betty francis

  • Me: *sees antiheroe's wife, the woman virtually everybody is so quick to hate, who constantly gets cheated on, who turns out to be the love of the guy's life, whose life is a Shakesperean tragedy, who's stronger and more corageous than every other character put together*
  • Me: *points* That one. That's my baby
The Signs as Mad Men Characters

Aries: Trudy. Fashionable. Assertive. Independent. Fiery. Doesn’t settle for less. Not afraid to smack a cheating husband down.

Taurus: Joan. Passionate. Stubborn. Sensual. Level-headed. Makes a great rib roast. Loyal, but not above judging. Romantic and materialistic.

Gemini: Pete. Social. Energetic. Persuasive. Half-adorable sweetheart, half-sociopath. Mildly predatory. Morally challenged.

Cancer: Peggy. Acts like they’ve got it all together but really an emotional mess. Moody. Sensitive. Compassionate. Sleeps with inappropriate (married) people.

Leo: Don. Egotistical. Selfish. Magnetic. Thinks they’re the best. Creative. Melodramatic. Talented. Literal sex demon.

Virgo: Betty. Perfectionist. Whiny. Self-absorbed. Meticulous. Bakes stellar cookies while plotting to murder their enemies. Gossipy. Judgy.

Libra: Ken. Great with people. Perceptive. Creative genius. Diplomatic and idealistic. Very attractive. Likes the wilderness and fresh maple syrup. Kind.

Scorpio: Bert. Eccentric. Savvy. Loyal. Resourceful. Slightly secretive. Enjoys abstract and/or sex-themed paintings. Drinks hot beverages.

Sagittarius: Roger. Snarky, fun, fond of problematic substances. Doesn’t respect authority. Intelligent but lazy. Not great at fidelity.

Capricorn: Lane. Ambitious. Focused. Workaholic. Secretly wants to be friends with everyone but isn’t quite sure how. Socially awkward. Intelligent. Adorable.

Aquarius: Megan. Flaky. Unconventional. Wants no-strings-attached relationships. Idealistic (unrealistic) dreams. Can be emotionally distant. Open to threesomes.

Pisces: Salvatore. Artistic. Sensitive. Sexy. Fabulous. COME BACK SAL WE MISS YOU.