betty boop for president


From Betty Boop for President (1980), a loosely plotted film assembled from the earlier Fleischer cartoons, rejigged by Korean artists, scripted by Dan Dalton, and with Betty voiced by Victoria D'Orazi. Some of the musical pieces, including the ones set to Cab Calloway, are from the original cartoons but it also includes new numbers written by Dalton and performed by likes of The Association and Debby Boone. Betty also sings a number called ‘Lazy Dream’ to a gorgeous, surreal Fleischer-Wonderland scene. I don’t suppose it exists anywhere except for in this film… but I wish I could play it on repeat on my iPod right now.

You can easily see all the old cartoons it recycles, but stringing them all together, redubbing the voices, and giving it all a plot about Betty running for President (after joining the circus, becoming a film star, hit singer, motor racer, fashion model etc) actually works and is all strangely charming.


Betty Boop For President (1932)

Directed by Dave Fleischer

If only all political candidates expressed their political platforms through song and dance.  The presidential debates would feature “God I Hope I Get It” from A Chorus Line.