betty garble

Waking Up (The Kiss)

Fenris kisses her.

Hawke makes a quiet, startled noise that he feels to his very bones; then her eyes close and her hand slides to the back of his neck, pulling him nearer as she slants her mouth better against his. He drags in a breath through his nose, shifting his weight above her, his free hand moving to brace itself on the bed at her shoulder. She laughs against his lips, her eyes crinkling with good humor; he smiles himself, and kisses her again, and again, long slow things that draw on every part of him left after this waking dream, holding nothing back, not any longer, not after three years’ worth of wasted time.

Somehow she frees her other hand from the throw tangled around her hips, reaches up to his nape, dragging her fingernails into his hair there to send a rush of heat down his spine. He knows the lyrium lights in sporadic flickers over his bare arms, his back, his ribs where the thorns twist beneath his leathers; he does not care and Hawke does not once look to them, her mouth seeking his mouth over and over again, hot and wanting, her fingertips dancing down his jaw, up the curves of his ears to make him shudder, into his hair again.

Three years. He will never be able to repay her.




I can always count on Ascendi to give me some inspiration and since I wanted to record something today anyway for Christmas-related purposes I thought I would turn this into a YAY BOARDS ARE DONE post!

Congratulations on finishing your boards, dear Quark! Have fun sleeping and playing THE GAME! (Though that might be mutually exclusive…) <3