betty is a hero

Archie: Breaks through ice with his bare hands to save a girl, actively tries to help his friends even when they shun him, is a victim of statutory rape, helped his friend and gave him a place to live, is kind and loving and loyal, cares deeply about the people in his life, is just trying his best, is a wonderful person

Bughead Stans: Lmao…Archie Andrews?😷😷A hero?😬😬…more like zero!1!1😜 lol. Betty and Jughead are the REAL heros!!1! 😥😣 Archie is NOTHING but a fuckboi!1!!! 🙅🙅򝑓top talking to Betty!!!1!😭😦😧 #bughead #barchie #archieronnie #archieandrews

MAY 1: The Lavender Menace (1970)

Happy May 1st everyone! Today, we’re going to celebrate the iconic civil rights group The Lavender Menace and how they fought back against homophobia in the Women’s Rights Movement by protesting the Second Congress to Unite Women on this day in 1970.

Three members of The Lavender Menace celebrate after having successfully completed a Zap during the Second Congress to Unite Women. A Zap is a form of political protest pioneered by LGBT Rights activists which involved the public embarrassment of a celebrity or public figure (x).

In high school, you may have read about Betty Friedan as the brave author of The Feminine Mystique and as one of the women who launched the second wave feminist movement. Although to some, Betty Friedan is a feminist hero, if you ask most lesbians what they think about Betty Friedan you’ll probably get a completely different reaction. In 1969, as the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), Betty gave a speech in which she identified lesbians in the Women’s Rights Movement as the “lavender menace,” a villainous group that was holding back the movement from being accepted by mainstream society. What followed was a careful plan for NOW to distance itself from lesbians and lesbian issues by blacklisting the Daughters of Bilitis.

Rita Mae Brown stands defiant in her Lavender Menace shirt amongst a group of NOW members (x).

This clear act of homophobia enraged one lesbian activist by the name of Rita Mae Brown. Scorned and impassioned, Rita and other lesbian activists left NOW and formed their own group that would welcome lesbians in and focus specifically on lesbian civil rights issues. The name they chose for themselves? The Lavender Menace. For the groups’ coming out party (no pun intended), the organizers of The Lavender Menace chose the Second Congress to Unite Women, which was being held in New York City on May 1, 1970. Decked out in lavender colored shirts and holding protest signs, the women of The Lavender Menace infiltrated the auditorium where the Congress’s opening remarks were being made, cut the lights and the microphone, and hijacked the stage. Although there were members of the crowd who booed, many of the women at the Congress listened to what the Menaces had to say and allowed their protest to continue. Karla Jay, one of the women who was a part of the protest recalls that “the audience was on our side.”


The Serpents are totally gonna be the biggest Bughead shippers

Honestly, how can anyone think that the Serpents would get in between/force apart Bughead?

Like, helloo??? The son of FP Jones and the daughter of Alice Cooper, two extremely hot senior serpents, getting it on. Serpent babies making more serpent babies, what more could you ask for? How can they not ship that?!

Not to mention, it’ll be a symbolic FUCK YOU to Riverdale’s “upper” society if their resident Golden Girl turns out to be a secret serpent daughter whose currently bumping uglies with the Riverdale HERO you just ostracized???!!!

More questions I need answers to after the finale

Companion piece to this post (X)

  • Who the fuck was Cliff Blossom doing business with in Montreal? (hint: Hiram Lodge cos we know he has business up in Montreal too or that’s what FP said to Hermione in ep 8)
  • Why the fuck did Cliff Blossom kill Jason? (yeah yeah I know – bcos Jason wanted to expose his business, but I need more than just a narrative that emerged!)
  • Why the fuck did he kill himself? (consumed by guilt and shame – yeah, yeah – tell me something I can believe)
  • Who the fuck is the local component of Blossom’s business? (And it’s not the Serpents, I believe you FP)
  • Who the fuck wrote “Go to Hell, Serpent Slut” on Betty’s locker? Where the fuck did they get pig’s blood? And a voodoo Betty doll?
  • Why the fuck is Mayor McCoy branding Archie as hero? Up until the point he saved Cheryl, Archie hardly did anything - it was all Betty.
  • Who the fuck are attacking the Serpents? Does that mean Juggie will be harmed too? (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
  • How much is Cheryl’s spider brooch worth? Does that mean Juggie is rich now? Or will Cheryl ask for it back since she’s not dead?  
  • Where the fuck is Nana Rose? Did Cheryl get her out before Thornhill burned? 
  • Where the fuck are the Blossoms going to live now? At their closest relatives’ - the Coopers? (*incoherent sounds*) 
  • Why the fuck couldn’t Social Services find a foster home for Juggie in Riverdale so he could keep going to Riverdale High? (I know, cos there wouldn’t be drama – but really, why?)
  • Why the fuck is Juggie’s mom over-extended? (Whatever that means – Sure, him being at Southside beats him going to Toledo, but shouldn’t she be assuming responsibility for him?)
  • Does a DUI really disqualify Fred from being a foster parent to Juggie?
  • Why the fuck does Ronnie keep wearing her pearls if she’s so disapproving of her daddy dearest?
  • Why the fuck is Hermione being a shady bitch when she had a mini nervous breakdown just in the last episode when Hiram’s bag was found with Mustang?
  • How the fuck can Penelope be so cold and unfeeling? (Sidenote: I hate her)
  • Does Alice know where her son is? What the fuck does quiet adoption mean? Was it anonymous? She went to the sisters when she was four months pregnant? Did no one know? Wouldn’t she have started to show?
  • How the fuck did Alice and FP both go to Riverdale High when they were from Southside? Did the school district thing not exist back then?
  • Does Jug not have his cellphone anymore? Why is he always calling people from phone booths?
  • Do those Serpents all know Juggie from before? (Sidenote: He didn’t know Joaquin and Joaquin seemed to be FPs most trusted sidekick)
  • Why the fuck did they not call 911 when Cheryl was drowning and decide to just ineffectively scream into space?
  • Did Hermione say something to Cheryl after Ronnie left? Is that why she decided to burn Thornhill?
  • How much is FP still not telling? (I don’t buy that Jason came to peddle drugs for him, I still think he asked his help to expose his dad, Jason planned on getting kidnapped and they were planning to get a confession on tape, but things went horribly wrong and FP is languishing in jail because he feels morally responsible for what happened to Jason)
  • Why the fuck did no one think to stay with Cheryl after she fell in the river? (They should’ve taken her to the hospital and left her there. Archie went there for his hand, didn’t he?)
  • What the fuck did Fred mean when he said Hermione was at a crossroads too? Like she had to choose whether to be good or evil??
  • Where the fuck were these Serpents when Juggie was alone and homeless? Plus they trashed the only place he called home and earned a living at with FP as their ringleader?
  • Just how pregnant is Polly?
  • How the fuck is Hermione mixing alcohol with Valium? (Sounds really dangerous)
  • What the fuck was the “something serious” Fred was gonna say to Archie at Pop’s at breakfast? (It sure as hell wasn’t about staying away all night, cos he seemed pretty chill with that)
  • Why the fuck did Fred get up from his booth to face the gunman?
  • How the fuck did Fred manage to get shot when we saw a moment ago that the gun was pointed at Archie?
  • What about those fucking guns? Grundy’s, Alice’s and now the gunman’s? Are they the same? Are they different?
  • Who the fuck sent the gunman?
  • Where the fuck did all that money come from, that was strewn on the floor next to Fred as he lay bleeding?
“Elements” Parts VII & VIII (Adventure Time)

