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theories about The OA:

1. Elias (The FBI therapist):
//He planted those books under Prairie’s bed AND the violin in her closet. First of all, before Prairie went blind, she was russian, so she knew how to read in russian. Those books were english. So she knew how to read in russian (i’m assuming) and braille, and its not likely that she learned how to read that quickly after being found again. Also, she was playing her violin in New York when she met Hap. How did she bring it back home? So what was Elias doing at her house in the middle of the night? Some people think he’s working with the government to cover up stories about NDE’s, and some think he’s working with Hap to discredit her story.

2. Her real world friends are different versions or her captive friends:
// In the final episode, there is a scene where French looks at himself in the mirror and sees Homer looking back at him. They both have a cut on their forehead, along with the fact that they’re both athletes. In another scene Buck is walking to the house when he passes red flares in the road, along with a red backpack. Rachel describes her NDE being in a car accident, with a red backpack nearby. Could it be possible they’re versions of each other in different dimensions?

3. Rachel AND Hap are FBI agents:
// Something is off about her. At one point, all the plants in only her cell were dead. That has to be some kind of clue, but to what? Also, she is the only one unable to receive a movement. Hap doesn’t seem concerned about this, maybe because they both are conducting the experiment together. Maybe Rachel never even had an NDE, and is just gathering intel. The biggest piece of evidence for this is a scene in an office, where Prairie’s parent’s are talking to Elias (episode 7). On the wall, written in braille, its says RACHEL. It proves nothing honestly, but why would it say Rachel on the wall? It certainly means something. For this one, there’s barely evidence but it’s cool to think about.

These are just 3 of my favorites. I stole them from this website oops, but it gets me thinking and I thought I should share. If you haven’t watched The OA yet, go watch it. And feel free to write your own theories on this.

OA theory

Alot of people keep questioning the school shooter scene from Invisible Self where the five perform the five movements and the shooter just stands there. So this is *definitely* a stretch and people might not like this but school shooters are kind of cuckoo or crazy, right? Because, well alot of them have been pushed to their limits mentally, (like being bullied) and they’re hurt (trying to phrase this the best way i can) like when you fuck with someones brains they’re brains start to work differently… So maybe the five doing the movements stopped him in his tracks because… he was… healing? it’s crazy but it came into my head and i had to write this where other people could give input… It’s a possibility that the shooter could not physically move because the group surrounding him doing the completed sequence of movements were helping to rid his brain of the bad thoughts.. as a form of healing process; a cleansing.
I know it’s a stretch but all input is welcome

Are we not going to talk about this?

Why the fuck was the FBI counselor in the Johnsons’ house when French found the books? There were no lights on, the Johnsons hadn’t been home for at least a day or two, and he was acting really weird. “How did you get in? Was there anyone else with you?” Um, speak for yourself, dude. What was he doing there?

And then suddenly there’s three specific books in a box that we’ve never seen, conveniently ‘proving’ OA is crazy after she’s told him at least a good chunk of her story? He knew about Homer. He knew to call her OA.

Plus, there’s already considerable evidence that her story is for real? She was definitely playing violin in the subway, and Homer is confirmed to be a real person in the YouTube video earlier on the show.

This is so fishy? Why is nobody talking about this?

I’d be lying if i said this wasn’t inspired by @theoanetflix

also I haven’t used any sort of  editing software in, like, four years so this wasn’t as good as it could have been

How OA Changes the Five

I’ve heard people talk about how the Crestwood Five are divided at the end of the last episode, almost as if they are in separate cages, reminiscent of the cages from Hap’s basement. But I don’t think the Crestwood Five were trapped. I think OA healed them. I think she set them free.

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