betty blow

The Mermaid Boss who appears in Cuphead was most likely inspired by Betty Boop. When she blow’s her face resembles Betty’s which indicates this is 100% true. Later this year the game will be coming to Xbox One and PC. When it comes to PC i’ll be getting it. As it is very much so inspired by retro 1930′s cartoons, also the Fleischer Studios come to mind.Very unique as no other gaming company as thought of this style as of yet.


When an explosion at Victory Munitions is linked to HYDRA, Agent Peggy Carter is sent undercover to investigate. Already with her suspicions about the blast, Betty immediately pins the new girl poking her nose where she shouldn’t be right to the top of her list of suspects. After a tense confrontation, Peggy is forced to reveal herself and her mission, but with HYDRA closing in, she has to take all the help she can get.

kendralynora​ I do believe you requested something along the lines of an Agent Carter/Bomb Girls crossover.


Hendrick van der Burch - Woman with a Child Blowing Bubbles in a Garden 


oil on panel

The Betty and David M. Koester Foundation Kansthaus, Zurich