Hero Heart

So after letting the Fire Kingdom’s rage get to Finn, LSP tries to change him back to normal before they start to attack the Candy Kingdom.

LSP gets upset from all of the violence and war and she ends up eating a part of Marceline as a marshmallow, which makes her calm down. LSP decides to give a part of PB to Finn to also calm him down, to make him remember the good times and happiness he’d share with PB and successfully returns back to normal.

PB then decides to fire more candy powers to convert everyone into obedient candy slaves, while LSP protects Finn from the power, from her lumps.

Finn ends up getting both PB and Flame Princess’ jewel and gives them to Betty, but ends up leaving him to stay in the Candy Kingdom.

This episode had a lot of fun bits and returns of some of the characters Lemongrab and Fern.

Their ice cream pie attack was quite humourous.

Marceline play fighting with Flame Princess was pretty cute.

I liked how this episode had Finn come back to terms with his anger and we got to see hints that Finn still deeply cares for PB and that he still likes her in platonic love. It was a very bittersweet moment to show how far Finn has come to understand love and friendships!

I felt bad for how Finn got “Betty-trayed” and I was really disappointed she ended up doing so, but it’s understandable why, especially in the final episode, but it’s interesting that Finn was tricked to using the Enchiridion, similar to The Lich back in Season 4.

The ending scene with everyone in the Candy Kingdom singing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” to Finn was one of the most disturbing scenes of the entire series.

It’d be creepy to see Finn succumb to be turned into candy and things didn’t look quite well for him to be stuck without Ice King and Betty.

I’m glad that Finn returned to normal, this episode, but it leaves on an unsettling note about what’s going to happen next!

Skyhooks II

So now that Betty has the Enchiridion, her plan is to go back in time before Simon became the Ice King and even possibly stop the Mushroom War and Ooo’s existence!

LSP ends up saving Finn from the Candy Kingdom, while PB is still converting everyone into candy, which makes Patience freeze herself once again.

Ice King isn’t exactly still sure as to what Betty is doing, as he breaks her machine, which causes Betty to disappear!

Finn tries to find out why LSP is immune to the elements, only to discover that she is the complete “anti-elemental”.

Ice King ends up giving Finn the Enchiridion, with the jewels and LSP is able to absorb the gems, which causes her to transform all of Ooo, back to normal!

We end up seeing where Betty ends up, being at Mars with Normal Man and Finn ends up reuniting with Jake, only to see that he changed into his shapeshifter parent!

Finn is surprised by the new look, but plans to help Jake in the future, as they hug it out.

Hoo, boy! This episode just raised a LOT of questions that will probably lead into the big series finale!

First off, how will Jake return to normal, seeing as we have around 21 episodes left of the show? I don’t think the change will be around for very long.

I loved their hug at the end!

What will happen with Simon and Betty’s relationship, seeing as how she’s now on Mars with Normal Man, which I didn’t expect to see, considering she really “donked up.”

We also see part of Sweet P’s horns grow back! Is the Lich going to come back for the finale?! I’m really scared.

One of Ice King’s jewels pops out of his crown, which seems to imply that the magic is wearing off and Simon could possibly return to normal.

I loved seeing all the characters gather around LSP, seeing how important she’s become to saving Ooo.

I notice that the message of this miniseries is to just be true to you, like Patience trying to force everyone to unlock their powers, but that completely backfires, as well as Betty trying to convert Simon back to normal, but that doesn’t work.

LSP decides to just be her lumpy, assertive and bossy self which is what causes her to save Ooo, which is great that she finally got to be the hero of this story.

So while some may be disappointed that this miniseries didn’t tie everything together or reveal a ton of backstory, I really loved how it leads to more story arcs and possibilities to what the last few episodes could be about!

This final miniseries was a fun ride and I cannot wait to see where everything will wrap up.

Although I still found Islands to be a better miniseries, this one left me more excited for the possibilities to come in the future.

Sad that Adventure Time’s ending is near in sight, but all good things must come to an end.