightcap and goggles are a direct salute to the wealth of pioneering early C20th aviatrixes (aviatri?), headphones playing again  in WW2 imagery and all adding to Hera’s pragmatism. (A quick note due to the official errors that referred to above: the flightcaps would typically be leather, quilted and heavily seamed for safety and security with a cotton drill lining. Pleated? Not so much, as pleating would introduce movement and looseness which would render the item impractical. The style of construction in Hera’s cap, other than aesthetic, is for fit and shaping allow as close and secure a fit as possible whilst working with Twi’lek anatomy.)

Amelia Earheart, Amy Johnson, Betty Jo Reed.

The wonderful @lorna-ka played directly on these historical influences in the amazing Mummy AU commission that she did for me. (sorry, had to throw it in here!)

So, not unlike Kanan Hera’s costume is one defensiveness, though driven more from a point of practicality and, in some small part, cultural divergance. Come S2 we finally see Hera sans goggles and headphones, creating a softer look within this boundaries. This is Hera relaxing, settling into her role in her crew and the comfort of being an active part of a larger organisation at last. It also displays trust, which is in a key element of her relationship with Sabine, but also a more subtle part of her development from S1 as she has learn to trust herself, her gut and her own priorities.

This development is furthered in her S3 look. It’s a less overt change than Kanan, Ezra and Sabine’s makeovers, but subtlety is more Hera’s way. As described by Filoni at SWCE:

Hera - because she’s much more a part of the growing rebels alliance - she has more of a military look, a uniform. She wears a rank badge now just to show that she’s really becoming a part of that formalised rebellion. [x]

She was formally granted the rank of captain within the fledgling Alliance in S2, not just of the Ghost, but is now wearing that openly. The addition of tech and pockets to her sleeves further lead into X-Wing pilot flightsuits of the OT. Her shirt has less of that soft historical shape and is more regimented and formal, the colours shifting into those OT greys (a shift that is being seen across Rebels’ colour palette as a whole.) However her silhouette is now much more of an open hybrid between the Ryloth looks worn by Cham and Numa in Homecoming. The open stand-collar shared with Cham, the shift in the cut of her chestplate is building more towards that worn by Numa. (Let it be known now that I am weak for stand collars, so I was absolutely delighted when this look was revealed at SWCE.) Given that we know Cham et al will be coming back in S3, and a trip to Ryloth proper is on the books (Scream), and Homecoming closed on a point of reconciliation between Hera andher father, this suggests a re-embracing of certain elements of Hera’s history and/or a deeper integration of Free Ryloth into the wider Rebellion. (i’m not sure how I would feel about the latter and certain points in Bloodline suggest otherwise. I am also pretty sure that Cham Syndulla would not be down with this.)

This is also a more open look, more vulnerable. The helmet seal is gone, she is less armoured and she is generally more exposed. Gauntlets replaced with short gloves (this an across-the-board shift towards short gloves seen in pretty much all characters, and is an obvious and active push towards that OT aesthetic.) As with the cap, this suggests a further relaxation into her role, and greater confidence in their growing organisation. Even without Kanan taking the role of field general (presumably given his blindness), Hera is settling more into position of, well, desk general, delegating missions and leadership positions to other Ghosts.

It is no longer Syndulla Sunday here, but it is somewhere! With a little luck, someday soon we will see Hera 1) wearing her nerd goggles, and 2) san cap.

Check Out this #OnThisDay Photo of my #Mom from back in the day:) 😀

She was so #Beautiful:) ❤

I swear “Betty Jo” was “straight out of an Episode of ”#MadMen"“, with her dark black hair, green eyes, red lipstick and fingernails, and Always with a Pall Mall Cigarette in one hand and a dry gin and tonic Martini in the other:) haha:) My mom literally was "Betty Draper”, except as a brunette:) 💋

“Betty Jo” had one of the most magnetic personalities, that lit up the whole room when she walked in:) 😊

I remember her talkin’ about living in #California with her father, when she was a young woman just starting out:) I always found her stories so fascinating, about her working in Beverly Hills back in the 50’s:) Now, whether they were all true or not who knows?:) haha:) 😁

I like to think that I have my Mom’s “wild and untamed” spirit:) She definitely loved a party, or two:) haha:) 😉

#HappyBirthday Mom:) I #Love and Miss You!:) 🎂💖😊

Pic: #JamminJo 2017 📷

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This is Betty and Jo, two pups very much in love.

Betty is an labrador athlete who’s very quiet and shy. Her time is well spent jogging while listening to music. She’s not much of a reader, but loves hearing Jo explain and recount her handcannons about stories she’s read.

Jo is a pit bull who is more the book-type and usually brings her favorites to read under a tree while Betty runs laps. Sometimes she gets so into her books she doesn’t hear Betty walking up to surprise her with a tickle.

This is the first art I’ve posted that more directly reflects how my game currently looks stylewise, as well as characters set in the world! :)