betty crocktail

why do i want jane and roxy to get married in big poofy white dresses with an elegant ceremony and cakes and alcohol and a whole hell of a lot of love

and dirk and jake are at the wedding (duh) and dirk cries during the ceremony and jake just laughs and shrugs an arm around dirk with a “There there old chap.”

and roxy doesn’t drink the whole night because she doesn’t want to forget a single moment of the entire ceremony it’s just like prom night where she stayed sober because she didn’t want everything to be fuzzy. she just wanted clarity and in the very center of that clarity was jane crocker, all light and happiness and optimism, saving her from the abyss that was her life

and they get matching rings but jane has a pink diamond on hers and roxy has a blue diamond (i don’t even know if that’s possible but it is now)

and basically they have the best wedding ever and honeymoon at the beach and it’s great
I Say Game U Say Grl--Part 2

DAVE: how do you even get high scores in ghostbusters

DAVE: how many ghosts have to be busted

DAVE: how many ectoexistences have been ruined for your sick kicks

DAVE: how many innocent ghost families have been torn apart by your insatiable bustlust

DAVE: huh john

JOHN: dave do you want the fucking salamanders or not